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Horrible nightmare I had last night

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Last night I had a horrible nightmare... I dreamnt that I was being strangled!

It was that I was sleeping in my bed (yep, the same bed where I was really sleeping) and that I felt somebody enter the room, and the next thing that happens is having two strong hands around my neck and pressing it! That I start screaming and trying to get myself off of it.

The next thing I know is that I am awake bolt upright in my bed panting, and unconsciously I had put my hands in my neck like trying to make sure that it truly did not happen.

It was so vivid It truly felt as real. The alarm clock read little over 4 AM. I could not get any sleep after that... I had to go the kitchen and fix myself something, because it was useless to try to get it off my mind and get some sleep.

It still makes me cringe when I think about it.

Sigh, I know, I am a wimp.
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Oooh how horrible. I had one a few weeks ago. I was dreaming that i could hear someone downstairs, i woke myself out of it and lay for a few minutes listening for any noises even though my alarm would go off the minute someone entered. But fortunatly it was just a dream
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Oh, that's even worse than my nightmares! I would be shook up, too. All through the years I have had several nightmares per year that were frightening enough that I would scream in my sleep. Most of the time it is an intruder in the house, but as they approach me, I scream. For 39 years my husband was able to wake me when that happened, and I, too took hours to calm down each time. Since I lost my husband last year, Red Cat has assumed the responsibility of awakening me when I scream. This has happened three times. He gets on my chest, nuzzles my neck and purrs, purrs, purrs. Very comforting when my heart is still racing.
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Victor, I was thinking it might be your mind sorting out and trying to deal with what happened when you were robbed recently.

Glad it wasn't for real!
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I dreamed Sat. night that hub and I were in a church in a strange city, and there were tornadoes coming. We put the children in a safe basement room, and left them there, after a couple of tornadoes passed over, we went to check on them, and they were all drowned 'cause the basement was full of water !
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I had a nightmare once that nana drove off a cliff. I woke up crying. I hate scary dreams. I hope you don't have the same dream again.
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Dear Yoviher,

I have had nightmares to. I have also had other disturbing dreams, very weird, you don't want to know.

This is what I have done to chase those dreams away. I does work. I am just telling you something about myself to explain where I am coming from. (Please don't take it another way).

I am Catholic. I say prayers everynight, (well most the time). I say an "Our Father", A "Hail Mary" and a "Glory Be" then I say it again. Then I ask God to remember a certain list of people that I pray for. The thing is that I say the "Our Father" so often that I can say it in my dreams. When I have a nightmare, in my dream I say the "Our Father" and the nightmare goes away.

Find something that comforts you, and repeat it. Make it your mantra. Then when the dreams come, hopefully you can say it in your dream, and it does bring strength.

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Cindy, that nightmare was even worser than mine! Twofatcats, if you have nightmares often with the same things happening, then perhaps you should see a doctor. Did you ever had any bad experience with any intruder or such?

Goblin, I ain't taking it otherwise . I like that idea of a series of words... perhaps a quote, such as Shakespeare all the world's a stage.
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Originally posted by Kumbulu
Victor, I was thinking it might be your mind sorting out and trying to deal with what happened when you were robbed recently.

Glad it wasn't for real!
I agree this is a good possibility. I was robbed at gunpoint a few years ago. As required my job offered counseling to me, I didn't go because I thought I was perfectly fine afterward. But I had nightmares for a few months afterward. Not anything about the robbery, but other things. They went away on their own afterward. I got really good at forcing myself to wake up when I was having them so I could basically wake up before they got too scary.
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I feel for you. Nightmares are terrible, aren't they? I usually have several a night and they seem so real. I'm surprised I even go back to sleep but I just love to sleep so much I can't help it.

Lisa & Sash
http://pages.ivillage.com/lisalee992 (Sash's website)
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Hi Yoviher, I used to have a lot of nightmares and then I read that you can control them. Just before you got to sleep you tell yourself that if you have a nightmare you are going to be in control of it and change what happens next. I tried it and it works. I can now manipulate my own bad dreams.
Let me know if you try it and if it works. Good Luck.
p.s. love your kitties
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