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Sandals.........(don't laugh)

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I was out shopping today and bought a new pair of inexpensive sandals to wear this summer. I have been trying them out in the house and they're comfortable but I've never had a pair of sandals quite like these before. They're a thong type of sandal that has a little piece that goes between your toes. The part where your foot goes has bumps and looks exactly like bubble wrap. And while I was trying them out I noticed they made a lot of noise when I walked.

Sooooo...I was wondering if anyone else had sandals that were similiar, and what do you think of them?
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Post a picture of them! I love shoes!!!
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I found a picture online. And like I said, they're really inexpensive. Can you see the bumps on the larger sandal? And they're not made out of rubber like this type of sandal usually's more like plastic.

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i hate sandles and those look really uncomforatble, boy they look like they would make alot of noise
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I have nothing to say lol... I hate sandals as well and ya won't catch me dead wearing them ** bleck**
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I remember those! My friend had a pair, I never liked them, they felt to weird on my feet, but a lot of people liked them.
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i guess it is really different over here... we love sandals and we wear them all the time... go get our groceries, go out shopping in casual wear.. that's what most of us wear in a hot weather... some do make lots of noises but some are really comfortable... but overall, i'm ok with it..
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Ah yes!! If I don't wear shoes, my feet are in a pair of sandals, except when I go running! My sister had a pair like the orange ones! And...YES! They are so great! I wanted to steal them from her...but I already have about 10 pair of sandals I wear all the time!!
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I love sandals too but I HATE the thong ones! They give me blisters in between my toes and that has got to be the WORST place for a blister.
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Same as Tamme. I love sandals but I tried the thong ones when I lived in Australia and they gave me blisters too.
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I just noticed the first picture disappeared...
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I loooooooove sandals! I live in them pretty much all year round, except when they're completely inappropriate to the clothes or occasion. Don't actually have any thongs at the moment, but I like them lots, and haven't found blistering between the toes to be a problem, although I gather it is for some people. Whatever works, is what I say!
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This is the ones I got right before I left for Vegas! I love them!
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I love sandles too. I mean its a little more then I month before I can wear them again and not be a fashion no no.

I'm alreay excited for sandle season I'm getting a peticure on tuesday!

I have to admit I'm not fond of the thong ones. I guess nothing thong appeals to me, I hate the underware too!
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I like those sandals Candie.
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I call those Flip Flops!!! I used to wear them all the time as a child. only because they made the Flip flop sound when you walked and I loved it!!! Don't wear um anymore.....My big toe likes being next to her littler friends LOL But I do wear other styles of sandels all summer long. just not when I am at work we're not allowed to wear them
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Thats weird, I ONLY wear the thong/flip flops (we call them flip flops as well), I never wear the other kind. I live in flip flops during the summer, just LOOVE them!
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Those are so comfortable
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I'm amazed that anyone would hate sandals they are so comfy and airy.
I like those blue sandals but have never worn them. Cheap and comfy is good.
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I have had the blue ones before. I really liked them, they're comfy. One things about them though, just be careful with them, the thong part can rip easily. I bought like, 4 pairs last summer
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Originally Posted by Baileysidney11
I'm amazed that anyone would hate sandals they are so comfy and airy.
I like those blue sandals but have never worn them. Cheap and comfy is good.
I have always hated sandals, never worn them, never will.... to me they are just plain gross!!! ICK!!
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I hate my feet.. so I dont normally wear sandals.. but I cant wear those ones with the thing in between the toes, SO UNCOMFORTABLE!!
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I can't wear any shoes, with nubbly things against my feet. My feet are so sensitive and ticklish, that those kinds of sandals drive me crazy.

I have leather flip-flops, in gold and silver but can't wear them, if I'm going to walk any distance - flat shoes put too much pressure on my heel spur. With summer skirts and denim dresses, I wear huraches , Mexican woven sandals. Rather than traditional straw, mine are white leather.

Of course, I have plenty of dressy, high-heeled sandals, too!
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I have both sandels and thong shoes for summer, I love them both! of course I love shoes in general, so that makes it pretty easy! LOL!
But I have to say, I'm pretty picky when it comes to what I wear shoe wise, but if you like them, then who cares what the rest of the world thinks right??
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I like sandals but the thong ones also give me blisters. I wish I could wear them.
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We wear sandals a lot down here in San Diego too. December-February usually calls for closed toe shoes, but a lot of people still wear sandals even then.
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I wear sandals all year round, and of course there are people who are certain, on that basis, that I have several screws loose. They seem to think that getting one's feet wet is a bigger problem in open shoes than in closed shoes. Actually, wet feet dry a lot faster in open shoes, and the shoes dry faster, too, and the socks.
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