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this is appaling!!

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Go to ebay and put this item number in search....Item number: 3659558121 ...I cant beleive this!!
I thought this was against their TOS??????

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I'm disgusted !
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When will people ever learn !! real cats should not be sold on Ebay... This happened once before, a lady was selling a cat and there was a firestorm of negative responses. And the ad got taken down. I think it needs to happen again. She also needs to come here to TCS to learn how to care for a cat PROPERLY.
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is there something we can do?
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I was thinking of writing ebay a letter and telling them she has him on there...
im pretty sure its against their rules...
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Originally posted by Dana
is there something we can do?

A letter could be written to the person selling the cat and telling her that it is against eBay's TOS to sell a live animal(cat)..... And suggesting (nicely might I add). That she come here to TCS to learn how to properly give away her cat or even to keep him.
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You are not allound to sell live things on ebay, I do beleave you are alound ot sell fish though. How could someone sell there kitty on ebay!!!! I hate selling my handmade collars
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I believe if you are a member of ebay you can log in and report the posting, they have a link just for that (or they used to) GRRRR! This ticks me off!
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I reported it...
anyone one else that wants to do so can...it might help...I thought about writing to the lady...but i figured she would just get offensive...I would contact her and take the cat if i was closer..
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It is not good when TONS of people report an item because that is just more mail for ebay to go through. I'm sure once they see the auction they will remove it.
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That's sad... My parents sometimes buy/sell on ebay and I browse around at times for things I like and show them. Once my mom saw a cat and she was talking to me about how I should never do that to any of my animals. Even though I knew this already, I think it was a good discussion.

Hopefully this lady will realize what she's doing and will give this cat away properly or keep him.
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Report to ebay here:


I did! What a horrible person!
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what a beautiful cat..this is totally wrong!
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I also emailed ebay and got this automated response:

"An email on this item has been sent though this item was already reported."

Here is their policy on live animals:


I also sent an email to the seller. I wrote: "Just to let you know, selling of live animals is against ebay policy
(http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/wildlife.html). They have been notified of this. I understand you intend to meet the potential adopters, but a place like Petfinder.org or a breed rescue is more appropriate than an auction. I'm sure you meant no harm. Take care."

Hopefully, they are decent people and just didn't realize this is not appropriate for a living, breathing creature.

Ok, I'm off my soapbox.
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Grrrrr that leaves me feeling ticked. Plus they had described the cat wrongly, it's not a himalyan. They should get their username banned for violating Ebays T & S.
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I sent in a report.

I also noticed that this has already been done. I believe the more complaints that this auction raises, the better and the sooner it gets removed.
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The auction has been ended early by the person!!

I hope they use petfinder for the cat.
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Bidding has ended for this item....we did it folks...I also posted it on another messageboard I frequent and they reported it too...YAY!

Too bad for the kitty though...he has to continue living with people who view him as disposable.
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loveless -- the auction WASN'T ended by the seller...it was ended by ebay...at this moment the seller still hasn't logged in to see WHY it was ended.
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Poor kitty, he's such a beauty. I hope someone takes him that can give him the love he deserves.(Glad the auction has ended!)

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Well... I for one. DO NOT (sorry for writing in all caps there) feel sorry for the seller that she had the bidding ended by Ebay. She could have found other more humane places to sell or give away Sterling other than E-bay. The reasons that she gave for giving away Sterling was lame anyway. I just wish E-bay wasn't used for these measures.
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The internet auction we use is www.trademe.co.nz and you must pay a fee($8? or something) before you can place a auction for your pet, which I think is better.
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The seller responded to my email immediately. She said she didn't know it was against ebay policy and asked me how to end the auction early. She also wasn't aware of Petfinder or rescue groups. I sent her a few links to some Yahoo groups, as well as this group to help her out. I think it was truly a mistake and she wanted to correct it immediately.

Hopefully if she comes here, people will help her find a new home for her cat. After all, the cat is what is important here.
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It says it ended because the seller ended it early.

Beautiful 3yr-old Himalayan Persian Cat Item number: 3659558121

Seller of this item? Sign in for your status

Bidding has ended for this item

The seller ended this listing early because of an error in the listing.
I don't like the idea of auctioning off a pet either. But I have a question for you guys because it made me think. What do you think about people who adopt a pet by visiting the breeders website and having the pet flown? Or petfinder even. There are orginazations on Petfinder that will fly or ship an animal. Do you see that differently? AGain... I'm not sticking up for people auctioning pets. I'm just curious what others thoughts would be on the subject.
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Fuzzmom, Congrats to you. Rather than you getting angry at her you helped her way to go! I hope she comes here so we can give her some friendly advice.

Tammie, are you talking about shipping? I think it's fine not everyone can get the cats they need/want in the area they live.
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
Fuzzmom, Congrats to you. Rather than you getting angry at her you helped her way to go! I hope she comes here so we can give her some friendly advice.

Tammie, are you talking about shipping? I think it's fine not everyone can get the cats they need/want in the area they live.
Yeah, that's part of what I'm asking about. That and what is it that you see different between that and someone who sells a pet on ebay. I'm just curious why that makes us so upset but not the other way. For me, I think it's the actual bidding on a life that bothers me.
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Tamme- If You are talking about shipping a cat to place by place..... I think if it is done as correctly and humane and that the cat is comfortable nothing is wrong with the shipping of a cat.
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And regarding the first question about the kind of animal that can be sold on E-bay.... I have no problem with say... Fishes or animals like lizards or geckos being sold.... But it goes over the line when someone tries to sell cats and dogs in an on-line place that is ill-equipped to handle it in the first place. Go to Petfinders or your local humane society if you have to sell or give away Fido or Fluffy... Not E-Bay.
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That's a small part of it. But what I'm looking for is what does each of you see different between buying a cat on ebay and having it shipped or buying one on a breeders site and having it shipped. Or even finding your pet on petfinder and having it shipped.
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