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It has been several months since I lost my last cat that was FIV positive. My other cats are all negative and have been for two years since I brought home two abandon kittens. I didnt know at the time they were FIV positive. Does anyone know if it is safe to bring another kitten home? Can FIV be passed from cat beds,litter box or food bowls? I really dont want to go through FIV again it is very heartbreaking when they are healthy and the vet wants to put them under and I couldnt do it. So I took the best care to protect my other cats from the disease and still take care of the two kittens. One lived for a year and the two years. My other cats had had their shots but we had them tested and they are neg. But its been about 5months now and I want to bring another kitty home. He is an albino and deaf and just as sweet as can be. At least thats what his foster mom says. He has had all his shots and is not FIV positive. I just want to make sure my house is FIV free. Could anyone offer me advise?
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Take a look at these articles:

The articles say that the FIV virus does not live very long outside the cat, that it is primarily spread through bite wounds and breeding. This makes it unlikely that a new (FIV-negative) cat would be at risk in your home, as long as your existing cats are FIV-negative.

Just in case, though, it's a good idea to talk to your vet about this first - he or she should be able to help you address any concerns, and help prepare for the newcomer.

I'm so sorry you had such a terrible experience in trying to help some strays. You were an angel to help them. It sounds like you've had to learn the hard way about cat diseases.

Just to be careful, you might want to get a copy of this new kitten's vet records from the foster home so you can see the test results yourself (and have a record of the new kitten's care), and have the kitten checked by your vet before bringing him home.

I hope the new kitten works out...it's sweet of you to try and help another cat. Let us know how it goes.
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I have 12 kitties and one has FIV. She is the mom of three of the cats and nursed two of the other cats. All of the cats have tested negative except for her. I was scared of FIV, but after discussing everything with my vet I comforable with them all living together. She is not a biter so it is very unlikly we will spread it to any of the other furbabies.
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It should be safe now. As already mentioned, the FIV-virus doesn't last long outside the cat at it basically only spreads through cat bites.
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