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Monty, Bodlover lovely Cornish Rex

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Hi, there, this is Monty, Bodlover Cornish Rex... That's a beauty!

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oooooo Thankyou so much!! Theres more on the way to you right now!!

You're an !!

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And here is.... Boddington

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This is Merlot, or Merle for short, looking Regal!!

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This is a more natural pose of Merle, saying "feed me will you"??!!
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This is my newest addition, Brandy the Birman, shes just 7 months old, and
her fur looks manky cos we just flea sprayed her!! she was not amused!! (Bodlover speaking of course!)
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Thanks sooo very much Anne-Claire!

There is also another kitty (Shandy)in my household, but she was feeling un-cooperative (as usual!) when I wanted to take a picture of her, so alas, there isn't one..... (not yet anyway..... I will get her... oh yes ...I will...)

The black guy, Bod, is My BABY!! , its not really a very good picture of him as he's alot podgier than he looks there!! what a nice cuddle though.....

There hopefully another picture of him to come...fingers crossed!

(Ps, see what I mean Nitecrwlr - I need some photographic help!! - they don't have quite the same quality as yours do they!!??!! :laughing: )
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Here is one more of Boddington...
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what beautiful kitties!!!
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You have such pretty kitties.
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Wow! How goregeous they all are!! I love the picture of Merlot demanding food. How darling!
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Those are lovely cats, indeed! But, where do they live? Are they living with you in Portugal, or with Bod Lover in England?

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Hi Mr Cat,

they are living in England with Bodlover

I just uploaded them from here (Portugal)

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Yup, Anne-Claire did a great job for me!! (as Im a bit dim when it comes to "matters of the computer"!! hee hee)

They all live nice and snug with me here in rainy old England!! I don' think they mind though!! (however I expect they'ed prefer to be living in Portugal so they have more sunshine to roll around in!!)

I love 'em!!
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Hey hey who are those fine looking chaps????
Simply adorable!!!! Give them a nice big hug from me!
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Thanks love, will do!! (though they get one from you every night!!, love to Eric!)
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These cats look really familiar. Bodlover I am so glad you got your pics posted. I would not have minded doing it for you as I already had them here. But the main thing is they are here for all to see. They are lovely cats.
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Thanks Elinor, I know you wouldn't have minded but I was very eager and impatient, and you weren't around immediately!! I really appreciate all your help though love!!

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Those are beautiful pictures, cats are so naturally photogenic! Boddington is such a beautiful kitty!
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Thanks bastetca, I just tried to send you some pictures to your email address on the thread "just a cute picture for y'all" but they all came bouncing back to me!! could you give it to me again please??

Thanks love!
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That was my own fault! The email should have said bastetca@yahoo.ca.
I'm going to change it in my other post as well! So Sorry!
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No trouble hun!! I won't send you those pics now anyway cos you've already seen them here!! But I will be getting some new ones hopefully over the weekend, so when I get some really cute ones I'll be sure to send them your way!!

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I can never get enough kitty pics! I have this bad habit of not having my film developed for ages though! When i get around to getting the pictures of my Dius developed I'll scan them in and post them here for everyone to see!
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Anne-Claire!!!!!!! That was SO sweet of you to post Bodlover's pictures for her.....you are an
I may be contacting you to help me post pictures too, because even though I am a moderator on this site, I don't know much about computers, and posting pics!!!


Merlot.....you said you call him Merle for short......WOW
The reason I say WOW is because my Merlin was born a few days after my dad died.....so I named him Merlin..........in memory of my father...Merle. I am glad there are now TWO cats I know of named for Merle!
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contact me when you want and I'll help you if I can! I'll give you my email in a PM, ok?

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Thank you Anne-Claire I do need help posting them! but first I have to turn in all those rolls of film, I have taken, and have them put onto a disk..........then I can e-mail them to you!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!
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I can't wait to see your photos. And I know what you say about turning in the rolls of film etc... That's why I biught a digital camera, so the photos can be trasnferred to the computer much easier...
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Dear Bodlover :angel2:

You hae a gorgeous family They appear so happy too!

Love &,

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Hey people!! I finally got some pictures of the un-cooperative cat Shandy!! I'll be posting them soon as I can....

Just thought Id let you know!

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Dear Bodlover :angel2:

It she's as elusive as one of mine...this should be a rare treat! Job hates his pic taken...he was a feral...I guess he still is, but he's been coming around more lately

He's so funny, when you pick him up to love on him, he gets so rigid...like "Eeewwwwwww...leave me alone", to take a pic, you'd think you were going to hurt him...he's a tough cookie, but...he's a good boy...much better now that he's been nuetered.

Love &
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