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Is he telling me he wants a companion?

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I am wondering if my cat is telling me he wants me to adopt another cat. First of all I want to
set this up to say just yesterday I was saying how i have the perfect cat. He is so even tempered etc. But then last night he went outside and there are some neighborhood cats he plays with, I can see it from my window and they are nice cared for cats and the play looks harmless. Well...he stayed out later than usual. I went to get him, he came when i called. But today he is acting weird, he wants out constantly (usually only does in the early evening and we have anice system with it) and then started biting my feet and even clawed it,
I was so startled by the clawing I threw my coffee across the room! I am wondering if the biting is a frustration from wanting to play with another feline and not me.

I just took him to the vet so I don't want to again, cause he seems VERY healthy. That isn't the problem. Any thoughts?
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Well,I am guessing Spring is in the air which is a time when most cats who go out, want to go explore the world. many get"sping fever"behaving like idiotic kittens with the wind under their tail.
Plus he has discovered the big kids playground! and its fun.
Much depends on how you view your cat, and hissafety.
Ifyouare happy that you livein a safe cat environment andare happy to let him do his thing..........let him play. most cats willcome back in at teatime, but I would advise that you do not allow him back out after that as he may well refuse to return if he is not hungry, and had disvovered "playing in the dark".
If not, you need to stop allowing him unsupervised outdoor play, as he will only want more.

Acompanion may helpto keephim stimulatedif he is going to be a primarilyindoorcat.

the biting is not a veterinary issue............just a catwhois used to you meeting his requests, and making ita demand when you don't respond. Thisis a no toloerance issue.As soon as the behaviour starts, say a firm loud "No" - move away - and then ignore him for a few minutes. Call him to you to let him out when you want him to go.

Try not to worry.
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Thanks. today I did let him out, but watched him the whole time. He got into a scuffle with one of the not nice kitties (some are nice, this one isn't) and I yelled out to him. The scuffle broke up, my cat, who usually runs to me, walked my way but wouldn't come to me. Like he was trying to appear cool to the other cat. Seriously I felt the parent of a teen age boy. So I let it be, still watching. After about 10 minutes he came to me when the other cat was out of sight. He came to me and easily came inside. To reinforce his coming back I feed him right away.

I agree about the "once a day" thing with going outside. That's why I was trying to keep it to evenings, right after work. It was working great. See he lived on the streets for months before he was caught and I adopted him. So he is used to it and loves being out there. I live in a safe area with lots of nice well cared for outdoor cats.

Well the biting yeah it's probably all a test. I did make clear no's and stopped playing with him.

I guess I feel selfish not getting a second one. I like it the way it was. But if he's lonely I want to help. But two is a lot for a working person.
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Don't feel selfish. If this is an adopted stray, you are already giving him so much more than he has been used to.
However,his background does alter the overview a little. He has been used to living out, and in warm weather it will probably be his preferred place. If there are one or two catswho are not "playing nice" and have previously used his space as their territory, then he could wind up "chased off" from his own garden.

I think you are wise to monitor him for now. You don't say how long he has been with you, but I would not alow him totally free rein until you are very sure that he knows how and when to come home.
always feeding him after he gets in, not before he goes out will certainly reinforce his homing message.

Don't feel too abandoned.Come autumn and cold days, he will be snuggled right back up in the warm, with you!

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Yeah see this is the thing: I adopted him after he was found as a stray, they think he was living outside for months. It's obivous he had a home at one time cause he is so socialized. But this cat wants out and loves it and is pretty savvy about it all. I totaly understand why people feel cats should be indoor at all time, but i do have a safe neighborhood and all that. I have had him about 2 months now.

He seems to know the area well now, I have taken him out several times. the thing is lately he is going toward this one apt building with the yard area and the other cats. He seems to want to be with these other cats so much.
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Marge, I am sorry, I can't recall, is he neutered? Kitty Season is starting and the pheremones are in the air. That could be what he is reacting to as well.
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Yep he's neutered.
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