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Cupid's Fur

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I got these pictures the other day and thought I'd share. A lot of y'all were curious about how he feels and it's so hard to explain. These pics of him in the sun really show his "fur." He has down-like fur on his body, and his paws have more velvet texured fur. His face and ears have fur like on the muzzle of a horse.

Sorry it's so big, but if I made it smaller it was hard to see.

Here is a picture of him when he was a baby... when he was a little ball of wrinkles.
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He's so gorgeous! Does this mean he's home?
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Dang, he is just so adorable, I can't resist him! He has made a convert out of me for Sphynxs!

I really want to rub him and see what he feels like!
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sooo cute!
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Cupid , what a cutie .
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I heard they feel like a warm peach.. ?
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He's so adorable. All wrinkley little kitten.

He looks like he is feeling better. Glad to see that. Give him hug and kisses from me and Emmers.
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I also heard they feel like a warm peach, he's a cutie! That's a great picture you caught of him. Does he have whiskers? I never thought about that but I don't see any in the picture...
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I was petting one girl at a show about 4 years ago . I remember her furr felt like kind of my hubby's face after not shaving for 2 days , but not as hard .
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It's so hard to describe. They're really soft... like baby skin. You can't feel his fur, except on his feeties and face/ears.

If you all lived closer I'd throw a Cupid feeling party! He'd love the attention.

No, I don't have him back yet. The breeder sent me these. I'll have him next weekend hope, hope, hopefully!

A warm peach, warm suede, warm chamois, a suede hot water bottle... this is how I hear them described as most of the time. I'd say a warm peach with less peach fuzz. I'm sure it varies as the amount of fur on them varies.

Nope, no whiskers. I saw like, little tiny whiskers one of his brothers though. They came out an itty bitty bit.

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I think I missed the post where you explained why Cupid went back to the breeder.

Ah well, those are good photos!
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What a sweety.... That is something, Ive never seen a cat like that...
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I have come back to this thread at least half a dozen times today. Cupid is just SO adorable!! It does look like peach fuzz, I would love to be able to rub him. And that baby picture!! He looks like a shar pei kitten! LOL

I do have one question about Cupid. Do his claws retract? (Dumb question, I know, but in the second picture it looks like he's kneading and I can't see his claws on his right paw...)
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OMG , Cupid is so cute! I want to touch him right now to see what he really feels like!
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Although I have seen and felt sphynx cats before, but I stil think they're amazing, that sure is one cute ball of wrinkles.
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He is SO cute!!
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hehehe Thanks everyone... I feel so weird showing him like this! You guys are the best.

His claws retract. If you look reaaaaally close you can see a nail there.
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He looks like he would feel like a human baby...soft and warm.
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I just love Cupid!!
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Is Cupid home yet? Cupid looks like such a precious little baby.
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No. I was supposed to get him this weekend but she changed it to next weekend b/c she can't get him in to be neutered until next Monday. 2 more weeks.
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Absolutely love the baby picture! And those wrinkles on the forehead!
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Aww, cute! What a sweet non-furry kitty cat
Are the Sphynx cats as sturdy and playful as their 'furry' others? Or are they delicate like 'china'?
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