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(The avatar pic under my title on the left was taken on our wedding day in Dawson Creek, BC)
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Been residing in Edwards AFB, California since July 2000. I'm originally from Oahu (Hawaii), born and raised. My husband is also from Oahu and has been in the Marine Corps for 9 years (we got married in April 2000). So you can see why I had to move out here. Haha! Although I have some good news. We're finally moving back to Oahu on May 15. Husband is getting medically discharged. Gosh I'm getting so excited to be with my family and friends again. AND... we're taking the kitties along. You know they're gonna love sittin' out in the sun. Hehehe! They HAVE to come with us, 'cause there's NO WAY I'm leaving them behind.
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Born in Munich, Germany lived there until I was 14 - then moved to Fair Lawn NJ from there to Parsippany NJ, Princeton NJ, Cliffside Park, NJ and finally settled in Bridgewater NJ 3 1/2 years ago.
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I was born and raised in Winchester Massachusetts approx 7 miles from Boston with a few short term pit stops in Stoneham MA, Malden MA and Everett MA , Ive lived in MI FL NH , and now live in Vermont.
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Laurie, I didn't realize you live in Blairstown. I worked at a summer camp there when I was in college. I didn't tell my campers that it is the home of the original Friday the 13th movie!
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Paris, Texas!
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I was born in Northern Wisconsin, and have lived in various towns throughout the state. My family and I also lived in Britt Iowa for two years before moving back. I currently reside in southern Wisconsin for college.....who knows where I'll end up after that!
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I was borned in Ill. Raised in Fla. I now live in Minnesota...going on 24 years... Oh I miss the ocean and warm weather. do love the 4 seasons though....
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Born, raised and reside in Calgary, AB, Canada.

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Born in Wembley, NW London within sight of the famous but sadly now demolisehed Wembley stadium where England won the World Cup in 1966 (I have been assured by my parents that we heard the racket coming from inside the stadium - I was too small to remember, being just over a year old).

Then moved to West London, to Hillingdon. Kind of a suburb of London, quite middle class and genteel. Have lived in Reading, a large town about 30 miles west of London since 1988.
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South suburbs of Chicago here. Live in the city for 7 years in my early 20's too.

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Born in Comox, B.C., lived in North Bay Ont. for 5 years, now reside in Victoria, B.C. We have done some moving here and there but we didn't stay long. Those are the major places I lived.
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I've lived in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia all my life.
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Born and raised in Chicago (south side). Lived in the south suburbs there for a while, then the west suburbs, then back to Chicago before moving to Houston area for a few years. Moved south of Kansas City about 11 years ago and have been here since.
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Military brat (one of the lucky ones not to move all over hecks half acre. Born Ft Bragg NC (AF brat in an Army hospital) Moved to Austin, TX when I was 4. Grew up in Austin for the better part of my 32 years and now currently am in Round Rock (one of the increasing number of "burbs") Great place to grow up and live in, but is begging to show the growth in a very large way. Big city with small town feel.
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