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What one food would you say is your weakness

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For me it is my homemade caramel corn. Hot and fresh out of the microwave, it just is my ultimate snacking weakness---
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I can only pick one??? I would have to say garlic bread, or any good bread actually. French bread, sourdough bread....
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Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in any form !!!!!!!!!
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Jacket potatoes definitely
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Chocolate... ferrorio rocher (sp?)
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Only one? Thats too hard. Its a big tie between pasta and chocolate.
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Fresh baked pulla with homemade strawberry jam! Puella is a finnish coffee bread that my grandmother used to make on special occasions.

Every summer she would make this when she made her strawberry jam and it was to die for! Awww...now I'm missing my grandmother! :angel2:
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Ham! being my favourite food I can never get enough.

Apricot chicken would definitly have to be another.
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CHEESE!!! Any form I eat it all the time!
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hmmmmm.... it's either fruits or chocolate..... i can't decide!!!!!
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Rich, dark CHOCOLATE!!!
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Pasta and cheese (separate and together!)
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Big and fad Shrimps with hot sauce
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Hershey Kisses..and not just one or two, I must have the whole bag
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Lately it's cheezits. Usually it's Minestrone soup! Yummy!
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Definitely Cheese! In fact while I was reading the replies, I had to get up to get me a couple slices of American Cheese!
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Only one hmmmm........ That would have to be Shrimp! Love me some shrimp
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All types of soup!
But I also love Japanese!
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Bubble Gum ice cream
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Ice Cream Sanwiches....can't seem to eat just one.
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chocolate without nuts......
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Crisps!. Thats why i must have a bag of low fat ones everyday with my lunch!
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OK. I have two.
Peter Pan Creamy Peanut Butter
French Fries

NOT together!
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Sweetcorn & Dairylea (not together though!) I'm a Dairylea addict - especially Dairylea Dunkers.
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NZ crisps - green onion made by bluebird and cheese and onion made by Ripples.

How I miss them.

Peanut Slabs
Pixie Caramels

Dang, they are all NZ food and I miss them
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Dips-spinach, ranch, onion, salsa....
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
How I miss them.

Peanut Slabs
Pixie Caramels
Kellye, I don't know anything about international shipping regulations, but is it possible for your family to send these foods to you occassionally?

My one food weakness is icecream, and I even like to eat it during the coldest winter months.
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Oh they do send me food once in a while, but my mother is soooo slow - she is a busy woman and it takes her time. She is putting together a goodie box for me and asked me what I wanted so, hopefully sometime within the next year I will get them
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French fries with mayo and catsup, tatertots, mashed potatoes. Ok I admit it anyting that is a potato is my weakness.
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