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Night singing

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I am trying to find out if something is wrong with that cat! So, she has this green glove with hearts on it that she only plays with when we're sleep and she will pick it up and carry it to whereever she will be sleeping for the night. However, before carrying it around, she sings to its - well I call it singing she sits a meows with it for at least 5 minutes and its REALLY loud. At first we thought she was hurt so we looked out in the hallway and she just looked at us like it was normal?! Does anyone else's cat have midnight meowing concerts?
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Yep, Tazzy girl does this with a small section of plumbing pipe she seems to be attached to. She also will not let any of the other cats near it, and sleeps with it as well. I just figure she is talking to it because she likes it so much-
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Luna does this with those small soft balls you buy at the pet store.
She hates the other cats playing with her "babies" as we call them. She will take them and hide them in the basement and at night will carry one up crying like she is lost and wants someone to come and get her, but that isn't the case, she is just singing(as you put it) to her ball. Isis will do it also with the balls, but not as much. Luna is almost every night. Isis is about once a month. The boys never do it, I wonder if it's a female trait only?
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Glad to see my cat is the only one. Though I wish she wouldn't sing at night, it messes up my sleep/
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You'll learn to call to her in your sleep. I've done it many times only to be awakened by a cat crawling on me for pettings. LOL!
It's a gift really! LOL! I can pet my cats while asleep also. My s/o says he's seen me sleeping while petting the cats, pretty strange if you ask me ! hahahaha!
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Sierra loves to sing in the middle of the night at the highest possible volume! I do so love being serenaded! She also has running spells where she streaks from one end of the house to the other, up on the bed, over my head and back to the other end of the house! She has one toy in particular that is rather noisy that she loves to play with right next to the bed!
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My friend's cat has a whole "litter" of beanie babies that she takes to bed with her every night. She takes them upstairs one by one when she's ready to go to sleep and spends a good 15 minutes talking to them.
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