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Do you love persians?

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.. If it's a yes then visit my website, http://geocities.com/WellingtonCats/Welcome , I've been busy updating it the last few days and I would love to hear your feedback or things I could do to make it better, and wether things load fast or slow for you. Also suggestions of things that work well on your site that I might like to try. Thanks a bunch.
Sam & purr babies.

Oh and if it's a no.. ....
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Great site Sam . I love what you have done to it .
but no kittens to see

It loadet up very quick for me , I have DSL .
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Thanks Hedi. Good to hear it loaded fast for you.

I know about the kittens it's sad they have been born,grown up and leaving soon and my stupid computer doesn't let me upload the pics.. grrr.

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I love your site , I sneak over all the time just to look and see if you have more pics up
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I love the site and it loaded up nice and quickly. I especially love the background on the stud boys page! Will keep checking for updates.

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Sam, great site, but I keep getting pop-up screens telling me three are debug errors and syntax errors. Not sure what that means . . .

Love the ginger and white guy on the entry page . . . WHAT a sweetie!!!
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great website. loaded fast. no problems
I have a question though. Some of your persians are short hair. Maybe not exactly short hair but they are not like my persian Simon who is longggg hair. I didnt know that you could have both short and long hair persians. They are beautiful are they easier to groom the long hair persians? Simon hates to be groomed with a brush so I keep him shaved except for head legs and tip of tail. Whats so crazy is he doesnt mind being shaved. Just dont bring a brush near him. Is there a special name for your breed of persians.
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The "short hair" Persians are called Exotics.
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Thanks Guys!

Yola, I have never had that pop up and I haven't had that complaint from anyone else??? hmmm. And that's Elmo!.. He's my special guy.

Thanks NASAnaut, that's right they are a shorthaired version of a persian, Exotics. They are much easier to look after, and much more energetic!

Thanks again.. Glad most had no problems!

Enjoy your day.
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I think it would be a nice idea to put up pictures of your available kittens. Other than that, I think it's great site.
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Thanks Hope, I'd love to put up pics of my available babies but my camera isn't working with my computer, it says the DLL controls are missing or something *sigh*
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