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Does this make me a bad mom?

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I have one DLH kitty, he is 3yrs old and I am crazy about him. But he is very independant; only wants to be pet on his terms, doesn't like to be picked up. But he does enjoy cuddling at night.

AFter going to a cat show yesterday I have decided I want to add a Cornish Rex to our family. They seem so loving and cuddly and like to be with their people.

I don't know why I feel guilty, I feel like a bad mom. I love my cat JJ, I'm not replacing him. I'm hoping he would enjoy getting a sister or brother. I've never had more than one cat, JJ is the king of the house. I'm afraid he'll think I don't love him anymore! Isn't that silly?! Has anyone else gone through this when getting more kitties? I am inexperienced as you can see.
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If you do the introductions gradually and let the two cats know each other before putting them together, it should be fine. Although not social with you, your cat was probably not exposed to humans as a young kitten, your purebred kitten will probably be just the opposite if the breeder is conscienctious about her breeding program. You just want to be careful that you give your resident cat the attention first, feed JJ first (just minutes) before putting the other cat's bowl down. If you don't have a tall sturdy cat condo, I suggest you invest in one, as many a cat battle for domainance has been solved by who gets to the top first- like King of the Mountain a game I used to play when I was little.

There is an article about introducing cats, but bear in mind that I wrote in based on my experience with ferals and strays, and a lot may not apply to your situation.

I'd like you to meet..."
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That is a really helpful article. I like your suggestion about the blankets, what a great idea!

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I don't think it's bad to want a car who is a lovey, cuddly lap cat. I have one of those and one of the 'other'. Joey hates being picked up or cuddled. But I still love him to pieces....on his terms.
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Well,generaly the older one that was there first will be a tad jeleouse,but im prety sure there LOVE eachother Good luck!plus,BTW,Make sure to not ignore the older one or the kiten!youl have to understand the kiten needs the extra atention tho to.Keep us posted!
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I don't think it is bad to want a cuddly lap cat either. I have one cuddly cat named Berkley. If it weren't for her being a lap cat I would miss out on some of the best "cat times". I love all of my cats the same but she just adds one extra level of loving that I don't have with the rest. Coco is coming around though, she is slowly becoming a lap cat. I think she is learning from Berkley. Maybe you will find that JJ will learn to cuddle more from your new kitty.

Good luck and make sure you spend alot of time choosing your new cat so that you pick the very best one for your family
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I had a similar situation with dogs. I wanted a dog who was smart and trainable (these are totally different things) and would just basically go along with whatever I wanted to do, yet was also very energetic (I'm weird, I know). At one point, I was looking as Australian shepherds, and aparently I told my mom. I eventually decided against them, strangely only because of the fur, I wanted to walk the dog in the fields without having to brush the stickers out every time). I decided on a Lab, just a plain old black lab, probably from a shelter. Then my parents came home one day and plopped a puppy in my lap, Gypsy. They got her from a pet store (I know for a fact they never get puppy mill puppies in there). She was sold to them as a pure bred australian shepherd. Of course, I was in love with her, she was wonderful. She's 4 now. She's smart, and trainable, goes wherever I go, and is energetic. She's also not purebred, she's mixed with border collie. She's possessive, high strung, neurotic, obsessive, stubborn, etc. She's wonderful and I love her to death, but she takes things so seriously. She can be fun loving, but only if there is nothing to gaurd, no loud noises, no weird people. She's not cuddly, not real affectionate at all, and I hate that, I like dogs you can smother to death with hugs. Then last august, I met my doggie equivilent of a soul mate, Leah. She's border collie and kelpie. She is fun, trainable, smart, energetic, puts up with Gypsy, and absolutely LOVES affection. She comes up to me, just whenever, for no reason at all, and climbs into my lap and just snuggles. She's SO sweet! I just adore her! She's exactly what I wanted when I was first looking. Gypsy will always be my baby, but I'm so glad I got Leah.
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Rosie is a lap cat, but like yours, it's on her terms!!.

I've thought i don't know how many times myself on getting another, but always talk myself out of it!!.

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