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Through the years we have had 2 mice,guinnea pigs,a rat,love bird and an iguana. We have decided just to stick with the dogs and cats. We brought the mice all the way from CA and then they passed on about 2 months after we got here
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Does anyone have a Catweigh??
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I have a Japanese Fire-Bellied Newt named Blanche. She's 18 years old, and I still don't know if she's a girl or a boy for sure. The guy at the pet shop said she was, but then, this is the same guy who said she'd live 2 years tops.
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Hi Michelle :angel2::daisy:

I just read up on your Japanese Firebellied Newt...I had no idea what it was. Very interesting! Living eighteen years! I tried to find out how old they get, but with no success. Just out of curiosity, I did email one of the people that put up a page regarding them...it's facinating that this little guy's living for so long...but then again, turtles live quite a long time too. I don't know! :laughing2

The only thing Ive ever had amphibeous was a turtle. :laughing2 They were so cute!
Here's to your newt May he live another eighteen years and then some!

Love, Peace &

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Aside from our 5 cats, we also have 2 fish tanks (125 gallon and 600 gallon). From what I have read, some of our fish will live to be 20+ years. Used to have a basset hound, but my parents now have her.
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Aww, that newt is cute!!! (hey that ryhmes! ) I am curious what you feed him.
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I have a small fur family compared to some here,in addition to 2 cats I have one hampster named Snack and one boyfriend (he's the hardest to take care of too
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I have two puppies. Jasper, a purebred boxer, 7 months old. He weighs about 65 pounds. Piper is 3/4 boxer, 1/4 labrador, 6 months old and about 45 pounds. Piper sometimes chases the cats - but they DO tease her.

We also have 4 large Tiger Oscars. They are tropical fish - cichlids. We've been hoping they'll breed, but they were quite sick at one stage and we think they may now be sterile due to the chemicals we had to use to treat them. Oh well, they are lovely to look at, and they let my husband pet them.

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I've been trying to find out how long Blanche will live, too. None of the people I've E-mailed has ever answered--a few E-mails even got returned as undeliverable. I think there's a conspiracy.

I feed my newt tiny green foodsticks called Repto-Min. They are also good for turtles and some other water critters. I tried supplementing her diet with dried worms and dead flies, but she won't eat them.

Bubba's Mom--I love your hamster's name.
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I want a Duprasi! Wait, I want 2 Duprasi! Wait...where would I put them? Wait, who cares? I'd find a good place for them, they are TOO cute! :laughing2:
How does Merlin get along with them? I assume they are kept caged, but does he (merlin) try to "play" with them?

Are they as easy to maintain as hamsters or gerbils, and what is their cost? I've had small rodents that bit, do they really not bite?
I guess I should really just visit the link you gave us, and leave you alone...:

Oh damn, now I have another "project/obsession!"
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Alexnell-Snack seemed that the appropriate choice...when we brought him home Bubba was VERY interested in him and I said "watch out little buddy, if you ever get out you'll be a snack", the name seemed to fit

I think he can fend for himself though (at least in the cage), one day scrappy got up to the cage and stuck him paw in...Snack bit him :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 He never went back since
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At last count, we had 18 cats but 3 have started showing up lately. We have one german shepherd, a mustang-cross, a love-struck peacock and some china pheasants. Occassionally we are visited by coyotes, foxes and possums and also have had raccoons and skunks come to stay for awhile.
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I had budgerigars before in TR, but I couldn't bring them to USA (birds aren't allowed like cats & dogs). The male one was talking (he could even say some English words such as "my name is Chitos" ).

Now I have a tropical fish community tank with 17 fish in it.

I want a dog & a parrot so bad, but we don't have room for 3 cats, a dog & a parrot (also we don't have money for all of them )

Did you know that some parrot species can live up to 90 years ??
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My roomate, used to have male and female birds, along with tiger and patches. but the male bird killed the female bird, so she had to give him away.
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Cleo....I think you should get a duprasi, or maybe two!!

I really have never been bitten by one, and if you lived closer I would give you a couple for free....they are about $30 each, normally. But mine have babies all the time, so I wish I could give you a couple....they are as easy to take care of as hamsters!

Here is another website, that has wonderful pictures of the duprasi on it, although I hesitated to post it, because this site kinda pisses me off, the way they act like Duprasi are so boring they aren't even worth the time, but they obviosuly have never been around MY duprasi, who are so much fun to watch, and have so much personality....the only reason I fianlly decided to post this link, even though they make me mad with their comments, is because they have such wonderful pictures of the duprasi on it!

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Cleo.... Like I said....this website makes me very angry, it seems they are wanting more to promote their mongolian gerbils, than they are to tell about the Duprasi....but I only posted it for you, so you could get a better look at the Duprasi...the pictures are good on this site.
Other than that...don't listen to anything they have to say about them.
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