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Flowerbelle These Days (long update)

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Well, at almost a year old now, it looks like our little Flowerbelle has topped out at a whopping 4 pounds - something. Maybe she's up to 8 - 10 ounces. (Don't we wish ALL of our kitties were Flowerbelle-sized? Geez - we'd fit in our cozy home so much better, LOL!)

Her eye is doing pretty well, though only when she consistently receives all the medication. We've tried weaning her off of it, but to no avail. We're giving it another month and then we'll see. If it won't stabilize without medication 9 times times a day, we'll probably have to have it removed. We've worked so hard to keep it - I think Gary would really be upset. Not devastated, because he's prepared for the possibility, but definitely upset. I'm the one handling the medication, and, quite honestly, at this point I think I'd feel relieved. Selfish, I know, but she does NOT like getting any of her meds.

The EGC (allergy problem causing skin irritation on her neck) is under control with prednisone. Doc wants to stick with it at least a few more weeks and then try to wean her off of that - we'll see how it goes.

The herpes virus (which is causing the problems with her eye) worked through her system too far before caught and medicated to prevent the terrible sinus/upper respiratory problem she will apparently almost always have. Doc says by the time she passes, the virus will have eaten away all of the turbinates in her sinuses (not painful for her).

The sad news is that our little darling will very likely live a shorter life than if she'd been rescued even just a week or two earlier. But the happy news is that she is SUCH a joy.

Gary calls her a terror - but she really doesn't do any damage. She loves to chew on papers. But between us, instead of just printing out new reports to take into work he takes the ones she's chewed on. So the big goof thinks it's cute and just likes to complain.

She is the most kitten like cat we've ever experienced. It is impossible to get mad at her for anything, because she's always so darn cute doing everything! Because of her bad eye, she turns and twists her head around in the funniest ways, and because of her deafness she always reaches out her front paw and waves it around in - depending upon the circumstance - the cutest, most endearing, or insanely entertaining way. She has a terrible sense of balance and little sense of "the edge" of things. She's constantly falling, jumping and missing the target, just flopping over to lie down and rolling off the edge of the couch, chair, bed (fortunately not the taller places on the cat tree!). She never hurts herself, never acts like her dignity was in the least bit affected, and is fearless and just tries again. (God forbid any of the other cats falls off of anything - they act like someone insulted them and stalk off, LOL!)

She sleeps on her own sheepskin bed right next to ours at the same height. But I almost always wake up with her curled up under my chin. Or if I'm on my tummy, she'll be asleep on my back.

She's still a complete purr monster. Other than when asleep, involved in play (which is a lot!) - or intensely involved with being on Window Patrol, she is almost always purring. Well... she does stop for a few seconds while I wrestle in eye drops, eye cream or a pill. But we even seem to have worked out getting the meds in. Or maybe I've just gotten a lot better at it with all this experience, LOL!

She is our sunshine, our joy, and a constant source of entertainment. It never fails that no matter how mad Gary gets because of work, no matter what kind of insane bad mood he's in because he's been sleep deprived for days - she'll do something cute and he'll immediately relax, smile and just be happy to be alive again. Even sleeping she's cute!

...although I've realized that she's got that same funny mouth structure that MaeMae does, and it makes her look very frumpy in straight-on photos because of how the shadows work. But from the side, she always looks like she's smiling.

Like I wrote to a friend the other day: Lazlo's my favorite because he's my first kitty (though he's "ours" Laz took to me first really). But Spooky (who has totally come out of her shell the past few weeks!!!!!) is my favorite because she is SUCH a lover now. Tuxedo is Gary's favorite because of everything they went through together and the incredible bond they have. But Sheldon is Gary's favorite because he's Gary's first kitty (see comments about Laz ) - and he's such a character, our alpha boy. And Flowerbelle is our favorite because she is SO DARN CUTE (and loving).

BTW - Sheldon and Flowerbelle are incredible to watch. He is like the total protective older brother. The wrestle, they play hunt & seek, he constantly bathes her - despite her protestations. He tackles her (with all of his long, tall, thin 14 poungs!), holds her down, and cleans her. He cleans her bad eye (which is CONTSTANTLY weeping), he cleans her neck - and Flowerbelle is just so funny, lying on her back, legs flailing around trying to push him off - but her little legs are too short to really get at him. At some point we really have to invest in a digital moving picture kind of thing and I have to figure out how to get something like that up on the web.

Anyway, here are a few recent pics:
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Caught in the act of yawning and stretching!
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Oh what a Tiger you have !!! She is such a sweety
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Our little girl, on top of the world.... (or the cat tree )
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I can feel some cheek pinching coming on
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What a little sweetheart! I sure hope she doesn't lose her eye, but it's not the end of the world if she does! Our dog lost her eye and we just let the hair grow over it and you'd never know it wasn't there! She's a darling.
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There's my little angel in fur!!

Laurie, she is just SO beautiful, and her amazing purrsonality just makes her even more special. She is smiling in those pictures, too! And she always makes me smile....
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aaawww she is soooooo cute . She also has grown a lot , at least thats how it looks like in the pics .
I am sorry that the eye is still a problem and I hope it will heal , poor baby . Bless you for taking care of her
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She's just so precious. She just touches my heart. I'm so glad you found and rescued her.
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She's looking really well..... and it's all down to you
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Laurie, tell Gary she will honestly be better off without the eye, and she won't notice it is gone, though he will. They really adapt quite quickly to this type of trauma and rebound fast. Plus the pain factor will be gone and the stress of having to medicate it every day three or four times a day will be gone as well. It will just make her all the more special than she already is!
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I am so glad to hear about Flowerbelle and how she is doing. She is such a darling and it is impossible not to love her. I have tears in my eyes reading all about her and it makes me sad that she may have a shorter life than she could have. But I do know that it is now very special and wonderful because of people like you.
Bless you and Gary for taking in a wonderful beautiful kitty like her.

I can totally relate to what she does due to her deafness - Kahu is just the same, he waves his paw around, especially when he wants our attention.

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Aww, she looks so darling.
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Laurie, you have worked wonders with this girl she looks lovely. I think it would be a lot less stressful for you and her to have her eye removed as sad as it seems.

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You know, I'm so dumb I didn't even think about eliminating the stress of the medications! She's in no pain from the eye, and (apart from the meds) it doesn't bother her. Plus it would stop weeping, and it wouldn't need to be cleaned three times a day to prevent massive crusting...geez - there are just so many positives here. I'll have to go to work on Gary....

But I really have to laugh! Not 10 minutes ago Gary declared loudly from the bedroom as he turned around to call me:

"Come Here! Come Here! You've got to see this! She is so DEVASTATINGLY cute!" (His emphasis, not mine). (She was attacking the pillow).

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Wow! It is amazing how much better she looks. She is one happy girl!

You two are amazing to have taken this pitiful little kitten and turn her into a joyful bundle of purrr like this!

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Flowerbelle is such a cutie pie! I love the cats that stay tiny and kitten-like all their lives. She looks like the perfect little Princess!

Concerning her sinus problems and shortened lifespan - the vet told me that Bogart wouldn't live past 10 years old because he had the same basic sinus problems as your Flowerbelle. Through a lot of love and TLC, he'll be 13 years old in 6 weeks. Don't get discouraged, good things can still happen to this girl!!

I would side with the folks for eye-removal. Not just to ease your burden (9 times a day??? WOW!), but to alleviate her stress with the medications. Part of good health and longevity is low stress levels.
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My little buddy is still looking good.... Thank You and Gary for the TLC for this little angel.
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She is such a little
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She is adorable! Reminds me so much of my little blizzy
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