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trips you?

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Hey all, I have a question.. My little one Jeese loves to run infront of me and like just barely trips me.. Thank god I see him.. But he just darts right infront of me! Does anyone else baby do this?
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lol I would be surprised if there wasnt a cat here that trips their owners I cant count how many times I've injured myself trying NOT to step on my cats
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Sicycat, But Jesse just darts right infront of me! Do they do that to you? I mean I can be walking and not even see him and there he is to trip me... LOL.. Buddy my other cat doesn't do that..
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Trent has to walk right in front of me, and every so often will stop to stretch. That's the cue that he wants scritches. Gotta keep an eye on the floor if you don't want to trip over him! But, I know the drill, and it's his way of asking for attention. And I've trained him well (or he's trained me well...) that when he stops and streches, he gets pets.
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Yes, Zoey darts in front of me all the time
I have run into walls trying to avoid stepping on her.
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Just try it on stairs. Cindy weaves back and forth from one side to the other right in front of my feet. There are 13 eternities -- umm, I mean steps -- to be navigated between the back porch and the yard -- and you just hope she's not around when you've got an armful.
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Try getting tripped by The Trips! Everytime I go upstairs the three of them dart in and out of my feet- I have to hiss at them to get them out of the way!
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I'm certain Max is going to kill me about once a week. He gets right under my feet and then if you do trip on him, he turns around and just looks at you as you dance around trying not to fall. They want your attention, and if they are under your feet, they get it!
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How i havent fallen down the stairs is a miracle!!. When i wake up in the morning, Rosie runs downstairs first which sets the alarm off, but she either stops half way down when i'm dashing to switch it off before the whole streets woke up, or jumps across in front of me where i nearly stand on her!.


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Gibbons loves to lie in the middle of the stairs every morning so hes sure to get a pet on the head, or scooped up by someone who needs to get by Its his favorite trick, and works every time
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yeah, thank goodness only one of mine does this. She seems to come out of nowhere! She also has a habit of 'heading me off' into the kitchen or whereever SHE wants me to be
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I call this behavior the "speed bump". Stumpy got this nickname the first time our vet tech came over to care for our babies when we were on vacation. Many of ours are part of the speed bump family. Walk slow and shuffle your feet!

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Oh yeah, I have done the "don't step on the cat dance" many times They love to do that especially when your arms are full!
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hello, my name is hootiecat. yes i have a purrbaby who does this all the time. he purrs all loud before during and after while he's doing it too, so it sort of gives me a warning! he is the most vocal cat i own he sits there and has "conversations" with me. He purrs I purr, he meows I meow back in kind. I think he is part siamese or something, can an all black cat be part siamese? He is very loud, but I just love him, my Inkymew. bye, hootiecat
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Doku does this to my mom, Scooter has his special way of getting in front of me though, he walks right in front of me, very slowly, and he is right in the middle so I can't walk around. Then he turns around and gives me a dirty look and yells at me, as if he is telling me to stop following him!
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Even thou Jesse trips me.. I still love the little booger! He's my baby! Now, bud is big enough to see.. LOL.. He doesn't run much.. Jesse is way smaller than bud so I guess that is why he darts and such.. Well, Jesse eyes the out side.. Like when I come in from the gorage he eyes the out side and I am like no!

I also have another question.. I can't clap.. I have a skin disorder and I wear bandages on my hands so I can't make that noise.. So, last night I found my whistle, and I thought maybe I can use that to scold them when they get on the kitchen counters or something.. So, I used it last night when Bud knockted down my picture and I used the whistle and I said NO and it worked! Does it bother there ears much? I didn't do it REAL loud I just did it so he new I was serious!
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Be careful how loud you blow the whistle!.

I saw a programme on Animal Planet about cats, and their hearing is so sharp. They gave an example of a pan lid dropping to the ground, and the noise it makes is "three" times as loud to them!.

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Susan, Thanks.. I won't use it then... I don't want to hurt them..
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AmberThe Bobcat, Hey, I just want to let you know that your cat is so cute and pretty.. Is it a real bobcat? What I mean is it a wild one??? I want a Bangel cat they are soooooo pretty.. And your Amber is a big girl!
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Amber says thank you and sends bobcat kisses your way. Yes, she is 100% real wild bobcat. But, she was not taken out of the wild. She came from a breeder who raises bobcats.
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I forgot to add, she is 7 1/2 months old and weighs 17 1/2 pounds now and still growing
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Sam got under my feet when he was smaller. I was carrying a laundry basket and didnt see him till it was too late. I fell down the basement stairs, broke my wrist and ankle and had 7 stitches in my head. From then on I started dragging my feet when I have my hands full and cant see to the floor.
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Wow, you are very lucky that your injuries were not more serious. A fall down the stairs like that can be very bad.
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Terri, she is one big cat! But she looks so sweet.. Does she purr loud???? I would love to have a leapord for a cat.. LOL.. But, don't think that would do to well.. How big will she get? Do oyu take her for walks like a doggie and do you take her out in the car?? Sorry for so many questions.. I just am curious!
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Chucky is always tripping me, but he lays down in back of my feet if I'm standing and when I turn around I never remember to check first and he always trips me!!!
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Originally posted by ilovejb1979
Terri, she is one big cat! But she looks so sweet.. Does she purr loud???? I would love to have a leapord for a cat.. LOL.. But, don't think that would do to well.. How big will she get? Do oyu take her for walks like a doggie and do you take her out in the car?? Sorry for so many questions.. I just am curious!
Yes, she does have a very loud purr. It is so sweet when you hear her purr like that. As for her size, she should grow to approx 30-40 pounds. Her dad was 60, but the males are larger than females by approx 10-15 pounds. We do take her out in our yard once in a while on a leash, but I don't take her for walks. Yes, she loves the car and her trip to PetSmart for rides in a shopping cart. No problem about the questions
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Terri, That is so cute! Does she meow? Hehehe... Does she like to play like a normal kitty? Does she use a kitty box? Does she sleep in the same bed as you and ur hubby? I bet she is an awesome cat!!
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Actually, this is John.
No, she really doesn't "meow' like our other cats. She has more of "bark" and she also makes these other noises, that I can not describe here. Hard to explain. I am working on making a sound file on her web page so everyone can hear the sounds she makes. Does she play? All I can say is this. You know how regular little kittens play. They run around the house, jumping on things. Well, imagine a 17 1/2 pound cat doing the same thing You get the idea Yes, she is very good with the litter box. She does sleep with us too
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Terri & John, She sounds sooo cute! I would love to know when you have the sound files of her making noises.. Let mw know when you have it up!..
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I hope I can get some sounds soon. Cats seem to know when you want to take a picture of them. As soon as you get the camera, they hide or stop doing the things you wanted to get a picture of. Same with the sounds. She makes all kinds of sounds, but when I get out the recorder or video camera, she stops
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