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What is up with Diego?

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Diego is 6 months old now and he is starting to get less affectionet with me. When Jon and I first got him he would sleep right by my head on his special blanket then he just moved to the pillow so i had to share. He use to curl up under the cover by my arm when i would lay on my side. Now at night he sleeps on Jon or behind the couch or in the chair that is in our bedroom. Will he ever sleep with him momma again? I hope so i miss my little man. What do you all think is this just a phase will he be my little man again. I hope that he still loves me and will still pay attention to me when the baby gets here. I fear i may lose him to Jon forever.

Thanks Valerie
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I find that my cats actually go through 'phases' in their behavior patterns. Each will sleep or nap in the very same place for weeks and suddenly switch to a new spot. Maybe it's the same with Diego.
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I think i should post about him more often cause he just jumped up in my lap and went to sleep. Awww, he is so cute.

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Yeah mine are the same way.. they change their habits and sleeping places all the time!
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OH! Spica did the same thing! She slept with my nightly and every morning she'd be laying on my stomache or chest. Then suddenly she stopped. My problem I think was because I'd just got her her first cat tree. I was so sad and for weeks she slept either on it or other places. Then suddenly she started to a little at a time sleep beside me while I watched tv or sleep on my desk when I was on the computer. Now she's back to her normal routine. I'm sure yours will to! I dont know if my problem was because of the new tree or maybe they do get in a 'less affectionate' mood at some point in their age. I'd not let it get to you too bad. I know you miss the affection, but it will return. Dont spoil the kitty too much trying to get it's attention cause then you'll make it associate affection with a treat or however you spoil it. Just do things like you did before and be patient. Good luck!
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Has Diego been neutered yet? That's one explanation - if he hasn't been neutered, he might be feeling his oats, as they say.

My cats tend to be "fair weather" friends. They're glued to us at night when it's cold out, but as it gets warmer, it's hit or miss whether or not they sleep with us. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

A lot of cats do get more snuggly as they get older (I mean like when they get to be senior cats), so there's always hope!
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He is getting neutered on wednesday. Thank goodness. LOL
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Jasmine did this after the baby was born. She always sleeps next to me but after the baby was born she (and the others) didn't appreciate the crying intruder and so they sulked for a while. As things got back to normal, she returned to the bed and now she is back to sleeping with me. It took a long time though, almost 9 months
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Well that is good to know that i am going to get him back just to lose him after the baby is born. LOL. Jon and i are tring to get him use to the idea of the baby before we bring the baby home.

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It will take a while for the hormones to subside, but I think that could at least partially explain his behavior.
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