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Just wanted to say hi

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And introduce myself, since I'm new here. My name is Monica, I'ma 21 year old college student who has a huge soft side for animals of any species. I work at the local humane society, and also have five kitties at home, 2 of which belong to me, three of which belong to my house-mates.


I got Sylvester when he was really, really young. Infact, he technically wasn't even old enough to leave his mother. However, the people who had them were having a hard time with their dog killing kittens, and the mother wasn't really interested in her offspring one way or another. This was about 8 years ago, so I was probably about 13, and my mother swore up and down that the cat was not going make it through the night, as he had also been attacked by the dog. For days, I sat, awake, watching over this little kitty that rested so still on the bed pillow I gave it to lay on. It took a few weeks, but he came around, and now 8 years later, Sylvester, is a little over-weight, but generally healthy, and so very sweet!!

Catfish (aka Fatfish)

I only adopted Catfish because one of the board members at the Humane Society was really pushing to have him euthinized. I'd spent months, working with him, and he was finally beggining to accept me. But, it was true, Catfish was very "unadoptable" by our normal standards. He was mean!! He used to fly at the door-way to his cage, and our faces when staff tried to feed him in the morning, he bit a hole in our staff director's hand (through leather gloves). I figured, I was taking this cat to my house to let him hide, and live out the rest of his life. Which, was fine. He's so very pretty, and he was perfectly healthly, so I couldn't see any reason to put him to sleep. So, I packed him up, his food, his toys, his cat carrier, and I took him home. It took weeks to get him to the point where he no longer hissed at me. And even longer for him to untuch his tail from between his legs. Now, however, I've had him for about 6 months, and he walks around my house as if he owns it, sits on any lap available to him, purrs like crazy, and loves to cuddle with me first thing in the morning.
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Hello! Welcome to TCS! I hope you enjoy it here. This place is invaluable AND fun! *pets your kitties*
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Hafadai Monica!! Your kitties are cutie patooties. Enjoy your stay here at TCS. You are amongst friends.
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Welcome to the site! Both of your kitties are gorgeous!! How wonderful of you to take Catfish away from a death sentence. He had to be so stressed in that cage. That is quite a turn around for him - it's always amazing what a bit of love and patience will do for the scariest cats.

(Moving this to New Cats so your intro doesn't get lost in the Lounge )
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Welcome! Great job on caring for your kitties! We always love to hear stories like that.
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Wow , what a little TLC can do to a cat . You did a great job with both cats
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Welcome to TCS Monica and your furfamily.

What a great job you did for your babies. They are beautiful.
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Welcome Monica! Sylvester and Catfish are a handsome pair!
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Wow! Thank you so much for helping both the kitties, you are one of lifes little miracles.

Enjoy your stay.. oh & welcome.
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Hey!! Welcome to TCS!!
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Hello and welcome. Keep up the good work
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Hi Monica, welcome to the site.

Your babies are lovely. Catfish looks a bit like Kevs new baby boy 'Thomas'!
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