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strange Litter box behaviour

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Hey all,

I 've noticed some strange behaviour with one of my cats, Charm.

This is something she's been doing for a while and I am just curious about what (if anything) it means.

She goes to the litter box and does her business. Then, instead of covering it up, she steps out of the litter box and scratches around the floor as if she was pilling dirt on top of her poop, except that she isn't scooping anything at all. She does this for a minute or so and then walks away, leaving her poop uncovered.

She is a VERY clean cat, taking great care of her fur and keeping herself clean, so I don't think it's a health problem.

Even MORe curious, our other cat (Cupid), comes by about 5 minutes later, smells the litter and covers it.

Could this be some sort of dominance thing (Cupid is the dominant cat, not wanting her smell to be present?)

Any ideas?

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Mine does the phantom dirt cover too, he scratches at the side of the box and the ground and then leaves it uncovered. I don't have two cats so I don't know about the other thing, but a friend of mine says her alpha kittie covers the poop of the older but more benign one. Cats are nutty sometimes!
I'm just glad he's hitting the inside of the box and not going elsewhere!
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My young cat does that.
My older cat is meticulous about burying- scratches it everywhere!
My very healthy 1 year old Beau does his business- jumps out- then spends ages scratching around the box-walls and floor. I find it very amusing.
He is the sweetest but not the smartest cat I've owned. He also tries to bury his food when he's had enough- something my other cat has never done.
As he is an almost-white fluffball I am quite happy that he scratches outside the box instead of accidently stepping in his business. He did that fairly often when he was very small.
He is getting a bit better- seems to imitate my other cat- but this behaviour doesn't bother me. I tend to clean the trays immediately when I'm home.

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My cats do that too.

My older cat Sphinx covers his up then proceeds to scratch around the box.

Kuce though doesn't cover her stinkies but covers the rest then proceeds to scratch the floor as though she is sweeping up the loose litter fo us. If we don't pick it up right away Sphinx will go in there and cover it up for her.

I'm not sure if this is a dominant issue or a behavior issue but the medical causes have been elimimanted as a cause.
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