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I went and bought an 18 gal heavy duty plastic tote box. I lined it in batting and have rearranged their rug and afghan so they have a larger shelter with a porch. Their box was crushing from them sitting on it and they had torn up the heavy garbage bag.

Momma kitty showed up today. I have not seen her for two months. She looks as if she has been in some major fight. Her tail looks bent, there is fur missing on her back and she is limping. I was surprized to see her and aghast at her condition as she has been so healthy for the last 1 1/2 years I have been observing her. She is very talkative but stays her distance. She watched me do all the rearranging on the deck and came to the food bowl as soon as I went in.

The kittens accepted her back with relish. Even to trying half heartedly to nurse. She is cuddling with them but bats them away when they try to nurse.

I am positive of the sex of two of them now from watching them roll and play on the deck. I am happy to report one is a female and the black is a male.
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I am in trouble because she now has a name! I found out she is a female by watching her wrestle with another kitten.

Anyway, she was in the front birdfeeder yesterday afternoon. I guess she was hoping one would fly into her mouth. I was able to get a good closeup through the front window before she took off.
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This one is closer.
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And the feeder she is sitting in!
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Oh Subee,

You are a charm for providing for these cats! You did more than a good deed in giving them a waterproof home, one that was warm. When it starts warming up, take an old shirt and put it on and wear it, get it all saturated with your smell and put it in their bedroom. That will acquaint them with your smell. Take another old shirt and do the same, and put that shirt under their food bowl.

Feed them chicken broth warmed over their kibble, and to trap mom, use sardines, or really cheap and stinky canned cat food. You can also sprinkle organic catfood in the food in the trap to get her interested in coming in for bite.

Bless you for helping this family!
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Oh they are sooooo sweet!!!!
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to cute .

So what you are going to do with Maggie May when you catch her ?
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well...I have only four inside cats. There is room for one more. My heart has room for them all.

I really like her personality. Do you see how calmly she looks at me for pictures? I see no fear there. The other two run for the shed when I am around.
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hmmmm , that sounds that there is a conection between you and her . I hope and pray you are able to get them and they will be save . May you be richly blessed for caring
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Oh subee, that kitty is so sweet.The hair is so neat on that kitty. Hang in there,that kitty cat needs you.
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ohhh! they are so adorable! poor babies in the cold and snow. I hope you can get them inside.
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They really are absolutely gorgeous!!! Good luck with it all, maybe some day they will let you near them, that would be awesome.
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Bless your heart! Please keep us updated on the events of these beauties!

Sending mega vibes, thoughts & prayers your way Subee!
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Those are some really cute kittens!
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I have just read this whole thread. You are wonderful for taking such great care of those kittens. They are so adorable! I know how you feel about them being out in the cold. I used to take care of 2 ferals in a park for about 5 years. They eventually lost interest in the food I was giving them, I think a resident near the park started to feed them and they hung out there instead. But, one winter it was really cold and there was so much snow, that you could no longer even see the picnic tables in the park. One night, it went down to -20 and I felt so bad for them. But they managed. I too, would give them warm food and warm water. I even made a box for them to sleep in. We even trapped them and took them to the vet to be spayed. But, they were just too wild to keep. I still think about those 2 girls when I go to the park. I will always wonder what happened to them. Keep up the good work!!!
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Subee, any update on your 3 kittens plus Mom in your yard?
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I believe they are taming down! They only run to the end of the deck instead of totally away when I put food and water out for them. And I have played "chase the finger on the patio glass" with the one I call Maggie May.
They have a path worn through the snow to the "hideout" under the shed. They prefer to cuddle in the box I have fixed up for them. Yeah!!!They tumble and play so much in it I have to remake their bed everyday. SO...I have added some of my old clothes to get them used to my scent.
And (this is a big and) my husband has their picture as the background on his computer. We are moving in the right direction!!!!!!
Keep you fingers crossed for me and thanks for the questions.
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I've just read this thread and I have to say the kittens are just adorable.

Also, bless you for looking after them.
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If you ever manage to catch them and cant keep them all, I would certainly take one (or two). With the winter we have had, it makes me want to cry at seeing them sitting at your door. I would be sooooooo sad for them. At least its warmed up some here so they arent as cold as last week and the week before. I have a male (and yes he is male because he pees on my backdoor when Sam is out--besides that I got a peek when he ran off) that has been hanging around. I put some food out for him and talk to him when he's sitting out there. I'm not sure he's really homeless since we have several "beggars" that have hustled me before. My boyfriend always asks if there is anything I dont feed in the neighborhood LOL
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Thanks and I will keep you in mind if I ever get a hold of them. They must be telling all their friends because I have seen 8 cats out there at night. But the constant ones are two females and one black male kittens and Momma peeks in every so often.
When I fed them this morning at 7:00 a.m. they merely moved to the edge of the deck and sat and watched me fill the food. I am sure when the weather warms they will warm to me too.
I keep giving them toys and they run off with them! It is so funny. And they are all cuddling in the tote when I check during the day.
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I tried this and it worked.......

I took my LARGE cat carrier wrapped the outside in heavy plastic to keep it dry...2-3 heavy garbage bags will do it.... I put blankets and towels deep enough to burrow into.....I put it far enough away from the house so noise wouldn't scare them.....I even had a heating pad on low under all the blankets and with an outdoor extension cord for heat....it may offer them shelter they wouldn't have othrwise.... ferals are hard to socialize after a certain age, keep trying..
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I have hurt my back and do not dare venture too far into the yard. The snow is so deep. They loved the first shelter I made them. In fact they loved it to death. It only lasted four days or so but got them through -11 temps at night.

They are now in a super large rubbermaid tote. I have the inside fixed up with batting and some old clothes I have been saving for a garage sale. It is near my patio door under the overhang and they are warm and dry finally. I can check on them without leaving the house. I have to remake their bed everyday because they wrestle and play so hard. But that way I can check to see if anything has gotten damp and frozen. I feed them every morning and every evening. They line up and peek in. It is so cute.

My four inside cats are only curious about them. There is no hissing or territory squabbling going on. That makes me real happy because the inside ones could really tear up my patio blinds if there was an objection to these kittens. The ferals all leave paw marks on my door and that makes picture taking hard because it looks blurry!
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Thank you for keeping us all updated. I just love the story of these cats.
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Suebee you doing a grat job and I follow the hole time when you or some one else is posting . I am so anxious (sp) for them to be cought by you . Those kittens look sooooooo cute I can fall in love with
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Subee, you wouldn't believe how much I love following your story. I look forward to checking in everyday to see what's going on. I appreciate what you're doing and the other woman who wrote in and is using a heating pad outdoors to keep ferals warm. How warm hearted you both are. And alot of us here at this site that we haven't heard about.
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Those are beautyful kitties! It is really a wonder how cats can live in snow and suck cold! They are so lucky you are taking care of them! I just saw this thread, and I am so excited to read the story, from now on I´ll defenately be checking in regularily!
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Subee - may God keep you and bless you always. You are an angel, indeed.

I am in Lafayette and have been watching this thread. I am assuming (??) that you are in the northern tier of counties, with all of the snow you mention. There are some no-kill shelters in that general area that might be able to help you out.

If you need some contact names and numbers, let me know and I will try to help you as much as I can. This saga ~is~ going to have a happy ending.

You and those beautiful kitties are in my prayers.

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OMG! I dont know how i missed this thread.

Not only are they cute, but their a gorgeous colour.

What an angel you are for feeding them!. I hope they are able to go to loving homes, because they'd turn out to be beauties!!


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Subee, any update on the kittens? How is your back?
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Well...they are doing very well. I cannot believe how much cat food they consume! And they drink several bowls of water throughout the day.
Everyday they appear calmer and I even left the patio door ajar (BRRRRRRR) in the hopes one might venture inside. But they did not come in. And my inside ones did not want out!

They have taken and hidden three fabric mouses, a tubular fabric toy and several balls with bells in them. My hubby will not be happy on the first mowing if I do not get them picked up!

Yesterday I wiped down the outside patio glass and I had a sparrow die as I was stepping inside. He flew at the cat food and took a quick right to avoid me and knocked his little birdie head on the door. He hit so hard his skull burst! Usually they pick themselves up after a moment and fly drunkenly off. This little fellow was not so lucky. SO...I called to the ferals to come. I could see them in the neighbor's yard. They all ran to my door and the black male got the bird. So now I must be setting up birds too! HA!
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