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I Feel So Angry

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I don't often feel this way but really I have had enough of this woman.

I'm sorry if this turns out to be a bit of a long story but I feel I have tell you from the beginning for you to get the whole picture. Last year my beloved Hercules died and I was heartbroken. After going through the usual 'I'm not going through this again' I stopped being selfish and looked for 2 kittens. I saw an advert in the pet shop and phoned the woman up. Three weeks later she turned up a beautiful torti 18 months old. When she brought her her eyes were running and I had to sign to say I would not take her to the vet without letting her know, this she said was because some people had their cats put to sleep without good reason. The next night I phoned the vet and made an appointment for this poorly cat and I phoned her to let her know. She did no more than phone the vet up and cancel my appointment.The poor kittie had cat flu and eventually got to the vet and was very ill for some time. She kept on saying the cat was not ill. The husband took the cat back off me. (Kittie is OK now but not with me).
She did not get in touch with me for weeks and weeks and I bought two kitties from, don't laugh, the dogs home, Buttons and Felix. This was November last year. I love them both to bits. Two weeks later she sent her husband to me with Tara and Pebbles who were 7 months old at the time and asked me if I would foster them. I said that I couldn't because I had just got two new kittens. The next day she came back with them in small cages and told me that if I didn't foster them they would have to be kept in these cages as she had 40 stray cats in her house and no room to put them. So Tara and Pebbles have lived with me ever since. She was supposed to be looking for a home for them. She did not come round again until January and when I went to find the cats for her to have a look at she wasn't interested and told me not to show them to her. I asked if she had found a home for them and she said no but she was looking. Not a word from her since until tonight. She was not interested in Pebbles or Tara and I told her that they had a home with me and she was not to find them a home. She was pleased about that and went on to tell me that she had four more pairs of cats she had taken in. I was horrified and asked if they were living in these small cages (the ones she had my two in were not big enough for them to stand in). She did not answer my question. If I knew where she lived I would report her. I just feel so angry and upset about all those kitties. I am overreacting, no I'm not am I.
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Yikes......I think this woman has to TOTALLY be reported.. I think you should find her number.. talk to the local shelters.. she sounds totally crazy... the issue here is the cats.. they don't sound like they are in a good place!!
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Two words kitten mill
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Yes Andrea you are right about the cats. That's why I want to report her. She is ex-directory so I can't get her address from there. I am going to go to my vet, because I know she used to go there and I am going to tell them and ask for her address. She told me that she keeps on falling out with the vets. She is crazy.
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Do you have her full name? I would think that's enough to report her to the authorities (animal control) and let them investigate. She doesn't sound like she's got the wellbeing of the cats at heart at all.....

I would PM Mark Kumpf and find out what you can do about her.
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Hissy you are so right. I paid £40 for the first cat which only had a couple of weeks. She is now safely rehomed.
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She goes on about being a cat lover and she doesn't even care about them. I'm sorry if I sound so angry but I am on fire and I am so upset about the cats she has. I do her know her full name and I think my vet will remember her.
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I don't think your overreacting at all. If you know this woman's last name maybe you could find out what her address is by looking in the phone book. And if you DO find her address, please report her ASAP!

Those poor cats!
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I think if you express how serious it is and how many cats you think there are, the authorities might put more effort in to find her even her info is incomplete, keep us posted..
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She's not in the phone book Lorie, she is ex-directory. But I will get her address tomorrow. It has made me feel so sick, I actually feel ill. Little Felix can tell something is wrong with me and he keeps kissing my cheek.
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Heidi I don't think Mark can help me because I am in England. But I am going to definitely get it sorted tomorrow. If they tell the RSPCA they will just go and pick them up and put them to sleep, but I can get the Cat's Protection League who have a policy of life until rehomed no matter how long it takes. I have no money so I can't take even one of them and look after it properly. I spend all I have on my kitties to do it properly. But I will get them helped tomorrow.
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I feel sorry for the people like that woman! And you ARE so right about beeing angry! I would be 100%!!!!! She is just one crazy person! I used to know one like that.....
Please let us know if you will find out her address and if those poor animals will get out from her crazy place!
I am on your side and with you in my thoughts!!!!
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Yes...please let us know what happens.

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o my gosh thats horrible she needs to be shot good for you for taking the two in but she needs to know right from wrong
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that lady needs to be put in one of her little cages to see what it's like to live like that. Oh that burns my a$$! I think you are doing the right thing by trying to get her put out of business. I hope you find her, poor kitties.
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I'm off to the vets now to try and get her address. Then I have to take my daughter to the hospital so I will not be back for a few hours. You know I am not used to doing things like this, dobbing someone in that is, and I am a bit scared but I believe I have right on my side, and I keep on thinking for those poor kitties. What a good idea to put her in a cage !! Wish me Luck and thanks for your support everyone.
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Good luck to you and whenever you think you are not doing the right thing, just think of all those kitties.

40+?? is that what she said?? Did she tell you why she cancelled the appointment? It sounds crazy to just go and cancel someone else's appointments. Perhaps she doesn't realize that vets are around for reasons OTHER than putting animals to sleep... I dunno. Please keep us posted. You are in my thoughts.
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Hi Tamme, she didn't want the vet to know that she had given me a poorly cat. I'm off now. Thanks so much for your support.
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Cilla i'm in the UK, so if i can help just let me know.

I'm pleased that your getting in touch with the Cats Protection instead of the R.S.P.C.A.

Which area is this woman from?
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That is horrible ... I hope you can stop her. I'll be sending good vibes to you and those poor little kitties ... I just can't understand why people are so unfeeling when it comes to animals.
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Grrrr! That makes me so mad for that woman to treat these sweet babies in such a manner! Good for you for taking action! You're absolutely not overreacting and we support you 100% Please keep us up to date!
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Cilla i'm in the UK, so if i can help just let me know.
Me too!

Let us know how it goes!
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I have had an absolutely horrible day. I went to my vet who didn't remember her because he wasn't there when she used to go. I spoke to one of the nurses and she remembered her very wellthey had a huge fall out with her but she could not tell me why because the surgery was full.
They had dispensed with her records.

I then went to the vet that I know she is now using, which was the one where she cancelled my appointment. I had made it there because they knew the cat and she had suffered a hip displacement and been treated there well before I knew her. She told me that the cat had been run over by a truck but her husband told me that the poor kittie had fallen from their son's premises through an open window 4 storeys up. Anyhow this vet would not give me her address and made me feel that I was a troublemaker. Perhaps he would lose out on money??????

Then I had to take my daughter to the hospital she suffers from a psychiatric problem and it was horrible. After hospital and calming her down and seeing her home I went to see one of my friends who is connected to the Cats Protection League who it turns out already knows the crazy womand and knows where she lives she promised me that she would go and see her. She did do but the woman would not let her in. I have now to wait to hear from my friend because she is taking the matter over and knows how to go about it a lot better than I do. At least I feel that some authority is now at last in the know and hopefully it will be dealt with in haste, I feel that it will be because The Cat Protection League are marvellous. (Sorry for my spelling I know that there are words we spell differently, and I sometimes forget which they are). So in the end I hope I have done some good. I cannot get those furbabes out of my mind. I hope I will hear something tomorrow. I think back about some of the things she has said previously and I feel guilty that I did not pick up on them before now. I still feel angry and I don't like the feeling one bit.

Sorry I have rambled on haven't I. Thanks for being there.
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Rosiemac, she lives in Manchester
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`Wow i cant believe this is in the UK!
I'm down in London...

Surely you can report her to the RSPCA.... they'd have to investigate and see exactly what is going on.

words fail me....
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JasmineCat It has taken me until today to trace her address,but if I report her to the RSPCA they will take the kitties away and have them put to sleep. The Cats Protection League will take them away and look after them and then report her to the RSPCA.
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Originally Posted by Andrea77
Yikes......I think this woman has to TOTALLY be reported.. I think you should find her number.. talk to the local shelters.. she sounds totally crazy... the issue here is the cats.. they don't sound like they are in a good place!!

I agree
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Cilla, good for you to be so persistant! I'm 100% behind you! I know that when this is all done and over with there might be MANY kitties thanking you for getting them out of a bad situation! You go girl! Keep us posted! I'd love to see that she got all her cats taken away and at the very LEAST fined for being so horrible to them.
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They put them to sleep straight away? are you sure about that? I'll be honest i'm not too familliar with the rescue proceedure here.

A good place to maybe ask more about that is at www.dogpages.org.uk I know its a dog rescue page, but they also deal with all animals and everyone there is very heavily involved with rescue and will do their complete best for the cats.

i'm sorry but what on Earth is this woman thinking??!!
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any updates?

If the cats are taken away from her, what's to stop her from doing it again?
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