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here are 2 new kitties. born on 27/2/04. as you can see originaly there were 3 but we lost one. they are new to the world.
in the photos they are a day old. hope you enjoy.

an hour old

our little girl

our little boy

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Hi mila, they are absolutely gorgeous babies.

Do you plan to get mumcat spayed once the kittens are weaned? She will be healthier and happier that way.
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what precious pictures!! I love them! I can't believe how small they were!
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Oh! what sweet little babies!!! I really miss my girls' kittens,
but I know in my heart, that it is better for them now that they are both spayed!
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lol persia, I was actually thinking how big they looked.
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Hi mila,

The kittens are so precious, and mommy cat is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Jill and Candy
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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...they are all so gorgeous! Such sweet babies. I especially love the third pic, the one of Mum showing her lovely belly.
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those kittens are beautiful, and so is the mommy big blue eyes!!!! good luck!!
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Very cute kittens! And a beautiful mama cat too.
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Aw so cute. I love them. Too bad about the third one.

Mommy kitty looks like the proud mommy.

P.S. Love that little orange one
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Awww, I love those kittens!!!
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thank you everyone. yes we are planing to get her spayed. a year ago she had a misscarige (hope i'm spelling this right?) and the next time she didn't get preg so we thought she never will. that's why we didn't do it sooner.

here are some more recent photos

mommy & me

i wonder what color their eye will be?

mommy and me love to paws for pictures...

here is the kittens babysitter - when mom is away she will watch over them.
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Oh you're such a fine photographer and the kittens are BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see more of them!
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Cuteness overload
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Awww they are precious
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Awww. They are so precious.
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They are too lovely for words!!! Soooooooooo sweet. And lovely pics.
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Awwww bless their little hearts!. I love them all, including proud mummy!!.
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Thank you for sharing your kitty photos..... they are so precious...
I just love them...... :flash:
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OMG they are SO gorgeous!!!! Can't wait to see some more pics!!
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