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teething kitten

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is my almost 3 months old kitten teething???

shes biting alot....and sneezing

it hurts when she bites me but no blood comes out

she also meows weird meows..

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Hello. I noticed this post today. I took in a kitten going on 4 weeks ago. I am not sure how old he is but that he is older than what I was told. I have had this same issue from day 1. I have stuffed animals, teething ring, scratch board, cat cube, feather toys, all of which this kitten loves and knows as his personal things that he owns. The two of us stare at each other for hours, we play ball, he has a variety of wet and dry food. I named him muffin (muffy) because of a divorce/annulment/name change. I should of decided on bratwurst. I have the water spray, which usually works for 2 seconds. He usually starts bathing after that. The other thing is the stuffed animal when I have nothing else to defend myself with. He really enjoys the thrill of the fight and doesn't stop attacking until he feels something hitting him. He seems to be in a trance. The latest since he is not neutered yet is he had relations with the stuffed animal. This was entertaining to watch and then he brought the stuffed animal into the kitchen where I have a litter supply that has a picture of 2 cats on the box. I suppose he is asking for a real playmate. If I were a cat breeder this would be wonderful but I am not sure where I am moving to since my landlady decided to move here with her friend. 2 is company, 3 is a crowd. She has 2 yippy dogs, one of which bit me already. Well, I suppose the Cat will adjust to somewhere else and he is really adorable in my eyes, but should I have him neutered and that will change everything or will he be worse because he knows what it is all about.
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He should definitely be neutered. It does not change his behavior in a negative direction, but will calm him down as he will not be motivated by testosterone. Life with an intact male cat is not a happy one, for you or the cat.
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