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Originally posted by Debby
Ya got me... I have no idea either.
ah ha - I see you lot in the US have not caught up with us lot in the UK yet. We used to measure weights in stones. I weight 15 stone 7 - 1 stone = 14lbs - therefore - 219 lbs - target is to lose about 30lbs!

That help at all?

keeping the British flag flying wanting to stay in lbs and ounzes - not these damned kilo things
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Ah Kilos are the way we live, step above pounds and stones( .. )
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Ok now I am really confused What are you British and Australians talking about? LOL?
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ok - before I goto bed in a minute - we Brits still weigh ourselves in stones ( a stone being a unit of weight equivalent to 14 lbs). So, in my case I weight 15 stone 7lbs.
The UK has now gone metric and we are supposed to be in kilos - however, the day we went metric- I did not get that memo so am staying stones, pounds and ounzes.
now going to bed!
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So you have to do math to figure out how much you weigh! Too much thinking involved for me

Bed? Its only 5:00 pm Just kidding, have a good night.
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So if you weighed yourself in stones, how did you know how much the stones weighed??? (we in the U.S. think of a stone as a big rock) I would like to think my stones weighed very little...ha ha ha!
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lol debby, i would like to think that my stones are more like pebbles
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Sand even!
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Sand - even better!
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LOL!! you guys have the same prob I had when Kev told me about stone!!I had to grab a calculator and start my conversion from stone to lbs and then to Kgs!
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Ever notice that the diets they advertise anywhere all have the skinny ppl who don't need a diet??? Why not put the normal or fat ppl on there and make it appear realistic? Oh well. Maybe skinny ppl sell more diet stuff than normal ppl.
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Originally posted by KittenKrazy
Join the crowd, buddy ! I started on the South Beach diet Monday. At 5'6", and 195 lbs, I too am overweight, sigh.....
I know that there is a thread here for weight support, it looks good, I have also found a wonderful free site called Fitday.com its really neat. If you just want to chat, I'm on MSN and am always glad to talk diet !
Gotta say I love your incentive, though, its a neat idea, hmm, if I were to do that, I could donate about 60 boxes, hmmmm.
what all does this diet consist of? i've heard of it but
not sure how it works
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Well the metric system is the basis of SI units. It's supposed to be the units of measurements used throughout the scientific community. NASA has hopefully learnt this after crashing a rather expensive probe on Mars about a year ago, (could be more), after assuming French scientists used the imperial system. Though due to the USA scientific community refusing to recognise SI or use it, everyone else requires conversion charts.

But here's another fact. Promise it will be the last and will be returning back to the subject and end this hijacking. There is a metre long steel bar in France that weighs one kilogram that all other intruments of measure are based on. However, there is much controversy surrounding this because this steel bar is subject o contraction and expansion in weight so how can you tell which country's standard is correct?

Ok now I am really confused What are you British and Australians talking about? LOL?
Sam's in New Zealand. I live in Australia though.

Good luck Kev with your endeavour to lose weight. I haven't got many owrds of advice. I don't believe in diets. Eat your foods in moderation. If calorie intake is high, then by all means reduce it by substituting healthy alternatives. Do allow some treats such as a slice of pizza or mudcake or whatever is your poison. Remember not to overdo it. And excercise. Start slowly if you don't regularly excercise. Do at least thirty minutes a day. The aim isn't to wear yourself out. The aim is raise your heart rate above its rest rate to work a little harder. And depending on your fitness level, raise it to the level at which calories and fat is burned off. Best thing to do is to see a doctor and work together to arrange a program that is suited to you. Make sure you have a support team that you can call upon in times of need, but it does look like you've figured this one out.
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.... Make sure you have a support team that you can call upon in times of need, but it does look like you've figured this one out. [/b][/quote]

mags - I have the best support team in the world - you lot. From births to deaths, happiness to sorrow - if TCS and you lot were not around - then more people would be needing doctors.

Believing that friends give the best support and prop you up when down
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