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I'm scared! My cat is getting her teeth cleaned Friday!

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Have any of you had this done with your cats?? How did it go?

My cat is 11 years old..almost 12...
She's in good health, but her teeth do need cleaning.
The vet's office told me that they will need to put her under anesthesia for this, and that it's a "surgery".
That part scares me...I'm terrified of her being put under, but I also don't want her mouth to decay!

Please tell me it'll be alright!

And please, if you have any horror stories, don't tell me!

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You should do it. I had a cat who was 12 when he had his teeth cleaned. It just took him a little longer to come out of anesthesia, but he was fine. There's so many lifelong complications that can arise from not doing this, that it's really less threatening than it seems. One thing that some vets offer is a blood test prior to the cleaning to see if the kitty will withstand the anesthesia. Please check that out first!
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K. I've seen cats get their teeth done like this on loads of animal programmes, and they've come through just fine.

She will feel a lot better after she's had it done as well.

Voice your concerns with your vet as well to put your mind at rest.

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I just had my 11 yr-old cat's teeth cleaned yesterday. It took her awhile to come out of the anesthetic fully, but she is back to normal now. Please make sure you monitor her when she comes home and don't let her near any stairs for a little while. Other than that, things should go smoothly.
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I do not have any experience with your situation (my Kitty is just a year old). But I was a wreck when she went in to get spayed, just because she had to go under for it so I know how you feel. I am sure everything will be fine, and I agree with Rosie she will feel much better once it's done.
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Oh God Squirtle, i was the same when Rosie went into be spayed!. When i dropped her off i cried in the surgery!!.

K. Hope your minds been put at rest. Let us know how she is when she's had it done

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Sierra is 9 1/2, and she is supposed to have her teeth cleaned next month, so my heart truly goes out to you. As previously stated, we know it's the best thing to do, and they certainly will feel much better afterwards. Please keep us up to date how well it goes!
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Thank you all for the encouragement, I am feeling a little better now. Well, tomorrow morning is the big event...poor thing, she is so scared when she has to ride in the car somewhere!

I am going to get her bloodwork done before the cleaning, just to be on the safe side.

Thanks again everybody!

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One of my cats had to have some dental work done when she was 13 years old. I choose to have the bloodwork done also, and since this was an older cat, the vet decided to use a gas anesthesia for safety reasons. 1/2 hour after the procedure was completed, the cat was fully awake and sitting up in her cage. When I picked my cat up later that day, she was her usual self, and there was no indication that she had ever been put under.

I'm sure your cat will do well too!
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It's still early today but please let us know how everything goes!
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Well, my kitty is at the vet now...they said she should be ready to go home at noon. So now I'm just sitting and waiting...
I gave her a big kiss before I handed her over, and she had a big lipstick-print on her (she's an all-white cat).

I'll let you all know how it went!

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Awwww bless her!. She'll be fine, but i know you wont be happy until she's back with you, i'd be the same!.

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My baby!

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Oops, that turned out tiny...Here's a bigger picture.
Isn't she PURTY??
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She's gorgeous!

We get our cats' teeth cleaned every year. (They're almost two, so they've had it done once, LOL!) They do have to go under anaesthesia, and they're woozy afterwards. She'll probably just want to curl up when she comes home, but she'll be back to herself feeling better than ever in no time! You're doing SUCH a responsible thing, I totally applaud you for doing such a wonderful thing for her!
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She's so beautiful!! I'm still trying to figure out how to post a photograph (still relatively computer illiterate) so you can see my sweet Sierra!
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look at those amazing eyes WOW she is gorgeous!!!!! I am sure she'll be jsut fine!!!
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Well, White Kitty is finally home and everything went great! She was already completely alert by the time we picked her up.
She's happy to be home!

And, her teeth are all clean and pearly!

Thank you all for your support during my scary time!

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Thank you for the good news about White Kitty! This is quite a comfort to me about getting Sierra's teeth cleaned!
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I am happy that everything has been ok for you and your cat. She is beautiful.
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What a purdy girl! My older gal (13.5yrs old) had her teeth cleaned last year and, except for a bit of vomiting after waking up, did wonderfully. Glad to hear your kitty did fine.
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Was this the first time she had her teeth cleaned? Sierra is 9 1/2 and her vet says her teeth are just starting to look like they need cleaning, but I'm a little concerned about the anesthesia. What do you think, is the benefit worth the possible adverse effects?
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Awwwwwww K she's so pretty!!.

I knew she would be ok, but i'd be the same if it were Rosie.

So pleased the ordeal is over for you both now.

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You were probably asking Aimee, but, I definitely think the risks are worth it...years ago I had another cat who needed teeth cleaning in a BAD way...but my vet at the time refused to do cat was 15 years old, and the vet said that was much too old. Other than the teeth, she was very healthy. A few years later my cat died with massive infections and decay in her mouth, which had spread bacteria to the rest of her body. If I knew then what I knew now, I would have looked for a new vet. Every vet I talk to now is horrified to hear this story..they all tell me that the benefits FAR outweigh the risks.

I also think getting the cat's bloodwork done prior to the procedure is a good gave me some peace of mind, knowing they would make sure she was absolutely healthy before giving her anesthesia.

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Just wanted to add...

Even though I think the procedure is worth it, it's never easy handing your precious kitty over to have things like this done! It's scary for us cat-moms!

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Enough said! Thank you for that confirmation..I'm convinced and feel much better about the decision!
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Well, I just got my kitties home from the vet too, had both their teeth cleaned. The vet said that neither had a lot of tartar on them, though, so next time I can wait a bit longer. Just knowing how horrible tooth problems can be and how they can make you sick, I just wanted to make sure their teeth were fine. I don't see why it should wait until their teeth are in a terrible condition, safer to get it done when they're healthy, too.

My cats are a bit over 6 and 3 yrs old, this was the second clean for the older (she had them done 3 yrs ago) and a first for the younger. Perhaps next time will be in 4 or 5 yrs. They're sleeping the anesthesia off right now (over here you don't leave them at the vet's, you're there with them, helping with most procedures, and take them home to sleep it off once they can tell it's fine).
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