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I got a gift yesterday!

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While I was out feeding my colony, the Most feral cat showed up. He is still intact so he roams. He's also extremely shy and sly. I haven't been able to get near him for feeding, he normally waits till I'm inside the house before he even goes near the food. His name is MONSTER and he's a huge orange tom.

Yesterday I poured out the food and sat on my back stoop while they all ate. I try to be there everytime so they'll all grow to trust me. Anyhow, I'm sitting there and here comes Monster. He comes to the bottom of the stairs, drops a dead mouse, head butts the stairs, and takes off back to the fence. I was shocked! And thrilled! He's accepted me into his family!

Now if I could just trap him!

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Congratulations! It definitely sounds as if he's accepted you. Now you'll probably get gifts from him on a fairly regular basis. We used to have a feral that did that, but he unfortunately didn't always stop at mice or rats - he also brought a koi, guinea pigs, and (lunch) meat stolen in the supermarket parking lot.
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WOW! That's neat. Congratulations on your acceptance!
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Wow that is awesome! It also seems he respects you, good luck catching him!

Jcat- I laughed out loud reading the part about stealing lunch meat, lol!
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My gosh Sandy! I got little tears in my eyes reading what Monster did! What a beautiful cat way of acceptance.
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OMG , how wonderfull . My congrats to you
I am sure in time you will catch him .
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That's great! Hope you can trap him soon!
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