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Interesting cat (not mine, advice sought)

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Found this picture of someone's feline on another website... very interesting breed.

Anyone have/know anything more about them? I heard they're an expensive breed as well, how much is "expensive"?
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Wow, what a beautiful cat. I have never seen one with those markings-color combo before. The orange is so dark.
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Says it's a male "half asian leopard".
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If it is "half asian leopard" then it an F1 Bengal
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However Pet bengals should F4's and up (Four generations removed from the wild). This is a Marble Bengal.

My Loki is a Marble Bengal if you like to take a peak here is a link.
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When you say "handful", what exactly does that mean?

Loki is adorable!

Okay, I PM'ed the owner of the cat, here's what they said:

The breed is called a bengal mines name is Leo. He is half asian leopard and cost about $500-2000. I got mine from the originator of the breed. Do a google on bengals. You'll find out they are definatly not your average house cat.
Google got me this:
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So, would this make a good companion for my domestic tabby? He's rather active and friendly towards strangers, but I've never seen him interact with other cats...
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They make great companions - and by saying he is a handful is that he is very very very very very active, into everything and very loving (that is part of the breed).

Not sure what to tell about and whether your current baby would like a friend - that is something you would have to gage you know him best.
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Originally Posted by Hell603
Not sure what to tell about and whether your current baby would like a friend - that is something you would have to gage you know him best.
That's true, he's pretty attached to me and I almost get the sense that my expression of affection towards another cat could bring up jealousy and potentially cause a lot of tension between them.

I'm not in any hurry, maybe I could ask around and see if a friend would be willing to bring his cat over to see how bad my cat reacts.
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Originally Posted by stoopid
I'm not in any hurry, maybe I could ask around and see if a friend would be willing to bring his cat over to see how bad my cat reacts.
That might not be an accurate measure of how he could react to a new cat in the house. Whenever you bring in another cat, you need to keep them separate until they get used to each other's smell. Just plopping another cat in your house could cause some serious aggressive activity.
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Yes, I know that lol My fault for not being clear...

But if he's bezerk it's likely that no amount of time will allow them to get along. Some minor hissing and posturing, on the other hand, can be expected. I'm looking at the degree of reaction, not a complete lack-of.
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What a cute kitty. I vote you get a Bengal. HopeHacker has a beautiful Bengal boy called Simba, and she's a member here.
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What a lovely cat. I have been reading up on Begals and I have found it extremely interesting. I must admit it makes you want one very badly. They are very beautiful animals. The colour on the one you show is gorgeous.
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I've always wanted a Bengal. They are soo beautiful!I just need a bigger appartment!!
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Well, after going as far as a few email exchanges with the secretary of the national bengal association I ended up adopting through a local agency. After determining the work involved with obtaining a bengal, then the cost... well, it seemed just more 'right' to rescue a stray.

New cat and old cat working well together so far. It's been only 18 hours but no one's dead, bloody, or hiding. I'll post pics in another thread once I have time.
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Congrats. What a lovely decision you have made. Can't wait for pics. What is your new kitties name?
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"Their" name for him was "Buddy Boy", but I already use "Buddy" when I address Oliver (he answers to both), so there's a little confusion right now! lol

I imagine they'll be pretty inseperable in time, they both have similar personalities minus the 4 year age difference.
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They will probably be laying together before the end of the week. Add a link to this thread when you get pictures together.

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I'm patiently waiting until next summer when I'll be getting my very own Bengal Kitty I am halfway through saving for him and cannot wait. This is a cool site that you can find websites of breeders near you (or just look at the pictures ).
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Jeeperscat have just been looking on that site. They are absolutely beautiful. Want one so much.
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Here's a pic of the newb...

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Okay, so they're 'communicating' now... and Oliver was licking him in an affectionate way earlier this evening, so there's some progress. Hissing ensued during playtime, but that may be normal for them anyway as they tend to chase the same toys.

BTW, the couch was free
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Just checking in to let you know the boys are getting along famously. The newbie/younger cat is more playful and sometimes Oliver (old cat) gives a good yelp when he's not in the mood.

They play and eat and sleep together. All in all, an easy introduction. The plan was to provide Oliver some company while I'm at work or away hiking for entire weekends. So far I don't get tackled or overly-missed when I return. Seems to be working . You cat was brought to the vets and is in good healthy (minor gingovitus(sp?)/gum irritation). Will worry if it persists for long, been 2 weeks since the vet visit and I'm gona check tonight for improvement (think it was his old food).
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Well, updating my kitty life.

Buddy didn't work out. The two never got along (never sleeping on the same bed, etc), and my original cat started being less affectionate towards me. This was BAD considering he's ALWAYS affectionate.

So Buddy's now on his 4th owner (didn't work with his first new home after mine, but has settled down with yet another friend for good ).

Oliver, my original cat, now lives with a retired friend. I had an assignment (with tons of career mobility potential) I thought was going to become permanent, and it had me traveling on the road 5 days a week. Me not being around for 75% of the week is no life for an affectionate cat. So I found Oliver a new home. I was very sad for several days and still miss him, but he's very happy with his new owner and I still get to visit. New job didn't work out, but I'm not going to rip Oliver from a happy home either.

I'm not going to get another cat for now. Life's hectic enough I feel I would be cheating the cat of a good overall homelife. No time for a woman either, but that's for another forum! :p
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