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Prayers for Lucy as she crosses

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My best friend will be taking her cat, Lucy, to be put down today. Lucy is 16 years old and has been having kidney problems for a while. The sub-q fluids helped for a while but now the treatments make her so ill that she can't walk.

My friend, Anne, decided that it's time for Lucy go to the Rainbow Bridge. The cat is in pain and it will be a blessing, but my friend is heartbroken. She's had Lucy since she was a kitten.

I would just ask that anyone who reads this says a little prayer for Lucy as she crosses over and for Anne, who has to learn to live without her. Thanks.
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{{{{HUGS}}}} to Anne and Lucy.
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I am so sorry about Lucy .

I will say a prayer for Lucy and her mom
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Awww, I am so sorry to hear about Lucy. Please let your friend know, she is doing the right thing. Her Lucy will no longer be in pain and will go to a happy place with all the others who have crossed. I had a 16 year old girl that was put to sleep this past summer for the same reason. Her name was Bea, named after an ex-girlfriends mom who died in a car accident, the same night we found the kitten wondering the parking lot of a bowling alley on a cold rainy night. Bea was a very loving girl and we miss her. She will be happy to meet Lucy at the rainbow bridge
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Oh I am so sorry! Lucy is in my thoughts as are you - may her crossing to the Rainbow Bridge be as peaceful as possible.
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Your friend is doing a very humane act. Painful as it is, it is the best thing to do to end the suffering. She is to be commended for the longevity of her cat as well. Speaks to what an excellent caretaker she is.

I know this decision is difficult, may she find her path to healing soon-
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{{{Hugs and prayers to Lucy and Anne.}}}

May Lucy have a peaceful passing.

RIP brave girl.
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It is so difficult to part with such a treasured dear friend, and even more difficult to make such a decision, albeit the right one. RIP Lucy, and condolences to Anne.
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Your friend is doing a brave thing. To part with a much-loved pet is a very painful thing to do. But it's the right thing and one day Lucy will thank her for it.

I'll give up a quiet thought for them both.
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Have a safe and happy crossing over the bridge Lucy

Please tell your friend Ann we are all praying for her and her baby.
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Although the pain is just beginning for your friend Anne, the pain is forever banished for her sweet angel Lucy.
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Ack! I always want to cry so hard when I read things like this. My thoughts will be with your friend Anne, and her baby Lucy.
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