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THIS is a Saturday?

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At 4:00 a.m., I was awakened by thumping and banging, in the bathroom. For the third morning, in a row, Rowdy was unrolling the toilet paper, Buddy cheering her on. She's lucky that I can't move very quickly, at that hour!

Stumbling into the kitchen, I switched on the coffee maker. I noticed that the night light was out but, assumed that the bulb had blown. Out with dogs, for my first cigarette. After that, I gave them their food. Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, I notice that the coffee is not brewing. A quick look around showed that none of the LED displays were on, either: stove clock and microwave. In addition, the refrigerator is off, too. All of the outlets in my kitchen are on one fuse and it has blown. Not sure if we have any spares and I don't know where they are so, that will wait until Bill gets up.

The most pressing need is coffee! Being an old house, it has a dearth of outlets. The coffee maker is now sitting on a living room end table and I've finished most of the pot.

Having successfully awakened me, Rowdy is stretched out, on the LaZBoy looking out of the picture window. I have had just about all that I can take, of her early-morning rampages. Darn it, I need my sleep! We would never consider getting rid of her but, like Pearl, Rowdy is going to start spending her nights, in a crate. Opie sleeps all night and, without Rowdy's influence, so does Buddy.

On a better note, the twins' birthday party is today. The presents are nicely wrapped and I have brand-new batteries in the digital camera. I want to get a good picture of Sam and the babies, put it in a nice frame and give it to her, for Mothers' Day. I also want one of Mom, Mark, the babies and me. We never got a multi-generational picture, when my grandmother was alive and I want one, before my mother is gone.

Hope everybody else's weekend goes well.
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Morning there!

I was up at 4:00 a.m by some caterwauling. Turned out to be Kabota who is feeling 100% his fiesty self and now he wants OUT of confinement and he wants OUT NOW! Tough! He still has 5 days of meds to go.

So it was up and to the computer as it was to early be go outside to feed. Managed to catch Anne and get some business taken care of. Now it is 6:30 and my body wants to go back to sleep but my mind is telling me there is so much to do today. Sleep is a luxury.

It is supposed to be really hot today as well- so perhaps I can bathe the horses and get all of winter's accumulation of mud off them.

Enjoy the twin's party- can't wait to see pictures!
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I think that the crate idea may work. So far, all three cats have checked it out and Rowdy has been asleep in it, for the past hour. I closed but did not latch the door and she's made no effort to get out of it. Opie is standing on top, peering in at her.

I hate to shut Rowdy up at night but, I can't continue with these 3-4 a.m wakeups. She's also wasting a LOT of toilet paper. Bill will let her out, in the mornings, when he lets the dogs out.
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Ahhh Good Morning everyone. Sunday here, we had Saturday yesterday(really) and it was the first cat show that we showed at of the year. Got some good results, but now we're off(in about an hour) to the central region awards dinner(for holly & sophies excellent success last year). I'm glad we don't have any noisey cats like that, Sophie woke me up a few times in the night cos she was sleeping on my chest, but other than that I had a good sleep.

Hope everyone has a nice Saturday.
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Whoa, slept in til 10am - the cats wanted to play on top of us but we ignored them and they slept with us! Yay!

Washed the cars today, now they are pollen free. However, I am loaded up on antihistamines, I cannot think straight.

Will be going for mexican tonight. Yum.
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Whoa! Slept until like 9 AM.. woke up with Saladina sleeping on top of me..... feeling all tired.... not feeling alive.... in a few words: like crud.

And I am hungry right now. Feeling a strange craving for chinese food. Or for steak.
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The birthday party went well. Even without their naps, the twins didn't get fussy until around 5:00. My parents made it so that meant that both families had four generations there.

The girls' summer wardrobes are complete - they got about a dozen outfits, each. I'm the only one who bought them shoes, though. The electronic drum machine was a hit - with MARK. I told him to go play his own drums. As soon as I finish editing the pix, I'll post them.

Between the early wake-up and the blown fuse, we figured nothing else could happen. Not so - we came home to find that our new refrigerator has croaked. We just bought it, in February! Rest assured, Tucson Appliance will be gettinga call, as soon as they open tomorrow. To top off everything else, the garbage truck did not pick up our trash. They were coming down the street, when we left this afternoon. The city is getting a call in the morning, too!

I have three ice chests, sitting in the kitchen and I was able to stow some stuff in our upright freezer. So much for grocery shopping, tomorrow. I'll get what we need for dinner and that will have to do, until our fridge gets repaired or replaced.

Anything or anybody, waking me up in the morning, will do so at great risk to life and limb!
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Originally Posted by katl8e
Anything or anybody, waking me up in the morning, will do so at great risk to life and limb!
I really hope Rowdy can read!!!
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Sorry about your early morning wake-up call.

TWICE last night as I was drifting off to sleep, Lily decided to meow loudly over and over again! And then we have to check on her, because what if something's wrong? But no, she was fine, she just wanted some attention!
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