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Happy Valentine's Day

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From our family.
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Tamme, your kitties sure know to "hang loose" infront of the camera!
Happy Valentine's to you too!
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LOL that made me laugh out loud! That is so cute!
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They look soooooo cute and laid back!!!.

I doubt i'll get a valentine this year,( apart from this gorgeous one)but at least i know my fur baby will show me some love!

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Very cute Happy Valentines!
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That's soooo cute!

Happy Valentines!
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aWWW, how cute! Thansk for sharing the 'kitty Valentine'
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That is very cute!!! Happy Valentine's to all of you too, from me and Anastasia.
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Thanks for the compliments on the card guys. You should have been there when I was taking the pics. Roo was asleep so it was no problem pushing him into an upright position and taking a bunch of shots. Almost the same for Kanga too. But Tigger was a different story. I swear I need one of those tri-pod with a remote so I can position her take my hands away and snap a shot before she falls down. She is so testy. Jeez, you never heard a cat complain like Tigger did that day. Doesn't she look so amused LOL.

ok have to go to work now.
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OMG!! That is too cute!! Roo actually slept through the whole thing

Happy Valentines to you and your fur babies!
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Happy Valentine's Day everyone at TCS forums!
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LOL, that's cute! Thanks Anne.
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Happy Valentine's to you all!!!!
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I like that, it's neat. Thanks Anne.
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That was adorable! and a Happy Valenines day to you also!
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That is so cute! I could never got anyone of my cats to do that!
Happy Valentines day to you also Tamme! and to all the members of TCS!
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Hey everyone! Hope you guys all have a GREAT Valentine's Day! Here is a little Valentine's Day something from me and Luna:

Sorry I haven't been around lately . . . work and school have been keeping me incredibly busy! I've been having TCS withdrawals! I really hope to come around more often, if I can.
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((((((((((((VIVA!!!))))))))) I am so glad to see you, I have really missed you! Hope you and Luna are well!

PS: Cant see the pic
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Sorry, I think it's fixed now. Can you see it?
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OK, if you can't see the pic in my first post, you should be able to see it here:
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That's too cute! Happy Valentine's!
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That's so nice! Thanks Anne! Happy Valentine's Day!
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He's just a little piece of kitten love, but not pleased about the pink !

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I forgot to wish you a Happy Valentine in my post earlier, and now I can see that more threads have been merged, so I can say to all of you:
Happy Valentine!
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Awwwww, how sweet!
Happy valentines Day to you to!
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Ok, I seem to be to slow today
KittenKrazy, I had seem your pic before your thread was merged....but I never saw the other pics untill after I replied, since my wonderful dial up connection in not the fastest in the world.
Tamme, your pic of your kitties is so great! It´s too funny that you can just put them in an sitting potition while they are sleeping (well not all of them though).
Anne, your card is so sweet!
Viva, your buqet is beautyful!

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Kitten: Your cat is so cute dressed up in a little Valentine shirt... and Aurora: Thaks so much for the preety rosas! Te quiero mucho! Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day/ a very pleasant day today!
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Viva, (((hugs))) so good to see you! Thanks bunches for the roses.

Cindy, I love tigs dressed up, that's sooo cute.

Anne, I loved the card,

to all!
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