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Supplements necessary??

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If you are feeding your cats a high quality cat food and occasional treats, is there really any need for supplements. Just curious cause I see them on the market and wonder if they're necessary.

Oh, and I feed Max Cat Lite dry.
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I've always heard that if you're feeding a quality diet supplements are unneccessary. There's also a possibility of creating harmful excesses of certain nutrients - if you want to give a supplement please check with your vet first.
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Thanx, there should at least be a 'warning' or something on the label saying that there can be some sort of overdose...
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I think a lot of pet supplies still fall under the 'buyer beware' category, unfortunately.

But supplements can be good for some cats, in some situations.

My oldest cat gets an enzyme supplement called Prozyme to help with her digestion, and I used to give my RB cat Cosequin for her arthritis. There are also fatty acid supplements for skin troubles, and vitamin supplements for pregnant and nursing cats, and for pets recovering from stress, etc. It's always just better to check with a vet & make sure it's OK before giving anything out of the ordinary.

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The food I'm going to switch Cupid to a couple weeks or so after I get home back, has a bunch if vitamins in it, but I found a vet who feeds her cats (same kind of cats too!) the same thing and she adds vitamins. I asked her how often/what to add and she said she just adds them at certain times of the year, and when her cats are pregnant (she's a breeder). Like when they get the sniffles, she adds vitamin C and l-lysine which boosts their immune system.
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I feed my cats a mixture of Innova and chicken soup. I add a crushed cat acidiphilis pill to replace the good bacteria in their system. I also add a linatone supplement. It is basically a fatty acid supplement that does WONDERS for their skin and coat. My maine coon mix had problems with dandruff and they were eliminated in less than a week! You can find it at petsmart.
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