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*catches ice-cream* Thanks Mags! I needed that. Mud Crab! Eeeeew! Guess I'll have to start enjoying the local food.

Ouch! Guess I'll have to get my shots.

Thanks for that Ginger, I hope they catch us some good ones! I can't wait to sing that song, it has such beautiful lyrics.


this is such a fun trip guys!
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Glad you and Katy could make it through all that snow! You guys should sit near the fire tonight and warm your toes

Just go barefoot in the sand! You can save your heels for the days that we dress up and go out on the town. Maybe we will end up in Honalulu

Sasha and Acorn are back from fishing and they caught alot of fresh fish for the party, but no Mud Crab (thank goodness). Let's get cooking, all of the cats are starting to drool!
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No mud crab, for the moment. How about ant soufle?

I am sitting under a coconut tree while I am hurrying... err, helping people with the BBQ.
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Woah our kitties did good, we have quite the feast prepared. Tuck in everyone!

(Asian food, I know but still looks good! )

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I'm loving all this food! And the cats seem quite interested as well.

Thank you, one and all, for contributing to this amazing feast!

Well, first thing in the morning we're leaving for a bit of a scientific detour. It's a slight departure from our original plan, but it's still in the Orient.

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What a fun day of scuba diving around the plane wreck! The food was yummy tonight, what a great buffet we set up! I really enjoyed the singing and hula dancing around the camp fire I am tired so I am going to retire to my hammock in the palm trees (far away from those ancient burial grounds-SPOOKY!).

Goodnight everyone, goodnight to all of the kitties: Tulip, Mischa, Fat Katy, Dirt, Gus, Acorn, Sasha, Jin, Spawn, Snowball, Willow, Blade, Chewy, Mittens, Toes, Tailer, Trent, Opie, Pixie, (goodnight Guinea Pigs, and Britany Spears too)!
See ya'll tomorrow at our newest destination, can't wait to find out where we go next!!!

***I sing myself and Sasha to sleep...

Aloha `oe, aloha `oe
E ke onaona noho i ka lipo
One fond embrace,
A ho`i a`e au
Until we meet again
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Hey guys!
I am still here. I have enjoyed everything but so wrapped up in seeing it all and eating it all that I haven't had time to write.

Did someone sneak my Mars T-shirt out of my things???? I want it back. Don't mind u borrowing but....

I don't like fish but this other stuff (???) is sure good. Sam if you run out of Coke, I have plenty of PEPSI!

Hey Mags, can I have some ice cream also? Something I just ate was a little warm, need to cool of the innards.

Anybody got any sunburn relief stuff? I forgot to put on my sunblock.

Ok Mr Kat, I am ready for the science adventure. The kids and I can't wait.

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Volunteers wanted for dangerous assignment!

We have been asked by a team of volcanologists to assist in placing measuring devices near and on a volcano. None of our party are required to accept this voluntary assignment.

Be aware this project involves risk! Nevertheless, those of you who volunteer will be furthering the cause of science in developing better warning methodologies and hence saving lives.

This assignment will last approximately two days. Those who do not wish to participate are welcome to stay here until we return.

Those of us taking part in the project will be leaving shortly for Indonesia, specifically to a group of small islands in the Sunda Strait between Sumatra and Java. This old map shows the general area:

Here is a more recent view:

Satellite imagery provides us with this view:

And here is a photographic image of the islands themselves:

In the spirit of full disclosure, we wish to make you aware of events which took place in this area in 1883:

20th May 1883
A column of ash and steam rose 11 kilometers into the sky from Perboewatan (northmost crater on old Krakatau Island). Ash fell in southern Sumatra.

27th May
Sightseers visited the island and saw explosions every five or ten minutes.

Mid June
The top of Perboewatan was blown off in an eruption.

Mid July
Pumice was discovered floating in the Sunda Strait.

11th August
A government surveyer set foot on the volcano. The volcano was shrouded in ash and the rich forests were burnt.

26th August 12:53 pm
The main eruption began with a huge explosion which was heard 155 kilometers away in Batavia. An ash column rose 36 kilometers high in four hours. In the afternoon and evening the explosions became louder and more distinct throughout western Java.

27th August
Powerful explosions recorded at 6:36 a.m., 9:58 a.m., 10:45 a.m. In Batavia the temperature was 18 degrees Celsius rather than the usual 27 degrees Celsius. During the morning 30-meter-high tsunamis hit the coasts of Java and Sumatra, killing 36,000 people. These were the most devastating effects of the eruption. At 12:30 p.m. a 2-meter-high tsunami hit Batavia.

Effects of the eruption
The explosions were heard 4,653 kilometers away on the island of Rodrigez in the Indian Ocean. A 2-meter-high wave was recorded in Auckland, 7,767 kilometers away. A bank of pumice floated to Durban, South Africa, by September 1884--more than a year after the eruption. Volcanic dust and gases reached the stratosphere and circled the world in two weeks. Beautiful sunsets were visible around the world. The old island of Krakatau was destroyed. The former volcanic cones of Perboewatan and Danan fell into a hole in the crust which flooded with sea water. Only the southern part of Rakata remained. Two-thirds of the original island was destroyed. Two temporary islands were formed from pumice: Steers and Calmejer. They were eventually eroded by the waves.

Total fatalities 36,417

Causes of death:
Tsunamis: 32,000
Nuée ardentes: 4,400
(A glowing cloud or nuée ardente is a gas-generated eruptive phenomenon consisting of two parts: a glowing avalanche [lower denser part]; and a lighter fraction of volcanic gases, ash and dust which cauliflower upwards. A nuée ardente consists of two parts whereas a pyroclastic flow only relates to the lower glowing avalanche.)

Deaths according to area:
Ketimbang (Sumatra) 8,038
Teloeq Betoeng (Sumatra) 2,260
Semangka (Sumatra) 2,160
Tjiringin (Java) 12,022
Anjer (Java) 7,610
Tangerang (Java) 2,340
Serang (Java) 1,933

165 villages were totally destroyed and another 132 damaged.

Anyway, here we go:

We'll be back tomorrow (through the miracle of cyber-space make-believe) and then it's off to New Zealand for, well, as long as we like!

Here are scenes of our brave volunteers in action:

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Ah! The famous Krakatoa eruption where an entire island simply said bye-bye. One of the largest eruptions on record, and shockwaves of it were measured as far away as S. Africa. Count me in!
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OOOhhhhhhh. Sorry, I thinks the kids and I will stay here and soak up some more sun and take some pictures.

Waiting impatiently to go to New Zealand

Good luck all you volunteers.
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Oooo looks a bit dangerous to me! dont think I could carry Katy that far and I dread to think what Dirt might find! So count us out I'm afraid and we will just sit under the shade and finish off the last of the feast (well Katy will) and generally laze about until you come back with tales of daring do.
Good luck to one and all.
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I will go on the mission! Sounds like a great adventure I wonder if we can bring back some lava rocks for the others as souveniers??
Sasha is going to stay behind and go swimming.
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All right, folks, our party of fearless (or foolhardy) volunteers is returning to Guadalcanal after completing its mission at Krakatau. Here's a look at one of the small islands there:

Isn't it cute? Anyway, we've been worried about you folks in the Solomon Islands ever since we came across this vintage postage stamp:

No fear, mates! We'll be leaving for New Zealand shortly. A fellow we encountered, who claims he knows something about New Zealand, is going to be our guide there:

So, it's time for any Kiwis on the trip to step up and make suggestions as to where we should go upon arriving in New Zealand. Our guide, Pete I think he said, promised to show us around.

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Pete looks like a very well stood and elegant person! And with the latest hairstyles! Let's also take into account that one of our travelers is from NZ. Sam, what do you know of a place called New Zealand? Ever heard of it?

Anyway, it seems to me that we are going to be pretty safe in New Zealand.
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Yay New Zealand! Maybe we can go visit the hobbits from Lord of the Rings! And Sam's (Wellington Cat's) house of course
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Yeah, it looks like folks just aren't into this particular road trip. Maybe the old Road Trip Gang is gone? I appreciate those few of you who've stuck with the thread, but I'm going to take a break from it for now.

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Well, since we are all stranded in Salomon Islands, I will stay here a while. Waiting for a ship to pass by.

Don't leave the forum! We would miss you a LOT!
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I'll stick around. Maybe others will drift by and decide to come play? Meanwhile I think I'll retire to the nearest hammock, read an improving book and check out the surfer chicks.

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Phew glas your not leaving us stranded out here - still look what I found to pass the time. Now all we need is something to play it on!
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Here you go, tulip2454, play that disk on this machine:

It's survived on this island out here for nearly 100 years! Crank it up and let's listen.

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Yahooooooooooooo. and guess what track 2 is!!!!!!!!!!
Peter Paul and Mary - Puff the Magic Dragon.
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Oh dear, inticed by the soft music and the last of the feast (the tacky stuff that Katy left behind) these strange creatures have emerged from the undergrowth.
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They want to dance! And dance we will. They are nice folks, and with very refined food tastes (They seem to like my Puerto Rican cooking).

Taking into account that we will stay indefinitely here, I decided to make some lodging arrangements. I found this little hut atop a small mountain surrounded by tropical forests.

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We're leaving! Next port of call: Somewhere in New Zealand.

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I'm sorry, Victor, but I didn't know you were making those arrangements. Well, we can stick around for a while longer! After all, it's not often we get to make friends with strange little creatures.

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Yep, we ought to stay a while longer, and after we leave I will keep the little hideaway so we can use it in the future. If you wish, at the end of our trip, we can go back to the Guadalcanal mansion for a little finishing coctail. Those little creatures, gnomes they call themselves, have agreed to take care of the place when we ain't there.

But, for the moment I got some food and drinks. Enjoy.

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Joe glad you're staying us, we would be lost with you that's for sure.

I quickly caught the next plane to NZ so that I could clean the house( ) before you guys come, you can come by ship and I'll meet you in Wellington, and then I can give you a good of tour of wellington(where the LOTR movies were shown etc etc) it will be so much fun and I'm so glad you guys are stopping off here, actually I might leave Acorn here she's getting into lots of trouble, stealing good and destroying toilet paper. We must also take a visit to the Lone Star restuarant some of the best food I've ever had here and then we can camp out at Elson Motor Lodge. Oh Boy!

Here are some photos of what awaits you.

Isn't our capital beautiful??

Feel free to check out this link to learn more about our beautiful city. If Kellye's lurking on this trip maybe she can tell you a bit about Christchurch, Oooh and we must take a visit to Wellington Zoo.

Can ya tell I'm excited?! LOL.
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Victor, thanks for all the food and drink! Indeed, that's a nice little bungalow you've got on Guadalcanal; and I think it's a good idea, as you suggested, for us to come back here on the return leg of our journey.

No fear, tulip2454, we're heading for New Zealand. Thank you, WellingtonCats, for extending to us the hospitality of your city. From those photographs you posted--and from what I could glean via the web-site link you provided--I agree it is indeed a beautiful place! And as you suggest, when we arrive at Wellington we'll try to locate Kellye so she can assist us whilst we're in Kiwi territory.

I anticipate we'll arrive at Wellington within the next several hours. So everybody can rest a bit and recover from all the partying and sightseeing we did whilst in the Solomon Islands--not to mention that scientific diversion to Krakatau.

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Oh good, see you guys soon. I also thought we could take a trip to Te Papa, the biggest mueseum in the southern hempisphere, it's really beautiful. http://www.tepapa.govt.nz/

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let me up that gang plank and out of here - those 'nice little creatures' now filled with food and drink (at our expense I might add)have started to eye up my fat Katy as lunch!
New Zealand here we come! Looking forward to the visit to Te Papa, awesome, could get lost in there for days. Dirts looking forward to seeing the dinasours from China. Unfortunately he got a taste for bones when we visited that burial site so I'd better keep my eye on him
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