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Hi, I'm new too!

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Hi! I'm new to this Forum. I have really enjoyed reading your posts and wanted to introduce myself.

I have a 9 month old blue point himmy that I just adore. She is the second persian I have owned in my life and the only cat I have ever had with blue eyes! I have shown cats before and really enjoy going to cat shows. I love to teach children about cat care.
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Welcome to The Cat Site!

I hope you stick around.. I look forward to reading your posts!

I have three.. four month old siamese boys named Sebastian, Drew, and Jake! They are the first cats to have really owned me.

Once again.. welcome!
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Hi Whiskerkitty,

I am new here too! Welcome to you and... how is your persian called?

I am owned by 3: Melisse, Thea and Sebastian (yes, a Sebastian also),

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Welcome Whiskerkitty!! Hope to see you and your Himmy around this place lots!! Have fun sweetie!!

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Welcome whiskerkitty!!

Himalayans are such beautiful cats. I've always wanted one.

We have 2 cats(6 year old brother and sister). Spooky is all black and Speckals is a dark tortoise-shell.

We also recently befriended a mom cat and her 3 babies who are currently living under our fronch porch.
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Welcome Wiskerkitty!

Glad you found us here at The Cat Site. I have two cats, Muffy and Puffy. Puffy is Muffy's 9 week old baby, and he's a very fluffy little guy. Just too cute for words. They're both grey and black tabbys, but Muffy's shorthaired.

I also have two preschool children, a labrador, 4 fish, and a husband.
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Hello and welcome . I imagine your cat must be so beautifull. Would love to see pics. I have two kittens. Rocky (black and white) and Gabby ( grey and white) Their pics are under my name.
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dear WhiskerKitty :angel2:

Welcome to the CatSite I once had a beautiful himalayan I had him for 18 years, he passed in February. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful my boy was. I'm sure you'll see the uncanny way himmy's handle themselves. My Kadaffi sure was a rare bird

Love, Peace &
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WhiskerKitty: Welcome to TCS!
We are anxious to hear all about you and your "Fur Baby". We love to welcome new members!!!


I have 6 indoor cats and 2 outdoor:
Muddy Rivers
Handsome Boyo
Smokey Josephina
Squeker Elizabeth
MoMo (that Monster Boy)

Morning Glory
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Hi there and welcome to the Cat Site! I have one cat and her name is Kiki Kat. She is a Maine Coon Cat and is 8 yrs old.

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MeMe; KiKi is beautiful. Have you posted her before? If so; I must have missed it. . . . . I have a Maine Coon male. His name is Handsome (and he is, too) He is also 8 yrs. old. He is not pure Maine Coon. He was the only male in a litter of 6 born to my Mother torbie, Muddy Rivers. He was also the only long hair in the litter. His coloring is a lot like Kiki's, but not as much white.
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MeMe.....Kiki is beautiful!!! She looks SO soft!

Whiskerkitty......WELCOME! I hope you like it here!!! I am from Iowa, and I have 13 cats......10 adult cats and 3 younger kittens, all of them are outdoors cats, (I live on a farm) except for Merlin. He is indoor/outdoor, depending on which he wants at the time!

The reason merlin is the only one allowed inside, is because we put new carpet in here, before we moved in, and my husband said absolutely NO cats or dogs in the house!!! But then when Merlin was a few weeks old, and I found him in the barn, dehydrated and almost dead, very lethargic (sp?) I brought him inside, to nurse him back to health, against hubbys wishes.... well when Merlin was back on his feet again, and healthy, hubby told me to put him back outside....but I kept sneaking him in, and since he used the litterpan so well, and liked to play so much, and was so darn CUTE, my hubby (against his wishes.. ) fell in love with him, and said okay...Merlin and ONLY Merlin can come inside. (softy...lol)
My other cats names are....
Tabby(we call her Moma) her 5 kids....(adult cats now)...Smoke, Sebastion, Sheba, Phoebe, and Oscar. (She is also Merlins mommy too, from her second litter and a different daddy)
Patches (rescued from the pound)
Whiskers and Dolly (rescued from town where they were homeless, and in danger of being put to sleep by the guy who does the animal control there)
And then the three kittens....who are about 3 months old...Snowball, (pure white and fluffy) from a guy at work, And Ash and Lips (my friends daughter named the last one, can you tell??? :laughing:
Anyway....that's all of them...and my goodness did I get carried away with this welcome post or what????
Hope you make yourself right at home here!!
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Thanks for your nice comments about Kiki. I bet your Handsome is a beautiful guy. I just love long haired cats except during fur ball season! Yes I have posted her before but it has been a long time. She is not full blooded either but that matters none at all to me. I adopted her from a local vet so have no idea about her parentage or her litter mates. She has her own web site if anyone is interested.
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Thanks she is soft and very silky. She stays indoors most of the time which is against hubbys wishes. Oh well he will live through it.
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Dearest Meme :angel2:

This is the first time I've seen your KiKi!!! She's absolutely divine! Ms. Divine :laughing2...

Her face is so sweet! What a lovely girl

Love &,
PS I saw this the other day, what a cool kitty, he reminds me of a maine coon, but he's a Norweigian Forest Cat...
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meow meow meow meow........

that is tcs talk for WELCOME!!!

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Welcome, Whiskerkitty!, glad to have you, pleae stay around
and post lots.
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Hi there! Welcome to the site! I'm pretty new here myself but so far everyone has been marvelously helpful and I've had nothing but fun! There are so many people here who love cats as much as I do and it's nice to be in such an environment! There's also a lot of beautiful cat photos!
I hope you have fun and get any answers or information that you need.
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Thank you so very much for such a nice welcome!
I have enjoyed reading your posts and seeing the pictures of some of your furbabies! They are so cute I want to hug them all! I would like to learn who has who and I can by your posts! I am searching for the cat site's gallery that shows all the furbabies as I would like to add Savannah and I am exploring the site more and more each day.

My furbaby's name is Savannah's Silver Lining. She is an indoor himmy who has a great purrrrsonality! I have a toddler that just adores her (as I teach him how to gently play with her and pet her). My first persian was so good with our baby and was so gentle that it was easy to show our baby not to pull hair, to pet and love the kitty! Now he is two years old with a new himmy. Savannah and our toddler love to play together (I always supervise!). Savannah loves
him and treats him like a playmate! They are playmates! Hope to figure out how to share a picture with you soon and again thanks for that "persian feeling" (warm & fuzzy!)
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Welcome, Whiskerkitty!

I have 3 cats, Muffin, Nicky, and Shasta. Shasta is white, Muffin is a multi-colored tabby/siamese mix, and Nicky is a black and white shorthair.

I hope you enjoy the cat site!
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Hi I just wanted to Welcome you to The Cat Site!

I have 3 Siamese cats. A Female Seal Point, a Blue Point Male and a Lilac Female. I also have an all white DSH.
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