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I just had to post this!

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Pat Tillman had a great NFL career, playing for the Arizona Cardinals (I don't watch football so I didn't know who he was), He earned about 1.2 Million a year, that is until Sept 11, when all hell broke loose in America.

Affected deeply by the tragedy, he decided to enlist in the army, to join the special forces. He gave up alot to earn a little and serve his country.

He was killed yesterday, while hunting the terrorist that hurt his country.

One man, doing what he could for his country, not for the money, not for the education benifits, not for anything except love and respect for the place that gave him so much opportunity.

To him, and to all those who have died in combat, I salute you.

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Ken, I will be praying for the family of that hero.
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That is so sad! I just seen that on the news and it's amazing to think that he gave up all of that for his country.
I'm praying for his family and for all of those who are fighting for our freedom!
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He was a class act that gave a lot to the community, and ultimately gave his all for his Country.

Rest in Peace Ranger.
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My heart goes out to his family. Now THAT is a true hero...he didn't do it for money...not when he was making what he was, he did it to serve and protect his country. The true meaning of hero. I feel so bad that this happened to him. But he has a special place in heaven for his selflessness. (that is to say...he put this country and those in it, above his own life) How many of us could do that? I salute him as well!!!!!
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He is in my thoughts. People who are willing to die for their country are examples worthy of emulation of people from any country.

People like that are true heroes.
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He and all those who serve are heroes. He gave up a big contract, but every one of our service men and women gave up their civilian lives to serve their country and those of us back home. I salute Pat and all of the service men and women who have lost their lives serving the country they love.
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I saw that story on Fox News today. How sad, and what a great guy to give up so much for what he believed in. We need more people like him.
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