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WOOHOO!!! Flailing Guy!!! Great Smilies Deb!! Thanks!
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Originally Posted by Jellybelly
I can't open the smilies? My lap top keeps beeping me at me
Do you have a firewall on your laptop? I had to change my settings on my firewall.
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Awesome job Deb! Can't wait to start using all those cute little smilies! I'm already finding favorites! LOL!
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Ooo I like this one

I think you have this one twice..
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I love these two! Deb you've done a wonderful job with them! Thank you!
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my favorite one, how I look every morning when woken either by my son or JB the fuzzy wuzzy fat cat
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Their brilliant!!!!!

Well done to you all who has worked on the new look!
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Very impressive
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Originally Posted by Deb25
I added about 15 more tonight.

I'll retrieve bunny for you, Hydro.
Awww... thanks Deb! Posting in the Fur Pictures sections just wouldn't be the same without the bunny.
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I love them!
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Everyone: A few more newbies tonight!
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Deb you are having WAY too much fun with these!

This one will come in handy in IMO

That's just classic!

Ah! These are cute!:

(Hey man....where did my go??? I loved that guy! Oh, and too ... I know, I'm a pain.... )

Edit: Oops, guess and are still there, just not in the menu? about ? Hmm, he's there too....
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Here's some good ones.

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Awesome smilies Deb!
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This would have to be my fave! It's so cute.
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Wow! This is so much fun!

Thanks Deb!!
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Deb, if this has already been suggested or I'm just missing it please disregard this. Frequently someone will go out of their way to obtain information, give advice or just say something really sweet and I wish I could thank them appropriately! Could we get thank you smilies?! I've very much enjoyed all the new ones! THANKS!
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It's under the "Signs" category.
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