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claw covers

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when i was looking through a cat magizine, i saw that there were covers that go over your cats claws. i want to get them becuse my cats tear up the furniture but i dont feel its right for the cat, what shold i do??
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They are called soft paws and they are a better alternative than declawing the cat. Many of our members have them and use them on their cats. My cats have a designated sofa upstairs they can scratch to their heart's content, the other furniture they have been shown is off limits to them. They are perfectly content to use the older sofa and leave the main room furniture alone.
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Because we have so many cats and only a few of them are declawed (I would not allow my four to be declawed and the others are adoptable) we started using Soft Paws when my mom got new funiture. Not only does it help keep the fur-niture looking good it also prvents them from doing real harm with their claws when they feel the need to fight. Th eSoft paws do not bug them, most of them don't even notice. We did have one kitty that chewed a few of the first set off but she has been fine with them since the replacement. This is OJ who got Red Caps.
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