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Cat peeing on everything....

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I have 2 cats and one or both of them is peeing on everything. Espically they will get into my fiances dirty clothes basket and will pee, on a futon bed also, and in my fiances opened sock drawer. I have a male and a female and both are spayed and neutered. I have no idea what to do about this problem, the cat litter boxes are cleaned 2 times a day. If I'm doing laundry and have the clothes laying on the floor in a matter of minutes they have been peeed on. My fiance has seen my female cat peeing on his jeans before, so im not sure if shes doing it all the time though. This is causing major problems in my house hold and I'm torn b/c I do not want to give my cats up, but this has gotten way out of control(peeing) any advice would be greatly appreciated... thanks...
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bumping up for advice
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We have that happen to, we have a 14 year old that likes to pee on couches, we cleaned it and sprayed it with vinegar water and she stopped for about a month or two, but now we have to do it again. I know you can't spray your clothes with vinegar water, so hopefully someone else has some better advice.
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moved you to behavior, but the first thing I would say is to take these cats to the vet and make sure they are healthy. Cats will pee on items with your scent on it when they are upset. The combination of their scent on yours will calm them down, they could both be ill-

Also please see this thread

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Hmmm....maybe your cats are jealous and don't like your fiance. Hopefully that's not the case. Is your fiance in contact with other animals that could be leaving a scent?
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Thanks for all your replys!! I believe my cats are both healthy, they went to the vet around xmas, and considering that they have no problem going to the bathroom, its always a huge puddle, and no blood in their urine. But they could be upset and stressed, we got a new puppy and he is giving them a hard time, most of the time they have the whole upstairs to them selves, and they are away from him all day long. But they cats have never peeed on any of his things though. Anyways with the clothes im just going to remember to shut all closets and keep them out of the laundry room when im doing laundry, now with the futon im going to get the cleaner that was suggested and get the plastic floor mat with the spikes and put that on there. Hopefully I can get this peeing under control and I'm going to set aside time each day when its just me and the cats no dogs!!
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Aha!! New puppy!!!!! Yes, a new puppy in the household will cause them to spray for a while. We got our puppy Sam on New Year's eve and 2 of my cats immediately started marking the doors around the room where we kept him and his bed. A puppy is rowdy, changes the dynamics in the house, and causes stress in the household. They settled down slowly, and quit when we brought the second new puppy Spike in 2 weeks ago (Sam plays with Spike rather than the cats which took the strain off the cats).

I agree with Hissy about the trip to the vets. Even though you had them up there over Christmas, they usually don't specifically test for a urinary tract infection unless they suspect something is up. Always rule out the physical problems before you start working on the behavioral problems.
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Stress can cause UTIs (like the stress of a new puppy in the house). I have never seen blood in the urine of my cats when they developed a UTI. But the vet sure found it when he took a urine sample. An annual exam won't detect urinary tract problems, only a urinalysis will. Please take your cat to the vet to be on the safe side. After all, if it is due to medical problems, only medication will make it stop.
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ok, i just called my vet and i am going to go by there and pick up a ridder , they said you put it in thier litter and it dosent soak up, that way i will be able to get sample, so for the night i will have to keep my kitties in separate rooms, they will not be happy about this. I honestly had a different idea of what an urniary tract infection for a cat was. Thanks for all your help and i will keep you posted...
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So good to hear! One of the first things a cat will do when under stress is block when it comes to urinary output. Just so you know, you can put dried beans in your litterpan and fake the cat out to think it is litter to get a urinary sample- but the cleanest way to catch the urine is to have the vet draw it from a needle from the bladder. It is over in a second and will give the most accurate results.

Enjoy that puppy breath!
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Well I took samples of both my cats urine and they do not have UTI,he said that one of my cats has a possession problem. Since I can not have my cats peeing on everything every single day they are going to my mom's farm thats 20 mins from me. They will be outside cats but they have a buidling with a kitty door to go in, it has electricity and heat so thats where their litter will be and also food and water and they will only be let out during the day ( so wild animals cant get them at night) they have stayed at my moms before while I was on vacation and it seemed to work out very well. Do you think this is the right solution?? I felt as if it is my last resort b/c taking them to a shelter is not an option.
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I didn't read all the posts so I hope I'm not repeating something.

You should bring them to the vet for a blood workup. That is the only way they can tell if there is a kidney problem. I had a kitty with kidney problems although there was blood at times I wouldn't want you to not be able to fix a health problem. It is relatively inexpensive - when you consider their health could be at risk.

More than likely, it is reacting to the stress of a new pet in the house. There are sprays sold in pet shops which can be sprayed on furniture to keep them off furniture.

You also need to ward out the obvious. How often is the litter cleaned, the box itself? Do you give them enough attention with the new puppy? Perhaps they just need a little more TLC.
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Sadly, this person decided to dump her cats on her mom's farm. Apparently, they now live in a barn. It's too bad she decided to do this rather than to train them not to pee.
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How upsetting! It's pretty bad when someone would get a new puppy and just disregard the cat's feelings of unrest with a new pet in the house. Maybe the cats will be better off with the mother in the long run, especially if she lets them in the house and cares for them well.
Poor kitties!!!
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HOW SAD for the kitties! First they get a puppy tossed on them, then they get tossed out and they don't know why. All they were trying to do was say 'Hey! Notice me/pay me attention' or 'Mom, I'm not feeling well.'

That just makes me so angry when people think pets are disposable with no feelings.

I hope they get the love they deserve soon.

Dorina -- Mom to four feline furballs =)
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