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Chasing kids...

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Every time the kids go in the back yard and run around my kitten Bast, always follows them.

Sometimes, she will make them chase her!
She runs infront of them, and acts all playfull, and runs away. And then after 10 feet she stops and does this little dance thing for them to follow.
None of my other cats have ever done this.
I was just wondering if she thinks shes a dog lol.

She love to chase them down...
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That would make such a great video! You cat sounds like a real character!
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Your kitten acts like Amber. She loves to play the game of chase. If I am not paying attention to her, she will run up to me, smack my leg and then take off. I yell, "where is that bobcat?" and she comes running at me and then I start chasing her.
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My kids tie the play mice to strings , they put one in each hand and run through the house the cat stalks and chases them sometimes when shes tired , she just watches the kids run back and forth like shes thinking "I love watching my humans play :P
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Anastasia LOVES to play chase. She'll run up to me, either make barking noise (yes it does sound like a bark, believe it or not!) or will jump on me, then will run away. If I don't come running after her, she'll peek around a corner to see what's taking me so long.

She likes to follow me around too. Especially when I come home from school and she hasn't seen me since morning.
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Rosie does this during one of her mad half hours. She'll run through from the kitchen, jump on me, then straight back down and runs back into the kitchen.
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Jeepers likes to try to climb the curtains, but only when someone is sitting on the sofa by the window, she likes it when you put your hands in the way to stop her climbing and chase her away, she purrs like mad.
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