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Sterling's Messy Behind

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Once again Sterling got poop stuck in his hair on his botton, which in turn "blocked" him and made a huge mess on the floors and the carpet not to mention to poor kitty! I cut off the fur around his bottom and unclogged things down there.

This happens about once a month, poor kitty. He is just so fluffy that his hair gets in the way of things down there. I am gonna make an appointment to have him shaved and see if that helps.

Has anyone else had to shave thier persian for this reason??? I need advice, poor kitty is stuck in the bathroom with a litter box and food and water until he is all cleaned up. I think I am gonna have to give him a bath tonight, its too much for him to have to clean off himself.
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Aww, poor Sterling. I don't have any knowledge about Persians (sorry), just wanted to wish you like with this! And good luck with giving him a bath.
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Inbetween shows I make sure the hair is combed away from the rear, which definitely helps. Of course, with show cats the hair may not be cut. I have not had a problem with my cats, but am very diligent with daily grooming and ensuring the hair is combed forward from that rear area! I know many people have their cats clipped out of show season.

If you are not showing your boy, maybe he will be more comfortable clipped as I'm sure this problem probably stresses him out too.
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My Max is a medium haired kitty and this happens to him too. I cut the fur back there with scissors. I always know when it is time to do it again, because I find poopies where they shouldn't be! I'm sure he'd be happy to have the hair back there clipped or shaved. Cats are very fastidious and I'm sure having stuff stuck back there bothers him.
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We call it litter box butt and Piper my mom's Somali gets it all the time Ergo her butt hers are kept very short.
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I have had the same problem with my persian cat. Is the poop solid or loose. My cat was having a problem with the food I was feeding and she was having diarrhea, but since I've changed foods we haven't had nearly the problems we used to. I do keep the hair back there cut short just to make everything easier. My cat would almost make herself sick tring to clean her fur, sometimes I wouldn't be home with her when it happened. So I would take her in the bathroom and bathe only her back end so as to make it less tramatic. Good luck getting your baby clean!
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