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Originally Posted by MollyBlue View Post

And if you do let her out of the crate, you could do so only if you are able to supervise her... like let her out for a little play time and exercise and then back in.

Yes, good idea to make sure she doesn't go stir-crazy!
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Everything has been cleaned really good, and I've been letting her out when ever I'm up there too supervise her! I'll probably let her sleep in there a couple more nights and then try to let her out for good. I'm hoping that she'll go use the litter sometime while she's out playing with me so I know she'll go to it when she still has free range
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Even after you are able to let her out, it might be a good idea if you are able to leave the crate in there and see if she still uses it of her own free will.  I never crate trained a cat before we adopted Snowy from the shelter - and even though it was a free roam shelter, she was kept in a cage.  Now, she still likes to sleep in her carrier from time to time, I guess just when she is wanting a safe spot.  Its nice not having her afraid of it too... for when we travel, or when she must see the vet.


Glad things are going better.  It must have been a very big adjustment for the poor girl, and then if she was sick on top of everything... :D

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i left her out most of the day today, I was able to spend most of the time in my room or at least be able to check her every so often, and no accidents! She went and sat on my bed a couple times and I got nervous, but she didn't pee! So I'm going to crate her tonight, give her free range tomorrow, and crate her tomorrow night while I'm at a Halloween party, and then after that I'll let her out for good, but I'll leave her litter and food in the crate for a while before I move it. I'm so glad everything's working out! And her body is changing a lot now, since she's finally got a good diet, but her stomach looks a little big, and with those weird lumps I'm worried she's pregnant. But she also has gas so maybe she's just been eating a little too much. Hopefully she's not pregnant, but if she is I'll do everything in my power to make it easy on her, she's just so small. I think the vet would have told me if they felt kittens though, unless they assumed I already knew. Anyways, other than worrying about that everything has turned out great! I would take her to the vet and find out for sure but I already spent so much money getting her a flea pill, and exam and UTI medicine, food, several different kinds of litter, and some cat things (litter box etc) and then buying all 4 of my dogs flea pills because this little stinker passed them on before I got her treated. That I can't afford to go back to the vet quite yet. So I'll have to be patient and wait a week or two until I can tell for sure. And if not I'll get her spayed as soon as I can. But she's strictly inside, and upstairs in my room so I'm not worried about her eacaping for the time being. She's been a project. Now I'm just trying to think of a name. I kind of like Sloane, but I'm not sure about it. My family doesn't like it.

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She is absolutely gorgeous.. :heart4:


When it comes to names, I always check that I can say it several times, quickly, as I do that when I call them.. If you're not careful you can end up with quite a tongue-twister!



How wonderful that she ended up in such a brilliant home. hugs.gif

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Yeah I've been following her around my room all day saying every name I see on a name website at her trying to find one that fits 😂
When I read Sloane I didn't like it but when I say it to her it seems fitting. I could change my mind 100 times by tomorrow though!
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I don't know how I missed this thread but I just read every post!


This pretty kitty has been quite the project for you. I am at awe with how patient you have been with her, you are truly a wonderful and caring animal lover.


She is so lucky to have you and it sounds like she loves you already :heart3:


I have a soft spot for calico cats, my Mom got my sisters and I a calico kitten when I was 5 years old. My Mom sat in a chair with the kitten on her lap, petting her coat in different directions. I still remember how magical all the colors looked!


When my Mom asked us what we wanted to name her we all said "Sunshine". She lived to be 14 years old and died from kidney failure when I was 19 years. I'll never forget her, she was really pretty, just like your sweet girl.

I hope you keep us posted on her progress, I can't wait to see what name you decide on :catguy: 

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Originally Posted by abbygibson1212 View Post


After I saw this picture, all I could read from what you wrote was "blah blah blah... blah blah blah crate.. blah blah pee.. blah blah blah" :D


LOL! I can't focus when you upload pics like this!


All I can say, is well done @abbygibson1212 for your commitment and patience to this awesome creature! hearthrob.gif

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Oh, she's beautiful! I'm so glad you saved her. I've just skimmed through this so sorry if you've already answered, but did you find out if she is pregnant or not? If she's not looking very round she could be in the very early stages. It's still possible to spay at this stage.


I think she looks like a Pumpkin.



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I've been thinking about a "halloweeny" name, and came up with "Pumpkin".
Since she has those patches of orange, and she's such a sweetheart. 
Thank you for rescuing her!

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Amber or autumn or marmelade. I TNRd a small Calico and named her lil titch! She lives out side but comes twice a day for meals.
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When I was little my mom had a friend who had a calico cat, and ever since I seen that cat I have wanted a calico! I personally don't think I could have found a prettier one if I tried! She really loves me a lot already, she doesn't allow me to have personal space anymore, she always sleeps on my chest. Don't know if she's pregnant yet, just gonna give it a couple of weeks until I can tell myself. She may just be filling out awkwardly since she hasn't had a good diet until now. I thought of the name pumpkin too, but I kind of like naming my pets people names, and the name marmalade is adorable! But I think would laugh every time I said it 😂
And that kitty is beautiful!

And my personal favorite
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Awe, she is so sweet!  She looks happy :catguy:


Zeus prefers to sleep on my chest too all the way up into my neck. It looks like he is whispering in my ear :heart3: 


I was thinking she might be filling out awkwardly too, I guess you will know for sure soon.


Thanks "fur" the update.

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I guess that Amish guy, had a Lady in a barn and he didn't know it ;)


She's wonderful! I have a soft spot for calicos, myself hearthrob.gif

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Well I still like Patch, which if you go with Patch Adams it is a people name... so if you wanted it to be halloweeny Adams could be for the Adams Family. For some reason though the cat reminds me of Pipi Longstocking, and Pipi is sort of like Pee Pee which is what she did all over the place... naming is hard.  Have you just asked the cat what her name is? Sometimes they will tell you.  :D  I hope she is not pregnant, but then I also hope it is not something more serious than a pregnancy.  That would really suck for the cat, and for you as you seem to be bonding with her really quickly, especially in light of the huge messes she was making... a lot of people would have kicked her right back outdoors.  She is lucky to have you.

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All I can see for a name is Autumn. Her colors remind me of a beautiful Autumn day.


She is such a beautiful, colorful girl. Thank you for all you have done for her.

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Yep, right under my chin too! That way I can't move at all lol. And if I lay on my side she curls up under my chin and has to have her head or a paw or both somewhere on me, and I'm like cat, you don't need to be touching me at all times. She's currently on my chest with her butt wedged under my chin. I wish I could ask her name! Sometimes I get mad that they can't talk haha. And yeah, there was one day that I almost lost all hope for her, but I'm glad we muscled through that one bad day because I love her so much and she's so happy now!
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Aw, apparently she didn't have any affection and now she's trying to get all the affection she can! :D

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So have you (Autumn) been able to (Autumn) choose a name (Autumn) for your beautiful girl (Autumn) yet?    :catguy:

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Originally Posted by kntrygrl256 View Post

So have you (Autumn) been able to (Autumn) choose a name (Autumn) for your beautiful girl (Autumn) yet?    catman.gif

Lol! Yes, please tell us the name!!
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Hahaha, I haven't officially decided yet, I'm still leaning towards Sloane, I don't even really know why because I have never liked that name, it must just fit her personality or something. But as for names I like best I have
I've never had this much trouble deciding! But I kind of don't know about the name Autum because I went to school with a girl with that name and I didn't like her 😂
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Originally Posted by kntrygrl256 View Post

So have you (Autumn) been able to (Autumn) choose a name (Autumn) for your beautiful girl (Autumn) yet?    :catguy:


Originally Posted by abbygibson1212 View Post

Hahaha, I haven't officially decided yet, I'm still leaning towards Sloane, I don't even really know why because I have never liked that name, it must just fit her personality or something. But as for names I like best I have
I've never had this much trouble deciding! But I kind of don't know about the name Autum because I went to school with a girl with that name and I didn't like her 😂


@abbygibson1212 I think you should listen to your heart and to a totally unbiased person, like @kntrygrl256 :D


As for the name that girl had, we see people around us, who give their kids totally unfitting names.. I had a classmate once, whose first name in Greek meant "Virgin" and her last name meant "Mac-Do-able" (sort of... I can't really write the actual word on the page).. Aaahhh... Good days :rolleyes: 

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Haha 😂
I'll probably end up going with Sloane, once I get use to actually saying it (it makes me think of greys anatomy) I think it fits her because she's a sassy little thing. And omg, now that she has settled in she is so annoying! Every morning at 6:30 on the dot she SPAZZES OUT. I'm talking running back and forth on my hard wood floor, climbing up the blinds, hooking her claws into the bottom of the couch and dragging herself along the floor on her back, and doing god knows what else. And every time I leave her in my room she meows and meows and meows until I take her out and sit her on my lap. I don't love her any less though 💗

Rare calm moments
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It seems from the photos that,, this morning routine really wears her out! Hahahahah!


If you name her "Sloane", then if you get another cat, you could name her/him "Grey"... :D That'd be cool! LOL


I absolutely LOVE the name "Autumn" for her.. On the other hand, "Sloane" is uncommon and usually given to boys (I think).. So, maybe "Sloane" is more interesting as a name for her. But really.. You should name her in a way that speaks to you.. If "Sloane" is running around your head that much, maybe that's her name :)


But PLEASE! If you get another cat PLEASE name her/him Grey! It will be so awesome! :clap: 

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Lol I could do that! And I've always wanted a solid grey or a grey and white cat, so maybe someday 🤔 That'll have to wait till I have my own house though! My parents actually hate cats but they eventually gave into my nagging and I think even they felt bad for this one. If my outside cat hadn't of run away/got stolen/??? I don't know if they would have let me bring her home though
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Well, my mother hated cats.. She despised them actually...


But when she saw Grizzly on the 1st night I brought him home.. She was..


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There's not a single cat on this planet that could make my mom like cats, I don't know where I got my love for them from lol. Is grizzly the one in your profile picture? If so he's so pretty!! I love his weird brown color.

This is my baby who went missing a few months ago, Bart. We were pretty tight but I couldn't keep him inside because boy cats make me sneezy. I guess I'll never have a male cat inside unless I get a Siberian. I've had a pretty traumatic past with cats! Who knows how many I kept in my grandparents barn that "ran away" (I found this year that he actually accidentally ran over almost every single one) and there was this one tom cat (of course he had to stay outside) that I had a special connection with like I do the one I have now, and my mom ran over him while I was in the car with her 😭 That was awful. Then I raised a litter of 5 that was in my grandparents barn, and their mother died somehow, that was stressful! But they all lived and got good homes. I found them when they were about a week old. And then I had Bart, and a long haired black smoke cat with half a tail named Stella, Bart disappeared and I had to give Stella away when we had a family emergency, I gave her to my friend, and he put her outside and let her get pregnant, and he never gives her any attention 😡 And me and him aren't friends anymore so I can't just go and bring her back home (unless I stole her 🤔 Lol) she was evil but I loved her anyways.
With all those troubles, I don't ever wanna let (Sloane?) out of my sight!
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You better not leave her out of your sight then, @abbygibson1212 .. The latest cat you lost, was so gorgeous! I hope you find him again soon.. Unless someone got him off the streets and he lives in a home now. 


You should make her YOUR responsibility. Don't ask for any favors from no one in the house. Since you say they don't like cats. If you take care of her, they won't have to deal with her care, so they won't try to persuade you to give her away.. That's my opinion, anyways hearthrob.gif 

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Sloane is a great name! I thought Grey's Anatomy when you mentioned it biggrin.gif (love the show btw). Also the series Newsroom had a gorgeous, extremely intelligent female character named Sloane that I also thought of!
Great job on rescuing this beautiful girl! She is lucky she has you!
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