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Hair Ball???

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We have Patches on a once a week hair ball treatment its called Zema , not until today have I seen any evidence of Hair balls ( we have had her about a month now ) but today she was doing what cats do when their trying to cough one up . The direction say to use it once a week for prevention and a 3 day treatment for elimeniation . Is this stuff any good? should I use something else . will she get it up herself and I should stay with the once a week?

Im confused

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Like any over the counter treatment, you follow the package directions. Groom her every day to help remove the fur she sheds and make sure she is clear of fleas by putting advantage on her. I feed canned pumpkin to my crew, and don't have hairball problems- the fiber pushes the hair right through their system.
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yes shes on advantage and flea free ( yaaaaay ) the reason I asked is it doesnt seem to have prevented the hair ball I didnt know if the product was any good and would now eliminate it
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Saki coughs every once in a while.. maybe once a week or every two weeks. He'll cough like 5 times and then that's it.. he's off to play again I started him on Petromalt and he just loves it, licks it right off my finger. But I have been putting pumpkin in his food for months now so who knows if it's working! lol.
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How much canned pumpkin do you feed...once a day ? once a week?
I have only seen my himmy cough up one hairball but id like to be safe so he doesnt have to do it again
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Canned pumpkin can be fed every day, just like a half teaspon or so with their wet food
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