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I went to the doctors today for my prenatal check up. This lady was there and she over heard my husband and I talking about our cats. She told me I should get rid of them. I asked her why? She told me that they are evil and would kill my baby! She also told me they could make me sick! I was so I could not believe she said this. I do not think my cats are evil. I told her I had a cat when my daughter was born and she is fine. She proceeded to tell me I was lucky and should not risk my new baby's life and health! Needless to say I had to walk away! I may have gotten arrested if I didn't walk away. I was so shocked to here someone say cats are evil!

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It was once believed that once a baby was born, the house cat had the power to steal the baby's breath. It was believed that the cat would lay on the chest of the baby, take in all the breath it could and run away with the child's spirit, then the child would die. Was this lady older and perhaps a different nationality than you? That might explain her bizzare comment.
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Simon's Mommy,

I would've have told her to mind her own business. Hissy is right, it IS an old wive's tale. Don't believe a word of it.

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Yes she was older than I am. I do not believe what she said. I would never get rid of my cats because I know what she said is not true. I just had to tell you guys that someone said this to me. I was so mad at this lady.
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It's always amazing what people think they can tell pregnant women. It's almost as bad as having complete strangers touch your belly. I still get unsolicited advice from strangers and my kids are 4 and 2.

The only thing you need to be careful with is changing the litter box when you're pregnant, and that's such an easy thing to watch. Some people are just so clueless!
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Well unfortunately I have to change the litter box. My husband works 2 jobs and lately has been pretty useless around the house.
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and still wash your hands afterwards and you will be fine.
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If you take reasonable precautions there shouldn't be any trouble with kitties and babies. We didn't have any trouble. Actually, the cats preferred to stay away from the baby.

But I do have a cat now who likes to lay on my chest or near my head, and I think that might pose a problem with a new infant. And I know sometimes there is that whole allergy/asthma issue, which can be rather serious.

We used to have a sort of mesh tent that attached over the crib to keep the cats out. It worked pretty well but most of the time the baby slept with me so it was a sort of non-issue. I have also heard that people have good results replacing the bedroom door with a screen door. Keeps the cats out but isn't a solid barrier.

Enjoy your growing family!
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don't listen to those paranoid people. Your children will be fine. Others told me all kinds of crazy stories and like above they are wives tales.
Do be careful changing the litter like others have said, that part is true. If someone could change it for you that would be good, if not wear gloves and wash hands thoroughly.
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I had 3 cats when I was pregnant, and everything went fine. I just took precautions when changing the litter: rubber gloves, not breathing the dust and washing thoroughly the hands afterwards. But I never worried about having the cats on my lap, or petting them etc...

My cats never tried once to go in the crib when the babies were in it but... would love to sleep in the crib while they weren't... We put a screen door in the baby room and that took care of the problem...

In fact, they were a little afraid of the babies especially when they cried! Then when the kids started crawling, the cats would tease them staying always just out of their reach because of course cat's tails look like fascinating toys...

In Portugal, I have heard those old ladies tales: beware the cats will smother your baby... you are crazy to have cats when you have babies... I even think, that our Sebastian (that materialized one day from nowhere) must have been abandoned just because of that!

In fact, for kids growing with animals is excellent, this will teach them respect for others, caring and a lot of stuff. it will also teach them that we are all mortals...

Your only problem may be if the kid is allergic to cats. One of my kids has a severe allergy to dust mites, fortunately he is not allergic at all to cats!

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comments like that really make me

My own mother in law actually told me that if we ever have children we will HAVE to get rid of the cats!! Huh....not likely!!!!

I agree that having pets with children is a good idea, and as long as you don't have a demon possessed cat, things will be fine!!

(Besides, my cats are my children...... )
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I've heard the breath stealing thing to but it was from someone my age,19. Some friends of mine were talking and the subject came up (one of my friends was pregnant at the time) needless to say I told them it was only an old wives tale which got the friend who said it in the first place very mad. She thought she was right because her mother told her it was true. The pregnant girl ended up getting rid of her cat anyway and my other friend still isn't to happy with me but oh well I tried!

P.S They also said a pregnant woman can get sick from changing litter pans but I really didn't know if that was true or not.
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You do have to be careful with the litter tray thing, there is something in it which can be harmful, the best bet is to get someone else to change it (ain't it always though!! hee hee) or as it has already been mentioned here, wear rubber gloves, wash hands thoroughly and try not to breath in the dust etc....

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What you can catch if you are in contact with cat feces is toxoplasmosis. I did some resarch and came up with this:

<<Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite that infects humans and animals. Millions of people in the United States, and the majority of people in some areas, are infected with this organism but have no symptoms of illness. When adults with an intact immune system are newly infected, they are usually asymptomatic. >>

Notice that is something you can catch if you are a gardener too in contact with earth, dirt spolied by cat feces... That's why in Portugal doctors recommend not eating strawberry during pregnancy since they are in contact with dirt...

<<Cats become infected with the parasite after eating rodents and other animals that carry forms of the parasite in their muscle. The cats become infected and pass the parasite's eggs in the stool. They shed the organism for only a few weeks, but the eggs can persist in the right environment for longer than a year. People become infected when they consume food or water contaminated with the egg. People may also become infected when they consume improperly cooked meats, usually pork, containing the organism.>>

Anyway,in Europe all pregnant woman are tested for toxoplamosis: if you are positive, it means that you already had it and probably are immune. (I think) If you are negative, then you have to take care no to catch during your pregnancy. And I am quite sure,that in US they do that also, if not, you might want to ask your doctor about it?

Here is the complete article that I found:

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Just found another one.
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How about this cat joke to make you smile?

A woman called the vet to see her sick cat. The doctor arrived at the women's house, examined the animal and told the woman the cat was pregnant. "That's impossible," said the woman. "She hasn't been near a male cat."

Just then a big tom cat walked into the room. "How about him?" ask the vet.

"Don't be silly," said the woman. "That's her brother."

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My ex mother n law and sister n law years ago told me I shoudnt have my cat because he would kill the baby. I told her no way. They were both terrified of cats. When I was in the room I let my cat Benji go in the crib and he would lay beside the baby. ONLY while I was there with him. To this day my daughter has a special love for cats.

I have read that cats would lay on or too near the baby attracted by their warmth and the baby would smother and that is where this old wives tale originated that they steal the breath. These poor sweet animals unkowingly were only trying to cuddle with the baby.
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I do wash my hands very well after changing the litterbox. I was tested for that and I do not have it. I have always kept the doors closed to my kids room. I think I will try the screen door it sounds like a good idea. I have to keep the door closed in my daughters room because she is a very light sleeper and the cats go in there and play. I do have one cat that is very strange. She also sheds alot (I mean alot). She is not a loud on the couch let alone in the bed. Thank you all for the info.
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I am here to purrsonally inform you that I grew up with cats all my life..from kittenhood...uhhh,make that infancy today!! There have been ill effects..mew!! These ignorant humans..err people...make me furrocious!! Hiss,spit!! I would like to give them such a scratch!! I mean smack em.. Now please excuse me,this has upset me so much I must visit my sandbox and go play with my mouse until I calm down. :tounge2:
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One of my best friends, Shannon, who posts sometimes on here, is pregnant....she told me about the litter pan thing.....I had never heard that before......I didn't quite understand it, but was glad she was being careful, and taking precautions.....but thank you Anne-Clair, for explaining it to all of us!!!!!!!
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Originally posted by Debby
One of my best friends, Shannon, who posts sometimes on here, is pregnant....she told me about the litter pan thing.....I had never heard that before......I didn't quite understand it, but was glad she was being careful, and taking precautions.....but thank you Anne-Clair, for explaining it to all of us!!!!!!!
When I was pregnant I did a lot of research on that... In Come to think of it If I am curious about something I always do a lot of research

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When I had my son (22 years ago) we had a cat who used to climb into his crib and lay next to him. Several times I caught her licking his mouth and chin, I assume because of the smell of milk?
This is probably (maybe) where that Wives Tale stems from?

She never stole his breath, smothered him, or even scratched him, so I kept them both!

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When I was pregnant with my first child I had a siamese. My ob/gyn HIGHLY suggested that I get rid of the cat for my own health ( the risk of toxoplasmosis from the litter ), and for the safety of the newborn. My husband agreed and we let a loving family take her. I am not sure if that was the "right" thing to do. I am sure I would have been fine, but I have to say I was not about to put my child at risk in any way, shape, or form. When I asked my pediatrician, they agreed that a cat maybe wasn't the proper pet for a newborn, and definitly not for a pregnant woman.
Now after two kids, and 6 years later,m y opinion today is JUST BE CAREFUL. Try to let someone else do the litter and just be very cautious when the baby arrives. I'm sure it will all be fine. Good luck!!
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I tested negative for toxo Goes to show that cats are not so infective. After 2 decades of cats and their feces I have not caught it. The main cause of toxo in humans is uncooked meat, followed by contact with contanimated soil (either working in the garden or eating unwashed vegetables). I once read there wasn't even one case where they proved that a human caught toxo from cats!

Anyway, I would have been happier had I tested positive. It would have meant that I were immuned. Toxoplasmosis is a terrible thing to have when pregnant as it can cause horrible defects in the baby. I am extra careful now - I don't touchuncooked (or semi-cooked) meat, I don't work in the garden and I let hubby clean the litter box.

I'm sorry to say that most doctors don't really know what they're talking about. I really appreciate my OB - he's really good and he didn't tell me to get rid of the cats - just to avoid the litter box. He also suggested that I keep the cats indoors only because he was afraid they might catch toxo themselves from cats outside. As is happens, it is not infectious between cats... as I had to explain to him. We do keep them inside to prevent them from hunting which is how they might get toxo.

My mother in law is worried about the cats getting on top of the cats. I just tell her that if we absolutely must, I'm sure we can find the baby a good home
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LOL find the baby a good home! I also have indoor cats and they have not found any mice in the home. I never knew I was not to work in the garden. I do it all the time. I wash my hands very well after doing this the same as I do after changing the litter box. I put bleach in it when I change the litter. I just feel if I rince it with hot water and bleach it is cleaner.
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If anyone bothers you again with an evil-cat story, try one of these responses:

"Oh, are you one of those television evangelists?"

"Yeah. That's funny. Have you heard Mormons have horns? Did you know all Japanese need glasses? How about that business of the Pope taking over the world? What about those oil wells every American owns? It's incredible what people think, isn't it?"

"Oh, are you a doctor too?"

"I'm descended from a clan of saber-toothed tigers myself, so it's okay."

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LOL!!! Mr. Cat that is so funny I will try that next time.
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If none of Mr. Cat's responses will work, the next time someone offers a stupid piece of advice just say:

"Oh! I'm must have mistaken me for someone who gives a d*** about what you think!"

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Or the oh-so-diplomatic version, "Thank you, I'll give that every bit of consideration it deserves." If you manage to say it with a straight face, the other person often feels complimented! (Nothing like messin' with their little minds)
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