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Overweight Kev

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Yup - its official - we had a company in today at work and I always knew I had a bit of a podge. It started some years ago and in the last 12 months, I accept its grown into a little more than a podge.
I checked myself against the scales last night and am 15 stone 8, I am 6 feet tall and carry the weight all over I think. So am tall and the way I look am evenly distributed.
Then I crosschecked the charts on line and it came out as being overweight to fat.
Today, despite my complete inability to lose as much weight as I could before my turn, cut finger and toe nails, hair short, hell I even had wee before I got weighed - the people there confirmed in as fewer words as possible... You are overweight! You need to lose weight!
I have to have a target weight of 13 stone or just over - but whatever, I have to lose 2 stone plus.
I have NEVER dieted before - NEVER wanted to. Now am told that the weight is not good for my heart and am putting a strain on it.
So, for the first time in my life, tomorrow sees the start of the weight loss gradually programme. Have booked to go for a week in Wales in May so want to be looking something for that.
Have opted to swim once a week and get some decent excersise.

My proposal is that for every lb I lose, I will buy a box of cat crunchies. I need to lose about 30lbs plus - therefore, I will take an estimated 30 boxes to the local shelter eventually. How does that sound to people. Its an incentive for me?

Has anyone ever had to start to diet before out of necessity as I am, what would you recommend.

I did have a beer problem and that wont have helped the waistline, so have knocked the beer on the head altogether. The beer helped ease the downers when I feel bad with depression and I admit that I was drinking to excess - not any more though.

Any web sites recommended would be appreciated.

So - I admit it, overweight I am and so heres to the new me in a few months and about 30lbs lighter

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Join the crowd, buddy ! I started on the South Beach diet Monday. At 5'6", and 195 lbs, I too am overweight, sigh.....
I know that there is a thread here for weight support, it looks good, I have also found a wonderful free site called Fitday.com its really neat. If you just want to chat, I'm on MSN and am always glad to talk diet !
Gotta say I love your incentive, though, its a neat idea, hmm, if I were to do that, I could donate about 60 boxes, hmmmm.
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I love the weight loss support thread here as well. Fitday is also great. May I also recommend www.3fatchicks.com - they have online journals and people encourage you - since joining them, I lost 10lbs all together. I know it sounds like its for chicks only but men are welcome there as well.

Good luck Kev, you have lots of diet buddies here!
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Hi Kev,
cutting out alcohol should make a big difference for you...it has a lot of calories.

I've bumped up the TCS weight loss thread for you...it might help too.

Best Wishes!
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well - thats my first slimfast meal and boy oh boy if I had 10 of them they would not fill me! I am starving.......keep telling carol am getting weaker by the minute, She tells me its only the first meal and to shut up....
Sniff - feel hungry (major sympathy vote needed).
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Originally posted by tuxedokitties
Hi Kev,
cutting out alcohol should make a big difference for you...it has a lot of calories.

I've bumped up the TCS weight loss thread for you...it might help too.

Best Wishes!
Many thanks - am gonna sit and read every word - I am gonna photo myself tomorrow and see what I look like in 6 weeks!

megga hungry
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Now do you know why I wanted pizza Monday?
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Hello Kev, and welcome to the world of dieters!! I've been on/off a program ( Weight Watchers ) for about 2 years now, and I'm actually back on right now.
If you are doing Slim Fast, I have to say GOOD LUCK. It leaves you hungry, not to mention very unsatisfied since you are drinking your food. UGH

The BEST plan in my opinion is Weight Watchers. But over the months, I've modified it to fit my lifestyle. I started in March 2002, and lost about 35 lbs. I've since gained back about 10 and am currently trying to lose it again.... I like doing the lower carb version of it, where you still count points but you try to limit your refined carbs and sugars so you lose a bit faster.

Good luck to you, I know you'll do fine!
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Hey Kev - the only thing that has ever worked for me is....your got it.....eat less and exercise.

I have failed everytime I purposely went on a diet. I have succeeded everytime I decided to change my eating habits - more vegetables, less fried foods, less portions of meat. If you look at the typical dinner plate served in a restaurant, you will see the emphasis put on meat and grains. When you make meals for yourself, reverse the proportions with heavy on the vegetable side. I do that, along with drinking lots of water each day and drop weight off on a consistent basis.

Then exercise, exercise, exercise. Don't take the escalator when you can take the stairs. Park further away at the store and walk more. Stretch your muscles when you are sitting at your desk at work. Plan regular times to do what most people consider as true exercise, but there is a lot of little things you can fit in during the day.

And don't deprive yourself of your favorite foods that might be bad for you. If you think you will never have that food again, it will only make you crave it more. Give yourself some slack once in a while but don't go overboard with it.

I lost 25 pounds this year without consciously thinking about it.
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Good luck Kev! That's a great idea about giving out the kitty treats for every pound you lose!

I just started the Aitkens diet last week...so far it is going really well although it is too soon to tell. I have put on a few pounds since the end of the summer (especially not working and sitting on my butt) but now I am more active, going to school and trying to sqeeze in some time for exercise as well. I feel better already!
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Good luck, its Jan and I think every one is tiping the scales a bit. I've tried diets too. Its exercise, and watching what you eat. I did find, that I lose more when I walk,walk, walk. Its free and it works. Do it at least 3 times a week and lifing light weights at home. But now the middle age spread has creeped in . Will it ever end....lol
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The easiest way to lose weight is to count your calories. You need to find out how many calories you can eat and lose weight. For me, it's 1200-1300 per day. I eat all sorts of bad foods, but once I hit that number I stop eating. Oh yes, I have lost 20 pounds while eating cookies and all the foods I like. My suggestion to you would be not to "diet" as once you stop dieting, it all comes back. If you need to find out your calorie intake go to www.ediets.com and fill out the free profile. You don't need to sign up, but in your summary you will find out how many calories you can eat and lose weight. Good luck
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Woodysgirl - fitday.com counts your calories for you as you log food - it also has a journal, a activities log, reports. Its really good, I love it.
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Kev I don't have any words of advice for you, but wish you lots of luck, I know you can do it mate!!!!!!!!
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I did the Atkins too and I lost a lot of weight, so much in fact that I had to go off of it to get some back. You lose weight fast. But there are so many things to consider with that diet. Like Keto strips. You have to test your pee to make sure the keytones aren't too high. Stuff like that.

Exercise exercise exercise. take the neighbors dog for a walk, anything, walk to the corner store rather than driving. Little things.

Good luck!!!
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It's not only about eating less, it is also about eating the right foods and watching your portions. I agree with Daniela about Weight Watchers. Try www.dwlz.com Many men belong there, too. Make sure you are drinking plenty of w a t e r every day. It really helps contribute to weight loss.

I can sympathize with where you are coming from, kev. I never had to watch my weight my entire life, but age 40 saw major metabolism changes for me. I simply cannot eat the way I used to, and Weight Watchers helped reteach me how to eat.
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looks like everything i wanna say has already been said... but if you do have cravings like women do for chips or chocolate or anything... always have fruits around you.. they fill you up and they do not have high calories.. i eat a lot of fruits whenever i have cravings so i'm always near some fruit or something... juice, watermelon or apples... nowadays even if i go shopping, i would be prob at the fruits section..but i do believe in exercise..that's why i'm going to the gym...however, if you are tied with work or anything.. spend more time with CJ.. play more games, chase him around the house... bring him fishing... anything... do something active together and it helps
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I really like weight watchers too, have lost 16lbs so far with about another 16 to go. In addition to cutting back on alcohol, try to cut out the refined sugars - soda pop, candy, even sugar in your coffee. Eat high fiber foods like whole wheat bread, pasta and cut out the white carbohydrates - potatoes, white bread and pasta. Good Luck!
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Kev, I've been overweight for about 5 years because of medication. Only I'd have to donate about 65 boxes of kibble and I don't think I can afford that! I go to OA, there's the world-wide birthday party this weekend in LA so that should be fun.
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Weight Watchers for me as well!. I've lost 3lb so far,and this is just my first week.

I've done it before with them, so i know i can do it again.

I keep saying 'I WILL GET INTO MY JEANS!!'.

Keep up the good work everyone, and if anyone feels like their going to slip up, ask everyone for help!!!!.


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I have never really had a weight problem but I can sympathise with your all as I have a problem with my Katys diet! The only thing I can see as a problem with all diets is this constant thinking about FOOD! It is a life style change you need. All this weighing and counting would do my head in. I do remember when I was about 30 and decided to become vegetarian I lost quite a few lb without even thinking about it so maybe the meat and animal fat content in stuff really does make a big difference.
However anyone does it - good luck you really will be healthier etc.
Debby - I heard the Atkins diet makes you - well how can I put this delicately - smell from both ends! is this true. I could never do it anyway as it contains too much meat but a lot of people do and get good results but is this a drawback if you like to be sociable.
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Day 1 - had a slice of toast for brekkie - then at mid morning - ate some tuna and pasta. Then at Lunch I walked solid for a good 35 mins in Leeds city centre and was surprised at how far I had gone. Returned back knackered - had a slim fast shake and am gonna have some rice and veg a little later.
Dont feel that hungry - Carol is having a pizza with Christopher- that will be murder - however, I will be strong and will get the target I want. arghhhhhhhhhhhh its murder - the pepperami smells sooooo good......
Booked a week away in Wales in May as well - thats my target date - will be walking again tomorrow and swimming saturday I think. Want to have something of a body before then and I take Christopher swimming.
The shake was nice though - have a vanilla one for tomorrow.
looking with envy at that pizza!
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I have to join everyone recommending Weight Watchers. With WW, you can have some of that pizza!! I've tried Slim fast and went off it just as fast. With Weight Watchers, I lost 50 lbs in 6 months. Thats actually faster than they wanted me to loose, but it worked! I kept it off for several years. (Since my car accident, I'm more sedantary than I used to be so its creeping back up.)

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I don't believe in cutting out food to lose weight, there is nothing wrong with eating things in moderation, as long as its carefully planned and taken out, you will be fine. WW is an example of that - the points help you to moderate your diet.
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OA is definitely about moderation and you can follow any food plan you feel you can work with. I'm developing a new food plan for myself right now and hope to have it finished in a couple of weeks.
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Oh, and OA is free (although people usually contribute $1-5 per meeting--don't know what they do in the UK, Kev).
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I agree with the others. The second you have a diet and forbidden foods is the moment you start craving them. You have to find a program like WW that allows you to eat what you want, but in moderation.
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Originally posted by tulip2454

Debby - I heard the Atkins diet makes you - well how can I put this delicately - smell from both ends! is this true. I could never do it anyway as it contains too much meat but a lot of people do and get good results but is this a drawback if you like to be sociable.

Well nobody has SAID anything yet...and I think my hubby would tell me if I was stinking from both ends!!!

Seriously though...I don't think so.
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Forgive me, but what the heck does 15 stone 8 mean? LOL!
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Ya got me... I have no idea either.
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