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Holy cow, we are having a horrible storm here in Sacramento! They have recorded wind gusts of 58 MPH! The trees are blowing all around, and the news station keeps losing power, I sure hope we don't because I don't have a cell phone anymore to keep in contact. Plus our heater still doesn't work so we have a portable one in here. They also expect flooding around any creeks.

Can you use gas when there is a power outage? We have a gas

Anyone else notice my signature is a red x? I wonder why?
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Yep I'm in Northern Cali and its raining like crazy here.. I hate it!!
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I'm in the bay area and yes, amazing weather. LUCKILY on Wed. I go into work late and now things are calming down. HOpe you all are ok up there in Sacto. It was blowing up a storm for awhile there.
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Raining and stormy here, the sky is as black as can be at the moment. All the cats are in the house or hugging close so I suspect a bad one before the day is through. Even the horses are on high alert, trotting around the pasture head high and snorting (though it does my heart good to see Racer trot)
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Just so you all don't feel alone out there on the west coast, there is a severe thunderstorm warning her in south Florida too. It's been pouring down rain!
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When I got into work, the carpets here are saturated! No damage though.
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Get aload of the weather here! Cloudy, wind blowing
briskly, rain, sleet, snow, then rain again????????


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The weather here is getting more spring-like. We're supposed to get rain Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
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Gee! Guess you better all move to Vancouver. It's kinda grey today, but no sign of precipitation of any variety, lotsa green grass, little wind, mild temps. 'Course, as soon as I post this, Mother Nature will decide to do her watering and make a liar of me.
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Yup I'm in Monterey (central coast, CA) and it's pouring and the winds are blowing like crazy. I think for us the worst part is going to be this afternoon. But I hate to complain since it's pretty much beautiful and mild here all year round for the most part! And also because I love storms lol!
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Here in Foster City, the sun is peeking out now. I'm willing to bet by the time I go home the rain's gonna kick up again and make for a miserable commute.
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It was nearly 70 and sunny here today. We got rain on Monday and some more is due, on Friday. The only ones who like that, are the dogs.
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We have rain and more rain and OH yeah THUNDER and my dog hates thunder. He has to bark at it and scare it off. and it is cold too something like 40 degrees outside. with Hail expected too.
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I'm here in Central CA also and is was raining heavily here with wind gusts over 40 MPH. Its cleared up some for the moment but we're suppose to get more. Here we had over 2 inches of rain in most of the county.
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Well after all NZ's bad flooding, we have had a week of beautiful sunshine, too bad there's only a few days of summer left *sigh* Hope everyone is okay!
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I dunno what it is....but it sure is spooky.

I head into this thread and now it's raining.

Just when the pond in the backyard finally dried up too.
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My director had switched all the heating off at work over the weekend, and the place is only starting to warm up now! Aaaaaaaaargh men!
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You guys are lucky. Its snowing here, not raining. What I wouldnt give for rain instead of snow.
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And it's still raining....

Can I also add that this isn't normal for this time of the year?
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Today the average temp is 50! And very sunny! (Hope it stays like this for this weekend's camping trip!)
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Cheryl, the weather sure was bad here yesterday! Not often it rains an entire day here in southern Florida! It was raining so hard here that Big Kitty, the neighboorhood cat was running around on my doorsstep all freaked out. I opened the door to put a cardboard box out there for him to get in and he ran into the house!!! Berkley and Sterling were standing right there too. I was expecting a huge fight but they were just like "whatever". Nothing happened at all! I guess they are used to him being at the screened door all the time LOL!!
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Wow it was all over. The lightening set off my car alarm last night! Crap, I wonder if it hit the car? But it was so bright and the thunder so loud. Kitty got scared here too. He just hid. Was acting weird this morning.
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I leave work in 30 minutes, and where i am it's a blizzard outside!!!.

What better night than to stay in with Rosie curled up on my lap, and watch a load of repeats on t.v.!.

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Well last night for NZ there was supposed to be a storm and flooding worse than the weather in 1969, well I sat up waiting for it(cos when it hits I have to go down and comfort my freaked out pup) and it never happened. Seriousely I hate the people that give weather reports(not the readers the people before them) they are never right! Anywho it's raining now but nothing like we had last week.

Hope ya'll are safe.
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All we've been getting is snow. And more snow. And temperatures below freezing. I'm so sick of winter!
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