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What's the funniest/quirkiest characteristic about your cat?

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I was noticing my sweet furbabies today and wondering about a couple of quirks both of them have that are so NON cat-like! I thought it would be fun for others to share about their kitties too!

Here's mine!
Leo's quirkiest characteristic: When I come in the door, even if I've only been gone for 5 minutes, Leo runs up to me and immediately flops down on his side and rolls to his back with his paws straight in the air (just like a D-O-G!) so that I can scratch his belly! Its so funny! I'm expected to do this every time I walk through the door...

Jasmine: She has so many funny things that she does I don't even know where to start... but I guess the one that strikes me as the funniest is that her favorite position to be held is cradled in my arms on her back like a BABY (I don't even have children so I don't know where she got this) and she always puts her left paw over my lips while looking up at me, purring. I think its sweet, but so ODD
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Ophelia will YELL at hubby (her favorite and only person) when she wants something. She will yell at him to come to bed at night, or to take a nap in the afternoon if she wants to. She yells at him when he's not paying attention to her and he is supposed to be.

Trent is our guard cat. OK, I know there are a lot of guard cats out there, but what makes it so funny is that he hasn't the littlest, wimpiest hiss and growl you've ever heard. He couldn't scare anything with that!
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boy boy is a naggy boy! when i come home late, he will nag at me, follows me around the house and meows at his loudest and then if i were to be in the toilet for too long a period, he would start nagging again!!gosh, he's so naggy!
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My cat Sammy does the back rolling thing. It does seem dog like doesn't it?
He follows me everywhere around the house. He also comes when I call him by name. He also walks up and smells visitors like a dog might. Doesn't run away or anything.
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Red Cat is the Safety Inspector. When he comes in from outside, the first thing he does (after demanding to be petted) is to go downstairs to check that his emergency exit is open. He insists that I keep the door to the storage room under the stairs unlatched, so he can go way back behind all the boxes and hide if anyone comes to the house. Should that door be closed, he sits in front of it and meows until I unlatch it.

Purdy is the biggest lap-kitty of all time. I'm sure he'd be happy to spend 12 hours a day in my lap, if I'd let him. Sometimes when I'm sitting at my desk, I have things to do where I don't want him in my lap and I use my arm to block his ability to jump up on my lap from the left. I have a large L-shape executive desk, so he can't jump to my lap from the right. But he goes around the desk and jumps up from behind the desk on that side or behind the computer and gets down into my lap from that direction. He is determined, if I block one approach he just keeps trying another!
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If i'm watching t.v.,Rosie knows that when she jumps up onto my lap and gives the faintest, most pathetic sounding meow she can make, that she gets my attention and i give her some treats!.
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Peedoodle taps on my shoulder to get my attention. Its really cute when he does it, but it becomes annoying when you are trying to sleep at 4am and he has been doing it for hours. LOL!

Kahu waves at me. It is so cute! Also, when he is rubbing himself against us, he puts his tail around our leg - it looks like someone putting his arm around you.
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Gus wags his tail, it's be come his trademark. There's different wags for each mood and I've learned which one means Watch Out! People come to our house and wonder why he's mad because his tail is wagging and I have to explain "No, that's his cool relaxed kitty wag"
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Every morning Dori wakes me up by biting my elbows. She does this between 5 and 5:30 on weekday mornings, and somehow she knows when the weekend comes because she lets me sleep until at least 7:00. She starts out by biting gently and then it gets harder if I don't get up. SOmetimes and roll over and get all the way under the covers, she goes away for 10 minutes, then comes back. It's like hitting a snooze button.
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Fred smiles like the Cheshire cat when he is happy. It is so cute. The corners of his mouth actually turn up, and his fang teeth show. I have been trying forever to get a picture. He has this weird little thing we call the "Fred Dance." He will be just standing or walking along, and suddenly just jump, sometimes as high as 3 feet in the air, with all 4 paws springing off whatever he is standing or walking on. It is pretty unnerving when he is standing on me and does it. Sometimes he will get turned around, and just keep going in whatever direction he lands in.
Georgia likes to sniff my tongue piercing. She will touch the corner of my mouth until I stick my tongue out and let her see and sniff it. She also pets me with her paw when she wants attention. She is not big on being petted herself, but will pet me and my s/o. She will also wave at me when I leave for school.
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Loki is what I call a quetscher and a yente - he talks and talks and talks and is very persistant about getting your attention when he wants something which is all the time. :0))))
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JC's quirkiest behavior is his insistence on cleaning my ears every morning. He waylays me until he can get the job done.
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Quirks huh? Lets see...
Twig is generally quirky but on thing that stands out is that he will jump onto the fish tank top and roll around like he wants to be petted but when you pet him he will nip your hand and bunny kick it too.
Rocket, he likes to knead my hair at night before I go to bed and right after the alarm goes off in the morning.(drools in it too, ICKY! LOL!)
Isis, runs from everyone and everything and is very vocal if one of the cats get into "her" space.
Luna, she will sit quietly and wait for you to get near her like she is going to let you pet her and then she hops away like a rabbit. and I do mean like I rabbit! that is hilarious! Brad nick named her leapin Lunie!
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Lily's got a big attitude problem sometimes. She likes to ignore us. (But will insist on being in the same room as us - we can't ever close a door!) She also shoots us dirty looks.

Princess has a fetish about office supplies. She loves pens and pencils, and will attack them if you leave them laying around. Anything else that's an office supply, she'll go after too - paper clips, rubber bands, you name it!
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Let's see:

Kermitte will stalk me when I eat popcorn. If I stare at her, she'll freeze until I look away, and resume stalking. When she gets to me (finally), she gets a few kernels for her efforts.

Elmo will go tearing down to the basement then "get lost" and call really loudly. A minute later, he'll come charging back up and act as if nothing happened. He also likes to pester the dog, and pounce on her tail while she's waiting to get fed. She has to sit with her tail between the counter and the stove so he can't get to it!
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My new kittie Pepper doesn't have anything too quirky yet.. but my cat in my parent's home Toby is bizarre. He will walk up the hallway very calmly, then out of nowhere, he'll hiss like crazy, his tail will puff up and he'll tear around the house for 5 minutes at top speed, skidding into things. Or he'll be sleeping on the chair and my mom will be reading quietly and he'll wake up, look around wildly and run down the hall at top speed. Maybe he has a nervous problem. I also had a cat that used to sneer at you, you would pet him and he'd lift up one lip and just GLARE.. he was old.
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After I read this post I went to the kitchen for a drink and started thinking about the different quirks he has (numerious).
I opened a new package of mice that were on the counter and threw him the orange mouse down the hallway. He came trotting back and I could see an orange mouse in his mouth...but not the one I had thrown. I started to say "wrong one baby" as he was dropping it on the floor for me when I saw he brought back TWO orange mice in his mouth! What a smart boy! (considering he has mice of multiple colours all around the house.)

Usually when a toy lands beside another after I've thrown it for him (or if I throw two for him at once) he'll pick one up his mouth and look at the other one and growl, then alternates. Sometimes he tries to bat one to me while carrying the other in his mouth. That was the first time I saw him bring two at once. Also in the time it has taken me to type this he has gotten very impatient with my lack of playing fetch with him after giving him a brand new toy. He's now learned to bring it in to my lap instead of on the ground nearby. Oh and to add to that I hear a rustling of him grabbing the little baggy with the other two mice in it. Bengals = crazy + smart.

Also, he requires that I let him under my covers every night.

My other kitty talks. Constantly. Not in meows but purr-grunts. He would like to be pet 24/7. If you scratch him on the back in the right place he will lick the air.
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Oh and another one... If I look at Toby peeking around the edge of a wall, or door, or anything where he can only *just* see my eyes...and then quickly hide.... he can't resist it. He makes a happy chirps noise and comes running to find me. Sometimes he'll play the game too.
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Kermitte likes the around the corner game too! If I peek around a corner, she'll stare at me until I hide on the other side, by the time I peek around the corner again, she's waiting for me, and she leaps up at the wall. Gets me every time!!
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These are so good! I've laughed at every one! My Jasmine does the chirping and purr-grunt thing too. I've never figured that out Leo LOVES the hide and seek game too just like Toby and Kermitte!
I loved the one about Peedoodle tapping the shoulder and Kahu waving...that was TOO cute Kiwideus!
Keep em coming, this is fun!
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Opie is a snitch. If he jumps onto Bill's lap and chatters up a storm, it is because the other two are into something.

Rowdy has many behaviors and she's teaching Buddy her bad habits. Yesterday morning, I heard thumping, in the bathroom. As it was 3:00 a.m., I was none too pleased. It was a sure thing, that Rowdy was emptying the wastebasket. Oh, well I needed to pee, anyway. Not only was Rowdy pulling things out of the wastebasket, Buddy was right there - helping her! When I got in there, there was a mad scramble for the door.

Buddy's affinity for my my underwear has escalated to trying to wear all of my clothes. As I'm trying to get dressed, he grabs each item of clothing and tries to take it away from me. Buddy must have been a transvestite, in a past life! He has also picked up Rowdy's trick, of darting into the closet. Twice, in the past week, I have snagged Rowdy and overlooked Buddy. The consequence of this has been that he has spent two seperate days, in the closet. He's lucky that I'm the type of person, who hangs up her clothes, when I get home.

All three cats love to sit in the window or at the screen door and tease the dogs.
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If someone is around our door or knocking on another door around our apartment. My half-kid Tiger has the loudest growl and will growl at the door and run away.

My kid Patches while just chilling.... Will lay on her back and as we say so elequently "shoot the breeze".
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Oh and one more thing..... Tiger likes to chase rabbits(from indoors that is).
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Graycie has the usuallcat quirks but Shadow is something else. If I'm not in my bedroom by midnight she comes to wherever I am in the house and sits and stares at me untill I give in and come to my bedroom. I don't have to go to bed I just have to be in the room. She then goes and runs around and generally gets into troubal
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