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Mamakat thanks for that - have popped some Tofu in the freezer - will make some tomorrow. It sounds delicious.

Tulip another thing you can do with Tofu is to make scrammbled eggs -grated and mixed with grated carrot and a little cheese, you can top a pizza with it mixed in with a 50-50 cheese and some oregano or slice/cube it and dust the slices with Besan flour - (chick pea flour)- and lightly fry turning it with a few sesame seeds thrown in. Sometimes I make patties with different veg, mashed potatoes and grated tofu thrown in - it is great stuff for topping up your protein.

Actually you can do a lot with it and there are recipe books just for using Tofu.
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Yeah, I am going to have to buy some veggie books to figure some fun stuff out. I have a package of the extra firm nayo I think it is...we'll see what I can do with it. I will defintiely try the chicken nugget recipe!
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When I first became a vegetarian and missed the strong taste of meat - mind you I could not really taste the individual yummy flavours of veggies either at that time - I was told a few things to help flavour up the veg meals. Here's my original list -

1. Soya Sauce / Tamari
2. Grated cheese and parmesan cheese - sprinkled over the vegetables
3. Ginger - a little fresh sliced and cooked with the veg
4. A little curry powder - remember that spices have to have a moment or two in a little hot oil to bring out the flavour before you add the vegetables
5. Herbs - all sorts of herbs - try adding a little fresh Rosemary to baking potatoes, mixed herbs over the steamed veg - mint with boiled potatoes - use sparingly at first - also great in white sauce or cheese sauces. Can chop up herbs for your salads as well - but chop them finely.
6. Use of tomato paste and fresh tomatoes or sun dried
7. Some of the dark gravy mixes are free of animal products - in Australia we have Gravox which is perfect for vegetarians in the original form - you can still have brown gravy with your baked tatties.
8. Also you can cook pacoras - that is vegetable battered - quick cooked in oil - like you make chips - don't eat too many thought because of the oil. You can use wonderful home made sauces and dips for them - including humus.

Just some suggestions.

I have to say that eating veg is only as boring as your intellect is dull - it is quite a challenge to create things that your carnivore friends will like but you can do it if you don't try to convert them.

Enjoy - it is a real taste experience.
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Heather - thanks for the list etc, I guess I've just become lazy after this length of time being vegetarian and my mind goes blank
I do have a zillion receipe books for all manner of things but I just seem to look at pictures whilst I'm eating a sandwich and never get round to actually making this yummy stuff
I'll have to re-read and get back into gear on the old food line
even though I am a totally cr*p cook, guess its just lack of practise.
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