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Wierd Cat!

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My cat is 1 year old and is pure black with green eyes, hes evil too, its not just superstition! My cat will wander around the house just meowing, even if he is with his littermates. Hes a lap cat, but only comes for attention when wants to. he does this all day long, and does it when i let him outside also, the cat is always so vocal. whats up with him. also, how can i correct his attitude when i try to move him off the recliner while hes sleeping, he'll wake up and meow loudly or even snap at me. otherwise, he always comes around and rubs his nose at me or headbuts me, and is a very loving cat.
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Is he not allowed on the recliner or do you just want him to move so you can sit down? Maybe he is startled when you wake him by picking him up and his first thought is to protect himself so he snaps without thinking about it first. When my cats bite or snap at me, I leave my hand where it is and gently say "be nice" until they let go then I let them have their space. I don't know about the meowing since mine only do that when I have offended them in some way. Some cats are just talkers.
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I certainly do not see an "evil" cat in your description. Instead, I see someone who perhaps does not understand the ways of their cat and may get frustrated because the cat does not respond in an appropriate manner like you want him to. You need to realize that some cats simply do not like to be held on your terms, instead, they go to laps when they feel like it, and they jump off when they are finished with their affection time. Perhaps when you tried to remove this cat from your recliner, you inadvertently hurt him, and cats remember that. Sometimes humans do not understand their own strength, so when you go to remove him, he lashes out at you to protect himself. You could have hurt him without even knowing it, for cats hide pain quite effeciently. If he is a Siamese or a mix, he will be vocal, that is just the way of the breed. He just sounds like an ordinary cat to me, that likes to talk. I have one of those here, and if you know he is healthy and his alerts are not of a medical nature, when he is noisy just ignore him, and the minute he is quiet, gently pet and praise him. He will get the message soon enough.
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hes just an ordinary housecat, but the praise for being quiet does sound good, thank you for the advice
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Originally posted by kurokitty
when i try to move him off the recliner while hes sleeping, he'll wake up and meow loudly or even snap at me.
My cat Snowball is always very gentle and affectionate, but if he's sleeping somewhere and someone suddenly grabs him and tries to pick him up so they can move him, he gets defensive and tries to bite. Snowball has never been inadvertently injured this way, he just doesn't like being suddenly disturbed.

This is what I do: When I want Snowball to move to a different sleeping spot, I go to wherever he happens to be and call his name and encourage him to come to me. This works much better because Snowball is moving on his own and is doing it because he wants to.
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@ that pic
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I'd snap if anyone disturbed my slumber.

Awwwww he's not evil at all. My Rosie can be very vocal, but i love it, i say it's one of her many ways of comminicating with me.

She can be a lap cat, but only on her terms!.

Theres a saying that goes 'We don't own cats, they own us!', and i know mine does!.
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Now, Willow is the definition of evil! Well, not really, but she's really territorial and hates humans unless they ignore her, and then she'll come over and ask for attention. But if you're the one making the first move, there will be heck to pay.

Grizzly, a cat I had for 8 years who disappeared in 2001, was a talker too. He had a squeaky voice (which earned him the nickname of Squeaky) and he always meowed. If he wanted outside, he meowed. If he wanted food, he meowed. If he wanted attention, he meowed. If you just looked at him, he meowed. lol, he was a great guy, and so loving.

Strange, I also have lots of pictures of him in mid-meow... lmao!
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Maybe instead of walking over and immediately picking your kitty up to move him you could pet his head for a second to wake him up a little before moving him. This way he would wake up a little and be aware of what is going on. He may just be really comfortable in your seat and when you move him he is in a deep sleep and becomes disoriented from the suddenly being relocated. (If someone picked me up in my sleep I probably try to knock them out!)

As far as being vocal, my cat is very noisy. She meows all the time as though she is having conversations with me. I think it's really cute. I even talk back to her half the time. We also seem to have a game going, if I am busy with something and haven't played with her for a while she will go somewhere in the apartment and meow non stop until I get up to find her. As soon as she sees me she runs to another room and hides and meows and then we do it all over again. I guess she is playing hide and seek. All this to say I think your kitty is just being himself and enjoys talking to you. (It's not really much different from having a person friend who talks to much!)
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when I pick up one of the cats, I always pet them first until at least one eye opens. Then I pick them up before they're fully awake (when they're fully awake, they kick me, since they don't want to leave yet). Then I just hold them up, and they stretch. Willow curls her back feet up and its so cute! Buffy stretches them out like a human would, and thats cute too! Then I carry them to another couch, or I bring them upstairs. Sleepy cats are so awesome! lmao
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My Newman is a talker too!!!! I mean this cat never shuts up...But I enjoy it . You can talk to him and he always has a comment...lol Cosmo on the other hand doesn't say much....but he gives lots of love. And if you try to move him when he is sleeping or resting he has snaped at me to tell me to back off!! Cats are like people moods and all...lol
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Your cat does not sound evil, there is no such thing, not even with black cats. Actually, I love when cats talk like that. I was at the shelter a few days ago and there was a black kitten in there that would just yell at you when you came near the cage. The workers told me he just wants to be held and loved, he was adorable. I need to ask, is your cat neutered If not, he will walk around meowing like that looking for a mate.
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