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Bringing home an old lady!

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Hello All,

As some of you may know from my other post, I've decided to adopt a beautiful little senior lady named Bobbi (for now - but it seems to fit). She's 7-8 yrs old, very shy, and has been at the shelter with over 100 other cats for more than 4 yrs.

And everyone feel free to chime in here, do you suggest I isolate her in my spare bedroom, or my personal bedroom? I live alone and work full-time (or more), so I was thinking it might be better to have her in my room to get used to my smell (and enable me to keep the litter pan in the bathroom on linoleum), or would the activity of me getting ready for bed be too much?

I called the shelter this morning, and I'm going to visit her tomorrow. I won't be able to bring her home until next weekend, because I'm going out of town Fri and I wouldn't leave her alone that long during the adjustment. But I am SOOO excited about bringing a feline back into my life!!! Thanks for all your advise, and keep it coming!
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Congratulations! I'm sure she'll give you lots of love after she's adjusted.

I'm not sure either which room would be better, but I would recommend also that you invest in some Feliway spray or a Feliway room diffuser. It's a pheromone product that helps to calm cats - the diffuser was great for helping my cats adjust to a move. And you might also want to make sure that her food, water, and litterbox are relatively close to her chosen hiding place after she comes home with you.

You're an angel for giving an older cat a loving home!
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Congratulations on choosing an older cat!
There's something really special about an older cat.
I brought home an 8 year old cat over 2 years ago- she had been in a cage for 3 weeks- and seemed to be very happy to be out of it. The evening I brought her home she had to check out every corner of my home, then used the litter box, ate and went to sleep. I'd thought I'd have to confine her but didn't need to. She woke me the next morning by sitting on my chest and patting my face with her paw. Still she is not a shy cat and I don't believe this is what usually happens.
A friend adopted a timid cat from a shelter- within months she was a happy affectionate lap cat

Not an expert- but from my experience- I would confine her near where you eventually want to keep her litter box.
When I brought my kitten home he was in a spare room with litter etc- it was months before I felt I could take the litter box out of the bedroom- as it was the one he used in preference to the ones in the laundry.
If Bobbi just runs and hides somewhere when you first bring her home- which will make the decision easier.
By the way- I would also strongly recommend Feliway- helped a lot when I was introducing cats- not cheap but worth it
Best wishes
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When you get her home, you need to confine her in a really small area at first. What I would suggest is a small bathroom and put up a baby gate vertically in the doorway. She is going to be in shock from being in a cage for as long as she has, and she needs to adjust to new spaces gradually. The baby gate serves several purposes, she is not cut off from the house, she can see you, smell you, listen to the pulse of the house, get used to all the noises and not feel so isolated. You do not want her litter pan close to her food. I would suggest putting a towel in your shower, and putting the litter pan in there (or the bathtub) and feeding her out on the floor. I would also take soft blankets and rags and make her a pile bed in the farthest corner (a darkened corner) reduce the wattage in the lights in the bathroom or just burn a nightlight 24 hours. Gradually open up her world bit by bit, and she should adjust just fine. Thank you for saving her-
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I can't add to the great advice already given, but wanted to congratulate you on your upcoming new companion, and to say how wonderful it is to see an older kitty finally get the forever home she deserves.

I look forward to seeing pix of her and hearing how she does
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What an you are for adopting an older cat from the shelter. Thank you for bringing her into your life.


I adopted my two seniors from a shelter nearly 2 years ago and they have setled in quite well after a few days of adjustment and giving them the space they needed to adjust.

I really can't add much more than what has already been said other than good luck.
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Congratulations on the new addition to your family! She is so blessed to have you in her life! With the excellent advice that you've received, I'm confident that you both will have a very easy transition. I just had one little thought that you've probably already considered. She may be used to eating a particular food that you could get for her to prevent any GI upset due to a drastic change in diet. Maybe she has a favorite toy or activity. She may even be used to a particular litter.(or the shelter may use whatever they can get) Anyway, that could be just one less change in her life.
You are so very wonderful to adopt an adult. I'm sure both of your lives will be enriched by eachother's company!
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Thanks for all the great advice everyone!
I know that when they adopt out, the shelter gives you a small (about a pound ) amount of food to get started, so I will probably get a bit more along with the brand I plan to use, and transition her over a week or so. She's got a bit of diarrhea right now, so I know her tummy's a little tender .

They use whatever litter they can get, usually donated or the cheapest clay they can buy. I want to switch to scoopable, but I think she'll be glad to have a clean box of her very own, so I'm not as worried about that.

Hissy, thanks for the babygate idea!! I was worried about her feeling too lonely in the spare bedroom, but that would solve both problems.

Thanks again for all the tips. I'm off to visit my baby and go shopping!
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obsessive? yes i think so
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Happily so! Aren't all first-time parents a little over the top??
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Most of them are if they love the baby coming home. Yours sounds very fortunate that she has landed in your lap! And you are to be commended for not adopting a baby, but an older cat. Most people veer towards the younger ones and the kittens.

Thanks for rescuing her!
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Hissy, I'd had my kitten fix before I found Bella - my friend's roommate brought home a pretty little black persian cross, who was a loveable little furball and a holy terror!!!! And after researching the shelter/adoption process I decided the older ones needed me more than the kittens did, since anyone can love a kitten.

Besides, the way she's playing these days (finally! I thought she'd forgotten how!) she still thinks she's a kitten anyway!!
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OH - that is sooo great to hear - so all we now need is to see pic and lots of them!
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OH - that is sooo great to hear - so all we now need is to see pics and lots of them!
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Originally Posted by gibili
obsessive? yes i think so
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