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I am soooo happy to hear that Sally is doing better and vet said - no asthma!!!!!
I hope she will be better and better with every passing day!
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Oh Abby that's the best news!!! Good for Sally! Hope she continues to get better and am glad she doesn't have asthma. Now you'll probably be the one who has to take medication, hope your hand gets better soon. Candy is just like Sam, loves the baby food and is a piggy too!

Jill and Candy
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I'm so glad Sally is doing better. We'll continue to send good thoughts and prayers to you guys.
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Abbey a simple blood test run by your doctor will show if you are susceptible to cat scratch fever. I cannot recommend highly enough to have that blood test now and potentially save yourself a world of grief later. Cat Scratch Fever is NO kind of fun.

Glad Sally is feeling a bit better- keeping the house at a comfortable temperature for her will definitely help.
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My hand is better and I took all the meds I was given. Sally is doing wonderfully!!! I have been feeding her baby food meat mixed rice with baby cereal and mother's replacement milk. This was recommended by the vet assistant that I ran into at the grocery store and shes munching it down in no time. Her sides are filling in and shes not as bony. Shes even friendly now and comes to the door when we come home. I'm slowly mixing in cat food to get her back on regular food because I dont think it would be good for her long term. Her breathing is back to almost normal, every once in awhile she will breathe a bit fast, but every day shes getting more back to normal. Thank God shes pulling thru this. And that you all for your concern and support and suggestions.
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SALLy im sorry to hear you baby is sick i really hope she is ok you can try to give her cat milk or something just to see if she keeps it down and it will also give her the vitamins and stuff she needs as well good luck
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Abbey -

That is just the best news!!! So glad to hear your baby is better, and your hand, too. Did they ever find out for sure what caused all this?

Jill and Candy
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No, all they said was that she probably got sick when she was outside and having her spayed is what let it take her over. They said she probably inhaled something, maybe sitting by a dryer vent for warmth and inhaled the lint.
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That sounds strange. I would think she would try to cough it out. Maybe she did but you didn't see it, who knows?

I also wondered why animals are spayed/neutered when they are sick. Humans are checked out before they get any operation, and if they're sick, they're not operated on until they're better, unless it's an emergency. My cat had an URI when I took her home 48 hrs after her spay. It's possible she got it at the shelter or at the vet's office, but still, I wonder if they check them out first. I guess it costs too much money to do that on a shelter animal.

Jill and Candy
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She coughed up a huge hairball when she came home from the day at the vet, big enough that in the dark I thought it was one of their toy mousies. (I almost picked it up too--ick!) The place that spayed her had a form to sign that said she was healthy. I thought she was, she never showed any signs of anything except she was exceptionally skinny until I found her panting in the bathroom. She was checked out by the vet shortly after I got her to make sure she didnt have anything that she could give to Sam and they said she was underweight but fine.
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At our shelter we will not take a cat to be spayed or neutered if we even think they might be sick. It is not supposed to happen if the vet knows they are sick, but just like people you can pick up a germ & not have any clinical signs right away.
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If I would have known she was sick at the time, I wouldn't have had her spayed. I would have done whatever it took to get her well first, but I didnt know. The vet didn't even know for sure how she got what she did, but they said that it was probable. I would never put my cats at risk for anything like this.
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Abby -

You shouldn't even be thinking like that, of course you wouldn't have gotten her spayed. If you feel any guilt, you SHOULDN'T. The only thing that's important is that she's better now, and that you are the best kitty mommy!!!!!

Boy, I wish I could take a lb. or 2 off Candy and give it to Sally.

Jill and Candy
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I wish I could convince Sam to share some of his tummy and butt weight with her. They both swing back and forth when he runs She is slowly but surely gaining weight. Her sides are starting to fill in and she doesn't feel so bony. She's a nibbler, eats a bit here and a bit there all day long. Sam scarfs it all down and complains he is hungry an hour later.
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Sally, and to all others. Are any of you using, "Worlds Best Cat Litter".?

It's supposed to be non toxic, flushable, and good for your pet. Well, if you

use it throw it out ASAP. With a bit of moisture, it causes "Aflatoxin",

the worst toxin out there and is not curable! It can affect any part of the

cats body. And if they become anemic, they might eat it and get severly sick,

and most Dr.'s misdiagnos it for cancer or other ailments. But they will kill

your cat using chemo when it is clearly Aflatoxin. Again, throw that litter away

and spread the word, PLEASE!!!! Good luck Sally!

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