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Aww, that went quick! Sounds like she is doing well! 😊
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Wow, amazing experience but I'm exhausted! I can't imagine how Cali feels! We have 4 babies! 2 orange, 2 black torties! All look good sized, nursing . She's being a good momma. Hope to weigh and send pics!
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3 of the 4....
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So cute! Congrats to the new mama cat! Glad they all seem healthy!
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Everyone appears to be nursing well. They don't appear to have stopped....I want to be sure they're getting milk and check weights. How do you do this? Cali seems fine with us checking on them but I don't want to weigh them and upset her.
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Weigh them in front of her. Be quick about it using a kitchen scale that weighs in grams. Write it down. Weigh at the same time each day.
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Ok thanks. I did get a kitchen scale from Walmart that weighs in grams. Trying to find a way to tell the 2 orange and 2 torties apart!
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Try putting a bit of nail polish on the tip of one tortie tail and one orange tail. That should help.
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Well I wont be getting weights tonight. Cali didn't care for me removing the kitten even for a few seconds where she could see! I don't know about this scale...I said 142g! The kits do look good size. Our question is she is very needy and wants my daughter to sit right by her 24/7(she's 15 and is feeling sleep deprived right now!)Cali is in her closet, door open, but if my daughter just lays on her bed, Cali starts mewing and wants her right there. Is that unusual?
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Be sure the scale is on a flat surface (not carpet) when you do weigh them.

Cali is feeling needy. She's probably overwhelmed. Many new moms are, but they usually settle down in a couple of days. Hormones are in high gear right now. Tell your daughter to go to bed and let Cali meow. She'll stop when she realizes your daughter is asleep.
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Thank you sarthur! I tried to tell her that . So grateful for the wealth of information here. I was able to get a few wts. The orange boys are Botha whopping 120g and the black (girls?) Are about 105
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Omg sorry to be so "needy" myself but Cali was with her kittens, tending to them, nursing well. Then she went downstairs....I was ok with that ...It had been 10 hrs.... Well now she just wants to lay with my daughter and won't lay with kittens? Help!
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May have answered my delimma: Since she's been sleeping solely with daughter the last week in case something happened, I guess that was comforting. Once I moved her nest there, she was content and nursing kittens so far ,so good. Crisis averted hopefully!
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It's good she's nursing her kittens again, even if it's in bed with your daughter. It's not you but your cat, who is needy! 😊
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Well I didn't post because it for late but that lasted all of 5 min and she didn't like it. Moved the box back to closet and she was better. I hope her nerves get in check. She seems more at ease today. Looks like 3 boys and littlest one is a girl (one that looks like her) she's 118 g!
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Sounds like all is well now. 👍
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Caught this precious moment yesterday
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All is going well with Cali and her clan. I find it interesting that the kittens came out largest to smallest and they kind of 'hang out' like that too. Orange boys are usually together, then the black boy and girl are together. I'm watching the littlest one closely tho. (Her nickname is monkey face bc she has these white eyebrows). She is smaller so I make sure to get her wt. She has gained 6gms first day and 5 gms 2nd day. She works hard tho. And is frantically nursing....
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The smallest one may benefit from supplementing a couple times a day.
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They are so precious! Congrats on this sweet little family!

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Cali's kittens are thriving. Starting to see some purrsonalities showing lol the littlest one is now keeping up with her brothers and we didn't have to supplement. My concern is that we are leaving for vacation for a week and my older son is going to stay here. The kittens will be a week on Sat. Assuming they will open eyes on the next few days. I read someone here mention that their kittens tries to follow the mama....Should I worry about this? My son won't be here round the clock but a majority of the time. I've typed out specific instructions for him about Cali but hate having to leave them anyway! TIA!
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2 days ago. We're so in love![IMG][IMG]
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At a week old they will not be following mom. They need to remain in a nest they cannot get out of for the first 3 weeks. It can be large enough for them to move around in, but they should not be able to get out. Mom should be able to get in and out though.

Enjoy your vacation! 😊
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Thank you sarthur! I feel better knowing that and I may make a new nesting box with slightly higher sides just in case.
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Sounds good! 👍
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I see you're in Florida... We're heading to Clearwater area on Sat!
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Ah! I'm in St. Petersburg. You'll be in my county. Are you staying at the beach? We are expecting good weather next week - 80's.
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Yes! Very close to you. Indian Rocks Beach. We have a little cottage. First time staying in one.We love the gulf side! Any suggestions, please pass along? Thanks!
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