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My attack cat was attacked! Rambling sry!

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OMG Bast was attacked last night. By another cat that wanted to have his way with her. But she wouldn't give it up. And she got her bottom torn up. I had to take her to the all night vets office. She has bite mark all over her back, and lower butt area. she even has marks on her rectum! They gave me an antibiotic. Ugh I found her laying on the front walkway, and usually she runs right in when I open the door. But this time I had to pick her up. And I noticed that her bottom was sore. I thought she was just coming into heat again. But I noticed that there was this smell. and this sticky stuff coming out of her bottom. So I tried to look and she was rowling and spitting. I had to wrap her in a towel to check. When I did there was this brown cottage cheese looking stuff with blood coming from her rectum. It smelled sooooooo bad. I took her. And when they gassed her they would not let me in, of course. but I got all upset and and went out side for a smoke, and I very nice girl that had brought her dog in, came out side to give me a hug! Some people are just so sweet! Anyway, once they shaved her (lol) and looked at her back, the vet thought it was only going to be one or two bite marks. But her entire lower back was covered with bite wounds. And they are all very deep.

She ate a small amouont this morn, and has not moved from her bed all day... poor thing!
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I am so sorry to hear that Bast got attacked outside!! I would recommend you get her spayed ASAP after she recovers from this.

Also, I STRONGLY encourage you to keep her INSIDE.. DON'T let her out because many bad things can happen to her- car hitting her, cat fights passing diseases such as FELV and FIV on, people hurting/torturing cats... PLEASE consider keeping her as an INSIDE cat. I'm begging you..

I feel so sick to think about her suffering with all the bites!! I will be sending her "get well" vibes. After she recovers, also have her checked for FELV and FEV (diseases). If she does test POSITIVE for any of these, remember that she can still have a good long life IF you keep her inside and take care of her healthwise..

PLEASE keep us posted regarding her..
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I do try to kep her in. But she darts for that door as soon as you open it lol. I know I am going to get her fixed ASAP.
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I understand how hard it is to keep cats inside when they want out. I have found some useful tips regarding how to keep cats inside. Here they are- I'm sure others will add more later on.

Keep an empty soda can filled with a few coins or rocks near the door (I kept one in my bag so whenever I was entering/departuring, I could just pull it out) and as you enter, shake the can. Most cats doesn't like the noise made.

Another way is as you open the door, block the opening with your body, purse or bag preventing the cats from getting out.

Always check before opening the door to make sure the cats aren't anywhere near the door and could escape outside.

Another idea is to build a cat enclosure where she can go outside but still be SAFE- other cats/dogs cannot get in... Check this link out.

HOPE this helps..
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Good posts, Pamela. I agree completely
I hope your kitty gets better soon.
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Poor Bast!! I'm sending healing vibes her way!
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Originally posted by White Dragon
Anyway, once they shaved her (lol) and looked at her back, the vet thought it was only going to be one or two bite marks. But her entire lower back was covered with bite wounds. And they are all very deep.
I dont think this is very funny. Your poor cat is probably in so much pain and here you are laughing about it. Please try to keep her indoors. My cats dart for the door too but I am extra cautious coming in and out to make sure they dont get out. I have even put helium balloons in the hallway to scare the crap out of them so they learn not to go out the door.
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Poor baby That is an awful thing to have happened. I agree with keeping the cat inside, there are so many bad things out there. I wish Bast a quick recovery. Take good care of her and let us know how she does.
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Ooooo noooo, I would never laugh at someone or something that was hurting. I was laughing b/c she looks a bit odd shaved thats all.
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It is better if you could keep your cat insite . One of my outside cats just got poision a few weeks ago and let me tell you that it is heart breaking to loose a cat that way .
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Oh My Goddess.I am so sorry to hear that!

What happend? Where did she get it from?
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I don't know who give it to him and what really happend . We just found him laying in the bushes hiding and in pain . Went to the vet and all they could do is to pts him , it was to late .
You can see him in my sigi , it is Elisha .
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Awwww I am soooo sorry!

he was a love!

The same thing happend to my goose...
I came home and he was on the back deck, looking all sad, I rushed him into the emerg vets but they couldnt do anything...
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I am so sorry about your goose ((((HUGS))))
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Thank you. (hugs)
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How is Bast doing? Is she eating more? Moving around more?
Did the vet give u some medience to help with the pain and healing? HOPE she's getting better.
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Please, please, have her spayed as soon as she recuperates from this terrible attack.
Usually, when I come into my house, I blocked the door with my purse and sometimes carry a shopping bag with me (one of those plastic ones) and make noise with it. My Kirim hates them, but if you have her spayed and keep her inside, sonner or later, she will get used to it.
My best to Bast.
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I hope Bast gets well soon, poor thing.

My cat used to kinda try to get out, and I did what the other posters suggested. Also, just before you leave you could throw some treats or her favorite toy away from the door. And when I come home, I also put my bag in front of me and bend down a little and close the door real fast! She hasn't tried to get out in a very long time.

Please try these things and keep her inside and get her spayed. That might settle her down a bit.

I once fed a stray for a while and decided I wanted to keep him. I borrowed a trap, but he stopped coming for food. The store gave me a hard time, so I returned the trap. Of course he came back that evening, and had something terribly wrong with his leg. After too long a time he showed up again and I caught him. His leg was so infected, into the bone, and he tested positive for FeLV, possibly from the big bite wound. So unfair and cruel for such a sweet boy who used to be a housecat. It's just so dangerous out there.

Jill and Candy
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She seemed to be getting better. But today, When I was cleaning her wounds, I found this huge hole about 1 inch in Dia. And it was just festering. Smelled to high heaven of putrid flesh.
The skin from in side the hole was coming of in strips. Staff infection I think.I cleaned it out as best as I could. I cleaned it again earlier tonight, and found that the hole does not go just straight down, it seems to go under and to the sides as well, and it is wvery deep. I have a vet appt. for tom. at 4, but I will not take the chance. I am going to call as soon as they open and demand that they see her sooner, like right hen and there. I am sure they will. They had better.....

I do not think that they will have to amputate her tail, she still has feeling. But I garuntee that they will knock her out and dig all the infection out, shove medicated cotton in and wrap it. I would not be surprised if want to keep her over night on I.v. I will do anything it takes to get her the help she needs.....
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Hmmm, first of all, let me say I hope you poor baby gets better. Now, lets also hope that you keep your cat inside, but if that is not possible, SPAY her please!! I hope your girl does get better, because what you have stated in your post, does not sound good. You said she has a brownish fowl smelling sticky substance coming out from her behind? Well, she may have a pyometra. A pyometra is a very serious and can be fatal, infection of the uterus. There are 2 forms, an open pyometra and a closed pyometra. With an open pyometra, your cat has some time, because the fluid is draining out. With a closed pyometra, your cat will die if she is not spayed, because the fluid does not drain out and the uterus will rupture, spilling the bacterial toxins inside. By then, no antibiotic will help. Spaying will end all chances of your cat getting a pyometra.
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Amber thank you.

The brown stuff was coming out of her rectum. And that has stoped.

I took her to the vbts first thing this morn. And the vet just lifeted her tail and took a quick look. He said it was very bad. And he was glad that I brought her in so fast. I told him there was no way i was going to wait untill 4 pm to bring her iin.

I had to leave her tthere. The vet is very nice. He asked me each time if it was Ok if he could lift her by the scruff, and for anything else he would do.

I feel alot better not that she is there.

They are going to knock her out, aww stoned ki ki.
And he said they will "grind it out" urkkk.....

Ugh the bill comes to 215.0, and the bill from the emerg vets was 188.00.....

But I know that she needs the care.
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I am so sorry to hear that one of her wounds have become infected!! Glad you have taken her to the vet immediately to have it taken care of..

Maybe you can have the vet double check regarding the pyometra ? JUST TO BE SAFE??
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they are going to do a full check of everything.
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WONDERFUL! I will be sending her "get well" vibes.. Hang in there Bast and YOU!
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Thank you!

I have been under alllllot of stress the past five days. (since she was attacked).

And I feel alot better knowing that she is with the vets and they can take good care of her.
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Oh, I can imagine! If it was me, I'd be a NERVOUS WRECK, worrying myself to death and bawling my eyes out!! I'd be driving the vets crazy with my calls too for updates. Grin.

(That's what I did with one of my old cats when I had to take her in and had to leave her for a week there due to her having CRF. I called everyday in the morning and afternoon AND also stopped by on a daily basis to check on Sunniday before I finally could bring her back home. I could tell sometimes the vets were a bit put out with me. However, they understood because she was my baby!)

Hang in there. PLS keep us posted.
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Sorry to hear the wounds are infected. Cat bites are notorious for causing abcesses and infections. I hope Bast gets better real soon!
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Well I just heard from the vet...

The infection is worse than even he thought.
He said he has never seen anything as bad from a cat bite...

The infection has spreadal the way to the tp of her tail and towards her back.

As of today she has a 50/50 chance of living...
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OH MY HEAVENS!!! It's scary how fast infection can spread! ACK.. What will the vet do to try to help her survive this?? Will he be doing surgery on her? Give her STRONG antibiotics? What? I'll be praying for u and Bast.. This must be so scary and heartrending for u.. PLS keep us posted...
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Well I just called the vets. She is doing much better this morning! She is up and walking around and eating!

Thank you guys for all your help!

The woman that answered the phone scared me though. Shs asked my name and I gave it. And she was like. "Oh... Sarah.. can you hold on a min?"

And she sounded very hesitant to answer my question if Bast was doing better. The vet got on the phone and at first he sounded put off.....

I was like "DId Bast die"?

He laughed and told me she was doing much better. She has to stay longer of course. But oooooooo I am soooo happy!

I was so worried that before the vet even got on the phone I was almost in tears!

I know when I go see her later that I will cry, but this time it will be from being happy! YAY! YAY! YAY!
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